I couldn’t pass it up. That makes me feel good. That’s what was good about being born and raised here.”. DETIGER: I wrote the song a long time ago and then I kind of put it aside for a while. I saw her play at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, you know in the West Village? ESCALANTE: Do you think part of the reason that TikTok is such an interesting platform is because it’s so new that it hasn’t gotten over-saturated yet? Then I started DJing when I was 17, and that kind of started a whole new sort of path. Watch This Video to Find Out, Yung Lean and FKA Twigs Play a Game of Would You Rather. She gained club kid notoriety by pulling out her bass in the middle of her DJ sets–a welcome addition that could make any jaded New Yorker migrate to the middle of the dance floor. DETIGER: Yeah. It is a Current virtual session and I love the style that you rock in your performances with the monochromatic singular bright colors and stuff that you've done across a lot of your videos. So it’s honestly the most insane app ever. My older brother was playing drums at the time and he was like 10 or 11 and that made me want to play an instrument, too. Keep reading …

I think when the bass videos and covers started to pop off it was kind of just what we were talking about with the DJing thing how I would take these popular songs, like most often like Top 40 songs and write a new bassline and improvise over it - that's kind of, that's what I'm doing in all of the Tik Tok videos that I do as well. Lots to talk about. I didn’t want to choose guitar because I thought it was too mainstream. When I was in middle school, I was in the high school bands; when I was in high school, I was in the college bands. I was supposed to be on tour all of March, then it got rescheduled and I came home and I said ‘We’re going to put this out.’, DETIGER: It was one of those songs where it just came out. I know you just put out a new single with "Cotton Candy Lemonade" right? I’m going to name my kids Rocket or something. The TikTok thing is like, it’s so addicting. But yeah my brother will play drums for me and he was playing drums in the little videos that we made at home and then I'll have a bigger band when we do actual shows.

So DJing is a way that I could feel more independent in that. And DeTiger really is prolific, even in tough moments. But yeah I'm really excited about it. went viral on TikTok, amassing 500k videos made with the song. Well when we come back I want to talk about your time as a club DJ and adding bass to the DJ mix which I think is a really cool concept. I got to play with other musicians all the time, which is another way of getting way better. Everyone go check it out if you're watching. But that’s also why I think it’s cool.

Throughout the quarantine, she’s been DJing live sets on her Instagram, racking up TikTok views, releasing a new single called “Figure it Out,” and making a homemade music video to match it. Blu and I catch up over the phone to talk about her new music and her envy-worthy ascension in the New York music scene (and the TikTok community).

ESCALANTE: Other than the video, have you been working on any other projects?

It’s really funny. When I was playing with bands I was playing for other artists; it was just work for hire, and it wasn’t necessarily my creative expression. Read our Store FAQ or Contact Us. Meet Blu DeTiger, the TikTok-Famous Bass Queen, FIFA allowed clubs not to release players to national teams in some cases during the pandemic, Maradona's recovery is going great. I know not everyone is the same, but for me, the only way I like to feel good and happy is by being productive and making stuff. I feel like I've experienced that and now I'm just going to be so much more appreciative and experienced when I go in to start doing my own stuff. I finished it up later with the drop part and that made the whole song click. ESCALANTE: No, I didn’t. You have had quite a summer. Musicians took notice and she eventually hit the road, touring with artists like Caroline Polachek, Kitten, and the Knocks.

In the coming months, DeTiger plans to release more singles and as well as a new EP. There are so many super creative and talented people on there. Listen Live, Exploring the musical legacy of Prince and beyond So yeah, I kind of just did that and then I did that at every set and it just became my thing. ESCALANTE: Do you think part of the reason that TikTok is such an interesting platform is because it’s so new that it hasn’t gotten over-saturated yet? So my hands were super small. Yeah pretty much, my older brother was playing drums and I was like, OK I want to pick up an instrument too. © 2020 Minnesota Public Radio. Not somebody who already had a, maybe an existing touring fanbase or record selling fanbase so you know, are you nervous about getting into the real world? By her teens, she was drawing inspiration from classic funk outfits like Cameo, Prince, and Zapp, and was mentored by esteemed players like Jerry Barnes (Nile Rodgers and Chic) and Steven Wolf (Alicia Keys, P!NK). The doctor about the ex-striker, Son made an assist 17 seconds after coming on as a substitute in the match against Ludogorets, Samuel Castillejo: I'm not surprised by Milan's performance. DeTiger grew up playing bass guitar, under the eye of her artist parents, with New York City as her playground. BLU Products is an American company, headquartered in Miami. Yeah you really need to be able to stretch to get- the frets are longer, you know? Throughout middle school and high school, DeTiger played in bands with her peers and started to get some of her writing chops.

WEBSITE. When I was in middle school, I was in the high school bands; when I was in high school, I was in the college bands. DETIGER: It is so weird. Meet Blu DeTiger, the TikTok-Famous Bass Queen, ESCALANTE: You’ve also been blowing up on, DETIGER: Yeah. I brought my bass my first "real" DJ set at this club in New York called Elvis Guesthouse and people really liked it. DETIGER: Not really.

I always love when I meet people and they went through something like a School Of Rock because it gives you such an interesting experience, whereas I think other people just stumble their way through that.

I think I definitely got way better at my instrument from that as well just 'cause I was improvising. I think it just deals with a lot of the classic quarantine issues that I think everyone was feeling to some degree, like loneliness and longing for the pre-Covid time or post-Covid time. Regeneron hopes U.S. will authorize coronavirus antibody drug soon, De Blasio caught off guard by questions of NYPD tactics against protesters, Trump campaign loses lawsuit seeking to halt Michigan vote count, City Planning Commission approves highly controversial Special Flushing Waterfront District Proposal, Facebook group pushing false claim of stolen U.S. election rapidly gains 325,000 members, Closing of Steve Cohen, Mets deal expected Friday, Searching for consistency, Daniel Jones, Giants head to Washington for Week 9, NBA vote for 2020-21 season plan to be held shortly, Mets minute: Assessing Trevor Bauer after agent declares his fandom of ‘big markets’, MLB trade rumors: Difficult decisions await Mets in potential Francisco Lindor pursuit, Harlem Holiday Lights festival to return digitally for New Yorkers to enjoy this year, If you build it, they will come: Bryant Park Winter Village vendors hopeful for productive & safe season, Popular tiny cabin rental company to open new Catskills location this winter, Chinatown food crawl aims to support businesses that have been affected by COVID-19, Here are a few creative ways to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in New York City, Singer Rufus Wainwright records audio memoir during road trip to New York City for new Audible Original, Spooky concert in East Village brings together wild sounds of Kembra Pfahler’s band, New York City’s True Groove celebrates ten years with new compilation album, East Village band Pinc Louds rocking neighborhood with one-of-a-kind sounds, Park Slope Unit With Private Backyard, Chimenea Outdoor Oven, Laundry Asks $3,100 a Month.

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