Weed Technology, 6(1):220-227. Benvenuti S; Macchia M; Bonari E, 1997. In: Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen, Universiteit Gent, 57 (3b) 1083-1092. Lebershtein II; Shokh NA, 1987. There may be some short hairs at the leaf base. Determination of the origin of the cold-adapted populations of barnyard grass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in eastern North America: a total-evidence approach using RAPD DNA and DNA sequences. He also showed that competition was for both nutrients and light and that additional nitrogen in the top-dressing could result in increased competition (12% loss compared with 9% loss with basal fertilizer only) presumably due to more luxuriant growth and increased competition for light.

Zhurakulor A; Akhmedor KhA; Karagodina OA, 1988. ], [ed. dans le sol des rizières du Gharb (Maroc).). Vol.

Chemical control of weeds in transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L. cv, INTI) with granulated herbicides. Alfalfa weed survey in Massachusetts. Problems of weed control in fruit, horticultural crops and rice. Zashchita Rastenii (Moskva), 10:33.

Don't be surprised if you need to treat this weed pest more than once, either, as barnyard grass can be difficult to kill. Weed Science, 45(2):276-282; 36 ref.

Claude J P, Everaere L, 1992. It was concluded that oxygen deficiency may increase the proportion of dormant seeds in the soil, and affect the dynamics of the E. crus-galli seed bank (Honek and Martinkova, 1992). Giannopolitis C N, Vassiliou G, 1989. Common names . Purcell AH; Frazier NW, 1985. Barnyardgrass has a distinctively bulky flowering/seeding head, with close-set spikes of flowers set in a herringbone pattern. Weed killers should never be used.

Studies on crop weed competition and chemical weed control for rice in Sikkim.

The risk of introduction of E. crus-galli is very high. For a complete list of all reports of resistance and information on individual cases please see http://www.weedscience.org/Summary/USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=79&FmSpecies=Go.

Park TS; Park JE; Lee IY; Lim ES; Kim YK, 1997. And food: herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide residues.

Rotterdam, Netherlands: A.A. Balkema.

Seeds are roasted and used as a caffeine-less coffee substitute. Hilbig W, Mahn E G, 1988.

Barnyard …

Apply when barnyard grass is 2-6 inches tall. Vilnius Lithuanian SSR, 31-32, Keeley PE; Thullen RJ, 1991. It loves moist, well-fertilized lawns and is easily recognizable thanks to its purple-tinged stem, long, flat leaves (each with a prominent vein running down the middle), and a tendency to sprawl. Invasive Alien Plants of Indian Himalayan Region- Diversity and Implication. Manila, Philippines: International Rice Research Institute. Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Turfgrass Science: Barnyardgrass. Apply when barnyard grass is in the 1-leaf to 2 tiller stage of growth. Upper glumes about as long as the spikelets; lower florets sterile; lower lemmas unawned to awned, sometimes varying within a branch, awns to 50 mm; lower paleas subequal to the lemmas; upper lemmas broadly ovate to elliptical, coriaceous portion rounded distally, passing abruptly into an early-withering, acuminate, membranous tip that is further demarcated from the coriaceous portion by a line of minute hairs (use 25× magnification); anthers 0.5-1 mm.

Karachi, Pakistan: University of Karachi.

> 0°C, dry winters), Grains eaten by humans in times of scarcity, Echinochloa hispidula (Retz.)

1:195-202. TIME OF YEAR: Flowers June to October, seeds in fall, germinates from late winter to early spring. 19 (1), 59-68. The question has almost become not ‘Will I get cancer?’, but ‘What kind of cancer will I get?’ And, ‘When?’. photo by Steve Dewey via Utah State University, Bugwood.org. 89-90. Plant Protection. In California, USA, weed control was also suggested as a productive strategy for preventing diseases spread by the cicadellids Draeculacephala minerva and Carneocephala fulgida, vectors of Pierce's disease bacterium to grape and lucerne (Purcell and Frazier, 1985). Grasses are nearly as bad as mushrooms to sort out. Some recent additions and name changes concerning the Indian Poaceae. Annual grass control in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) with postemergence graminicides.

Bulletin of the Nara Agricultural Experiment Station, 23:50-51.

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