Fast, fun, worst gas mileage I've ever had. Put the pedal to the metal for a charge on to the highway and the big rig gathers itself up with alacrity.

Does drink gas but well worth it. Cons: My comparison will be versus the newer models. on Thu Aug 02 2018. I'm glad I was able to trade it in while it was running good for one day.

The vehicle stops operating without warning.

Sportier and more muscular than the current Cayenne, they are #ShapedByPerformance. Since my week of urban driving (including both highway and mall parking lots) yielded an average of 15 L per 100 km, I am less enthused.

When the engine heats up, the plastic cannot withstand the high temperature. Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the 2004 Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic SUV.

Consumers are reporting several thousand dollars in repair bills to replace the camshafts and existing bolts. on Mon Dec 23 2019.

Simplifying the

Porsche says that when equipped with the standard six-speed manual transmission (new for 2005), the Cayenne can accelerate from a standing start to 96 kilometres an hour in 8.5 seconds. Outstanding acceleration, braking and handling. Biggest piece of c**p vehicle I have ever owned.

What's the 2004 Porsche Cayenne transmission fluid type?

Look forward to another trip just to take it out for a long spin — perhaps after Covid. To achieve the sort of speed increase one might use when accelerating into a faster lane took a distinctly heavy foot on the gas.

Pros: ease and comfort to drive. This car is so luxurious, yet very reliable and comfortable. Porsche seems to be particularly proud of the fact that peak torque is held all the way from 2,500 r.p.m. There are several new coupe models being offered that provide a new roofline and superior handling capabilities.

For some reason, Porsche is impressed with the V6’s fuel economy figures of 15.6 litres per 100 kilometres city and 12.2 highway. As Porsche didn’t have a V6 engine in its portfolio, it turned to Volkswagen — the automaker’s partner in its sport-ute venture — for the engine block. The coolant lines used in this model are plastic and run down the center of the engine blocks. — Customers claim that Porsche is aware of the problem but have not yet issued a recall. Nonetheless, the V6 is perfectly adequate for the vast majority of SUV drivers and I have never had a problem accelerating and passing with ease. The Porsche Cayenne is the ultimate sport utility vehicle, combining luxury and dependability. What's the 2004 Porsche Cayenne towing capacity?

Very Happy With My Cayenne! All the engineering and technology of a well made German auto.

Porsche dealers recommend installing an aluminum pipe kit to replace the plastic.

7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

I don’t doubt the company’s claims. SUV Review: 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe GTS, Yes!

But they are no worse than VW, Volvo or Audi. Learn About Us, Prices are Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range.

My Cayenne has new mas air flow sensor, battery, front and rear brakes, spark plugs and emission control line. Deserving of kudos is Porsche’s Traction Management (PTM) system, backed up by a multitude of electronic minders and engineered to allow travel deep into the outback — or at least get you through the winter in one piece.

It is all overthe web.

Looks good and feels good as well.

Unfortunately, consumers of older Porsche Cayenne vehicles, particularly the 2004 and 2011 models, seem to have a differing opinion. Cons:

Read More, Great car but with the complete 2019 update this is what you want..........worth the extra $10,000

And Porschedoesnt care to fix their manufacturing defects. Edmunds gives the new 2020 Porsche Cayenne a solid 8/10 rating. It is great for long trips and towing. I`m retired now & enjoy the finer things in life & the Porsche Cayenne is one of them. The estimated cost for repairing this problem is $3,500 and not covered by the manufacturer. Those coveting a luxurious environment worthy of a country club need look no further than the Range Rover or, only slightly less upscale, the Lincoln Navigator.).

didn't come with bluetooth capability. Drinks gas but well worth it. In snow, it’s possible to swing the back end out for a second before all of the electronics kick in to gather things up. Beautiful Cayenne — Factory stereo not great... we were also looking at the Audi Q8 The tester had the optional six-speed Tiptronic S manumatic transmission (add $4,000 to the base price), which takes another six-tenths of a second. Did you?

Very good proportions, with 3 engine choices. Porsche is the best of them all. Very nice ride. Feels like a sports car, handles like one too.

( I am a mechanic and worked on toomany of them with same problems).Dump it. changed the navigation to newer system that had bluetooth built in. from CT Porsches are all about performance, you say? Stick a couple in the freezer and thaw ’em out when the occasion calls for the family actually all fitting into one vehicle. Looks nice.

The Cayenne Porsche is my dream car I just love the Porsche any years of the Porsche I love.

its old costs a lot to fix need new car now. Pros: Over time, the adhesive tends to degrade even under regular driving conditions.

by Jeffmevans Liked it so much bought a 958 S with the Panamera-like interior. Has plenty of power. The NHTSA is investigating these claims. Cayenne = Power — At low RPMs it drives like a truck and at high RPMs in runs like a sports car.

Dump it fast ! Then the rear hatch would not stay up in cold weather unless you held it up with a hand ( a common issue for all SUV's) - its an easy fix.

I am the original owner of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2004.

I love how fast and reliable my Cayenne is.

Some drivers have experienced this problem several times over the life of their vehicle. A very solid safe reliable German SUV.

Nothing better than listening to the exhaust when you step on the gas! Pros: The cabin itself reflects the characteristics typical of a Porsche — logical, functional and lacking any true indication of luxury. Dieses Auto ist wunderbar! from Toronto, ON

Hmm, interesting question. These are a few of the worst and most reported problems that Porsche Cayenne owners have encountered.

Enough power to tow a car on a trailer.

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