I had the Oat Medley Milk Tea (with pearls) and Milky Way (with sago) in the double cup so I could try different flavours, but there's an extra 1.75 charge for the double cup which is a little ridiculous in my opinion. This place must be very popular,  because when we left, ther wasn't any empty seats! If there is anything I hate more, its paying for bad food.

I've tried this restaurant numerous times and I've” more, “ was a lot of manga to choose from. Thanks for letting me…, I think you're thinking of Magic Idea Tea Lounge, I think. The tables and chairs seems very old, but that is minor. The waffle tasted good but doesn't really stand out to me.The shop itself was kind of cramped. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more!

We also ordered bubble waffles and those weren't great either. From that point on, I made sure to order anything mango on any menu.It's great that they have other locations because maybe next time we'll try a bubble waffle creation. Overall they stay in the fridge quite well. It's so good??? (Alfonso Mango maybe???) The pearls were not chewy at all. The bubble tea is decent though a bit on a sweet side. Bubble teas are known to be expensive but at this place, the cup is much larger so you feel like it is worth it. Trying to make bubble tea hip. She brought out our desserts, and they were beautiful.

No ice cream in my drink.To add to this it was $9 for a drink that is just poor tasting. I've tried: Great bbt!! The store itself is very quirky because they have a ton of items like anime merch and dolls behind transparent glass that are available to buy too. Loved the s'mores egg waffle with toasted marshmallow and chocolate shavings - not too sweet and the eggette had nice crunch. I loved it! The vanilla ice cream was perfect together with the sliced mangoes and strawberries. The vanilla ice cream was perfect together with the sliced mangoes and strawberries. Unfortunately, had a pretty bad experience here. “ since the … Delivery & Pickup Options - 164 reviews of The Bubble Tea Shop "Richmond provides an abundance of bubble tea joints and let's welcome The Bubble Tea Shop to the family.

Loved the s'mores egg waffle with toasted marshmallow and chocolate shavings - not too sweet and the eggette had nice crunch. My friends got strawberry fresh fruit milk with pearls and they loved their drink!And the bubble waffle? But if you're around the area and are craving some bubble waffle/ice cream, then this is the place for you! I would prefer if they sprinkled it on there, or layered it a little better. Delicious egg waffles, fantastic boba milk tea and fruit slushes - awesome flavors, tons of add-in options. For the price point of this particular drink I was really pleased. This place is definitely my favorite place for bubble waffle. The shop is really cute - this one is a bit smaller than their other locations but it still has the same nostalgic aesthetic and vibe. Their specialty waffles are all so pretty (photogenic for you foodie instagramers), chewy, and delicious. Came here to get Super Mango Waffle since I was craving for mango for quite a while. The red bean was tasty (even though I'm not a huge red bean fan).They also have free water at the side with the other utensils. I really enjoyed the mango mojito.The strawberry waffle had whipped cream and drizzles of condensed milk. The Bubble Tea shop is quite popular in Vancouver. But nonetheless, they were still delicious. Takeout. You're at the right place! This location is close to my home so I thought "let's give it a try".

Learn more. We weren't told when it was going to come out so we were just waiting there. The bubble tea is decent though a bit on a sweet side. The inside looks quite new but a little bit messy as well. See all photos from Brenda K. for The Bubble Tea Shop.

Hopefully they get their quality control together so no more bubble waffle issues lol. Now Open. Menu is way too big and extensive. When you're finished, you put away the trays in a designated area. Olympic Village needed a bubble tea shop. Delivery & Pickup Options - 9 reviews of The Bubble Tea Shop "The Bubble Tea shop is quite popular in Vancouver. I like that they offer the Thai tea in both red and green. Matcha Red Bean Smoothie. I see some not so great reviews which kind of surprises me! Majesthé serves Asian fusion dishes and bubble tea. So serious, that a cop laughingly told us " We have  more boba tea shops than Starbucks locations here" as we were looking for this bookmarked location. We curry a wide range of Bubble Tea Drinks from Smoothie to Milk Tea and our most popular Taro (purple yam) Sherbet.

The Milky Way had a more subtle, refreshing flavour.The decorating of the shop is focused more on functionality than Instagram aesthetics, not that that's a bad thing! (514) 989-5556.

The food took a little while to be made. The waffles smell and taste great! The atmosphere when I walked in felt sort of nostalgic. When I came in, the shop was packed so I was excited to try my first boba in Vancouver.Ordered my usual passion fruit green tea with boba. The waffles in particular were great. Then we were waiting to get our bubble waffle and leave, but then the waffle never came out. Decent seating available but place gets packed late-night! The pearls were average, better than T&T's pearls...The blueberry slush was fine. Hubba Hubba! I think I saw them mess it up at least 3 times. This is a casual spot where you order and pay at the counter first, then have the option to take it to go or eat in. I've been a couple times: the first time I got their fresh taro slush and a bubble waffle. I love papaya slush without milk, and they make it pretty good. It makes for cute decor. Ville-Marie. They look really pretty and you can get 2 flavors if you want in 1 cup. They have roses moon cakes and other artistic creations too. For both the drinks and waffles the prices get pretty high. The price was normal $5.65 but it wasn't something I would buy again. Came here to get Super Mango Waffle since I was craving for mango for quite a while.

The waffles are available in several different flavors so you aren't stuck with a basic plain waffle with toppings like other places. It's a great to come here for an after dinner dessert treat! Trust me, it shouldn't be that hard. Their waffles here are also very aesthetically pleasing and delicious! Unfortunately, had a pretty bad experience here. A perfect dessert for any day, regardless of the weather outside! You could really taste the matcha. I went by this…” more, “ you have tapioca balls next day they tend to be a bit harder less chewy goodness than freshly ordered. The taste is not there though.took the pawn drink and it tasted extremely weird, all the drinks on the menu seemed to be mixed with too many” more, “Very good spongy bubble tea cake and silky smooth boba flan! I went here with a friend after strolling False Creek on July 18th. Visited: Jan 26, 2019We haven't been back awhile but we felt like dessert after getting groceries at Superstore.We were there at 9:30pm on a Saturday night and the store was mostly empty. I was about to buy a waffle but backed out when I realized how expensive the drink was going to be. The service is good but the bubble tea was not so good . Pretty big menu for cold/hot drinks and waffles.

I am excited to try it one day! Had a great experience with them, but so expensive! They have TV screens for you to look at the menu. There's also a self service water station. WHAT?!!?!?! The Oat Medley comes with malt and has a sweet, rich flavour, and the pearls were a good texture and slightly sweet as well. The service is good but the bubble tea was not very good. https://www.yelp.ca/elite The service is pleasant. The flavor isn't too milky nor too sweet.” more, “I discovered this place via UberEats while looking for Bubble Tea delivery. I think the mango pudding would be good with a fruity drink or other sweet flavour like vanilla which could help bring out the mango flavour, but with the minimally sweet Thai tea it didn't work so well.I also got their Matcha Red Bean Egg Waffle. I got it half sweeten for the two flavours and Thai iced tea was actually gross.

I always go for the earl gray bubble tea with tapioca pearls. None of us knew there would be a BBT place in this neighborhood and thank God, we found this place. I tried the robson location long time ago and remember it was good. It was just the right amount of sweetness and the presentation was fantastic. That's all. Pretty disappointing - I ordered a mango supreme on DoorDash for pick up and although the app notified me that the drink was ready it took a while for staff to even acknowledge me when I was standing around for a while. With a plethora of choices available in Richmond, I would pass on this one and find a place that serves better drinks. Not too sweet. The cornflakes were all the way at the bottom, and it was pretty hard to get out. Depending on the topping you get, it can get pricey though. Got the got the hot chocolate with the snores, fruits we're good, presentation is solid.

Boyfriend's​ lychee green tea was refreshing, not too sweet. We also ordered bubble waffles and those weren't great either. Everytime I shop at Superstore, I have a craving to stop by and get one of their waffles (since they are located in the Superstore parking lot). Taro Milk Tea . They have one location in Chinatown (on Gauchetiere) that…. ", "Even though this place charges a little more than what I'm usually willing to pay…", "I've had this place recommended to me on numerous occasions.

Why am I giving a 4 out of 5? Mango slush and their chocolate smoothie series are very rich too.

Don't like getting held hostage at any place. Both were quite tasty! Boyfriend's​ lychee green tea was refreshing, not too sweet.

The store had plexiglass equipped, but none of the staff wore a mask at work. The service is pleasant.The drink I tried this time was the Thai Red Tea with Mango Pudding. That's all. Specialty desserts and drinks are pricey but fairly priced for quality and range of selection  and options. Premium egg waffle / eggettes cost $8-9, large enough to split for 3. She brought out our desserts, and they were beautiful. This dessert looks so BOMB, but the taste is so so.

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