Unfortunately, it began with a chapter about King Philip's War, which I had just finished reading in huge amounts of detail (in Mayflower). Some interesting information but was a little slow. It was a decent overview of several important events, but it had very little support for the thesis that these events in particular changed America, and in fact I found in some cases it argued that the event did NOT change America, but merely was evidence of the conditions at the time. Given the breadth of topics covered, the book can only scratch the surface surrounding the history of each day. I guess I hoped that the "10 days" would be told from one's perspective. So check it out! �D=��h��Pj8�ĥ>�3�*�3��v�)�pW��2A��"ͩ�%�+TQkd����N�KM>9��9H�ٹD'b[��%�N�1�0�4Bqa� ^�P�TKB�Z����2f��`(֚H����. x�Y�,Gu���W4��VWU�`.W�-$@�a#?

I took it down a few pegs for two major reasons... 1) other than the Massacre at Mystic and Scopes trial chapters, most of this information is covered in basic US history classes.

My bet is, you w. This book is one of the very best history books I have read. Cite Email Share Playlist Embed/Link Select item View my Options. This book presents an interesting viewpoint on days that had a profound impact on American society, but perhaps in ways not intended by those who were involved in the various events.

Even though I didn't particularly enjoy reading the book and found it a little boring, I'm sure that others will enjoy it. 4 0 obj Y��߮"vߊ��q�ٍ������Y) Watch Now.

This interesting, fact-filled book is basically THE HISTORY CHANNEL’s special series of ten one-hour documentaries in book form. This is the most boring book I've read, I could barley get through it. I thought there would be chapters ded. Then read on to see how I did. Before each chapter I challenged myself to figure out why that date was chosen.

I thought there would be chapters dedicated to the constitution, the Lincoln Assassination, Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, 9/11, etc. I guess I hoped that the "10 days" would be told from one's perspective. Because of this beginning, I wondered throughout the book if the views shown were slanted.

This book is a companion to the series that the History Channel produced a few years ago. This book is about 10 days that changed America. This would be a. I enjoy learning different perspectives from my own and learning in general. Einstein Letter July 16th 1939 Leo Szilard didn't want the Germans to get the atomic bomb with the help of Einstein they pushed the American government into the Manhattan Project eventually creating the worlds most dangerous weapon changed war politics and changed how scientists got things done. Well worth the read for those interested in American history. Then read on to see how I did. Although the book is interesting, the chapters (10 of them) cover lesser known topics. Any history buff should read this book. I would have found this book very interesting and it would have received a much higher rating for it didn't posses as many flaws as I encountered. Being an avid reader of American history, I already knew quite a bit about most of these events, but not all of them.

Second, the format and the text itself was often misleading and somewhat difficult to follow, which took away from the good parts of the book. Another notable event was the day when Albert Einstein wrote the letter saying that he would contribute in the Manhattan Project, which was the plan that created the atomic bomb in 1939. View 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America Questions.docx from HISTORY 134 at James Monroe High School. It is most likely the most-recommended book that I endorse to other people. This book gives significance to historical events, making the history easier to connect with and remember. I reference this book in several of my papers and in casual conversations with friends and family.

I felt that this subject was given a very one-sided picture. Each moment that is captured is a pivotal moment that helped forge and define the character of America. Also, how one man, Elvis Presley, changed around the whole teenage culture with music.

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