this are not allowed. So this answer is the closest, most down to earth item you'll find. Quite the resume. Better than the National Guard, where the radio ads make it sound like you're going to be fighting forest fires but instead you end up fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. My unit wears a white shirt with the greens to dinners, confused me a bit at first but it is legit. I thought Reserves were just the non active components of the federal Army, as opposed to the state National Guard? He's bullshit. Most of those defense forces are used to aid in disaster recovery. Thats why the name tape is red and there's a lot of medals that don't look real. I thought about joining one of these places. Usually see these guys being well past retirement age who likely do this out of a sense of civic duty. Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here. It definitely looks unusual to me, although I would say the lighting doesn't help. the left one is definately an air force AFSC badge, likely the second one is as well. Usually see these guys being well past retirement age who likely do this out of a sense of civic duty. Edit: Think the consensus is he's part of the Indiana Guard Reserve (which I just learned exists) so he's going to have all sorts of stuff that appears weird/wrong. Definitely not real Army if that's what he's claiming, that's for sure. Thought about joining since I'm prior service. They must do 200 hours of drill/yr. Subreddit Rules: 1.

Thanks for the help guys (especially Gorky1). The badges are not equally centered on the left breast pocket flap. No bigoted language or witch-hunting. Sounds like the Texas State Guard. No expert but the nameplate is red and is placed too high. Depends on the kind of faker. That's common in the state defense forces. The National Guard guys call them "smurfs." Indiana I think judging by the lapel. Keep discussions civil. Which is not and to my knowledge never has been worn with the Class A green jacket.

not sure what the top badge on the right is, but as he's got navy awards on I'm assuming he was enlisted navy at one point and those are some flavor of shipwing. The big thing is, these guys are completely volunteer for the most part and you can spot them because they traditionally don't wear the USA Flag on the right shoulder, but their state flag. I also imagine that is kind of a lot of unit awards for what looks like Indiana Reserve?

Can't say that enough, and very undeserving of being called "smurfs" by the Guard guys. laying that aside, here's what I see wrong with this uniform, going from left to right: that's a USMC patch as a combat patch, and not one of the two authorized ones. Oh.. they're like delta force, except that they do more with less by having bullet buttons on their 5 round magazines. looks to me like he was legit enlisted navy (in Nam), and joined IASDF after he left.. then started adding things to his uniform to impress his SDF buddies, who since they are loose with the regs don't actually care. If I'm mistaken I apologize but any help would be appreciated.

Essentially it is a pretend military force per wikipedia: "The Guard Reserve is a unique military organization designed to provide military support for the state of Indiana when units of the Indiana Army National Guard are activated for federal service or otherwise unavailable to the state of Indiana."

They're not the only ones, Texas does this as well. They really are team players and class acts, at least in Georgia they are. The State Guards cannot be mobilized. EDIT: The emblem on his lower pocket is that of the Indiana Guard Reserve, otherwise known as the Indiana state militia. true, which means he can wear basically whatever indiana allows him too.

Another tech I didn't have tagged in RES. I don't think it's that, it's most likely a badge specific to the CSMR, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. No way any self respecting faker is going to be slapping on a red name plate. Good on them.

I wasn't aware California was the only state that did this. as a side note these would imply that he had been a part of at least 3 different services. ThisAintHell is a political shitbucket, but they also do some pretty quality faker busts. It's mostly that way here in Texas, with the exception of the 'Air' side.

The New York Guard.

Decent enough guy.. till he took his teeth out. In the case of California's State Defense Force (the California State Military Reserve), it's practically nonexistent. I see they often work with youth programs to keep kids out of trouble, doing drill team type shit. They get OJT and become SMEs in whatever. Essentially it is a pretend military force per wikipedia: "The Guard Reserve is a unique military organization designed to provide military support for the state of Indiana when units of the Indiana Army National Guard are activated for federal service or otherwise unavailable to the state of Indiana.".

There's one here in Arkansas.

Doesnt strike me as a well put together uniform that a Command Sergeant Major would wear or not correct.

Damn it. TLDR: He is not in the Army They job is usually based on civilian edumacation and work. And with the exception of those on Active Duty orders (they get paid through the state the equivalents of federal pay, which is pretty sweet) they are all unpaid volunteers. They don't get paid unless under emergency activation.

the badges on his pocket! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's the Arkansas Defence Force, and I know they do a lot of rigorous training. If they maintain perfect attendance they get 125 clothing allowance. Looks like he is wearing a USMC Marine Air Wing (MAW) patch as a combat patch. Same for fundraising requests and ads for your products, as well as survey/research requests or petitions. The militia is the entire, able bodied, 18-45, population. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I had a specialist about that dude's age back in the day.

We have some PFCs and 2/1LTs in the GSDF that are crazy old. Looks like four ribbons across on the awarded ribbons. they are the AF version of our collar branch insiginia, so even if you rate one you can't wear it on an army uniform. They're supposed to be unpaid volunteers who get called up if the state's NG is called up or otherwise occupied and unavailable. California State Military Reserve. It's weird, having been an Airman in the Texas State Guard...I tell people I'm not a veteran (no DD214) but I've apparently kept some of the milspeak when people ask if I've served after noting said milspeak, it's a little bit longer in the explanation. Crusty old guys hanging around, watching everyone. Each state will have its own formalized and established MTOE if you will that is approved by the governor. When I went to the Mira Mar air show in San Diego. You know they don't follow the rules. Unlike the National Guard who received a large amount of federal funding and has the formal MOS/AOC credentialing. you might be allowed the schutzen and one wings (I forget if the schutzen is part of the "1 foriegn badge rule"), but you certainly cannot wear 2 wings. Isn't there another big site that outs fakers? As a side note, and in their defense (no pun intended), in my time in command these folks were invaluable to my company's METL training. California State Military Reserve.

They are SMEs in emergency response and CLS and did not get paid a dime to drill with us. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Why is he, of all people, wearing a WWII German Police badge? They are all volunteer and yet they still showed up in droves to our formations and helped with OPFOR and did anything I asked of them. A bunch of people that really want to be in military but don't want to actually enlist. : 2. As it stands now, the reserve is essentially a full time job's worth of work with only a part-time amount of hours available in which to do it. 11. It was a weather unit, so... Yeah... Forecasting and observing. The special skill badges on his left breast pocket should be on opposite sides of the pocket and 1'' apart, not right next to each other. My old unit trained and was implanted with an Air National Guard unit and learned their MOS through hands-on training and some computer courses, with the endgame being that we could "hold down the fort" while they were deployed. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

We have one.

They should be their two sentences ago.

I have no idea what that identification badge is that he's wearing on his lower right pocket, but I can't find it anywhere in the list of authorized badges.

the second badge is the MEMS badge, and the flash behind it makes him an instructor. Some of there units are among the most professional I encountered. So your a DNB? At least according to law. Looks like a Chaplain man., So it could be legit. I think they just reminded me that some day I'm going to be old and nobody will want me around either. Gotta be ready for when those fuckers in Minnesota attack. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the todayilearned community. Now I'm confused. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. When I was working for the DoD as an instructor I worked with them often. He had to stay in the reserves to keep his contracting gig. yeah...I think like 25/50 states have those militias, made up of good ol' boys and fat ex-military, most likely DD'ed from service.

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