Their eyes turn aqua. mink x mink:   25% sepia kittens, 50% mink kittens and 25% colourpoint kittens. sphynx come in a range of colours and patters here we have the standard or full colour with no patterns or white. HCM – Should I be concerned? DOB: 7/16/2020. Purrxotics cattery kittens reviews. There may also be some white in the face. Eye color : aqua. SOLID COLORS : White, Albino, Cream, Red, Black, Blue, Lilac, Cinnamon and Chocolate (brown) POINTED PATTERNS : with vivid Blue eyes . Sphynx breeder, Sphynx cat breeders, Sphynx cat, Sphynx kittens, Sphynx kittens for sale. Male Cream Point Sphynx Kitten . colourpoint is where the warmer areas of the body are paler than the rest, as a result the ‘points’- face, tail and paws are darker, kittens are born with almost no colour and gradually darken, there are 3 different colourpoints- point (siamese), mink (tonkinese) or sepia (burmese).

if a torti female is bred with any colour male, kittens produced will not be torti they will be full colour or dilute if that gene is carried.


so only sepia or point can be recessive. Point restricted colors show little or no color differentiation between body and points in the mature Sphynx.

cinnamon torbie                                     fawn-cream torbie. Sepia kittens are born with colour, their eyes turn green or gold. and reflect red when a photo is taken with a flash. the colourpoints can also be dilute if the sphynx carries the dilute gene. I thought you would be interested in this item on Required fields are marked *. Chocolate boys Bailey" resides in California and "Frankiln" resides in Maine. All our Sphynx are sold as pets for $1,500. Blue MinK sphynx. Registered Breeder with FASA #17/317 and ANCATS #13282.

Posted by Cassandra | Apr 28, 2020 | Breed's Facts, Siamese Cat | 0 |. the diagram below shows the degree of white patches and how they are formed. What is best than a natural calm color? mitted- white paws red                                                cream. Proving that our ancestors loved, appreciated and were as enthralled by these marvellous creatures as much as we their descendants are today. chocolate/ champaign            lilac/ frost/platinum, cinnamon/honey                      fawn He will be ready to go to his new home at 12 weeks old. mink- or tonkinese is a hybrid of point and sepia meaning the cat has 1 point gene and one sepia gene making the cats eyes a beautiful aqua colour. point kittens are born white and colour over the first 6 months of life. Recent Articles. All kittens are vet checked, and come with a full health guarantee and their first shots. sepia x point: all kittens are mink.

Email Seller. for example a seal mink bicolour- refer to bi colour section for more details. Contact the Seller. He is dually registered with CFA TICA.Before going to his new happy and forever home he will be examined by a veterinarian and cardio scanned for HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)and all vaccines will be up to date, and will have a current Florida Health Certificate and will come home with a Welcome Home Package, which includes:*TICA/CFA Registration*Health Records*A Designer Collar/Necklace*A Designer Baby Blanket*Gift basket with various starter items (Food, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Baby Wash, Etc..)For more information or photos or to reserve yours, please visit or contact me via phone at (850)942-2594. full colour                                     dilute colours, brown patched tabby/ torbie                blue-cream patched tabby/ torbie, chocolate torbie                                     lilac-cream torbie                                    First of all, cream point Siamese were created by the breeding of red domestic shorthair, Siamese and Abys cats. Eye color : aqua. This video is unavailable. sire / dam-    point + point    mink + point          sepia + point           mink + mink             sepia + sepia        sepia + mink, kittens-              all point        point or mink             all mink              point, sepia, mink          all sepia             mink or sepia. This ad has been flagged. Their needy nature can be a tall order for some pet owners, but the sphynx rewards human patience and kindness with top-notch companionship. They are considered as a hybrid because of the complicated process of breeding. Tuxedo Sphynx. Blaze on face very desirable. He doesn't look real. colourpoint can also come in bi colour where white is also added into the coat. Commenting on this page requires full PBase membership.

tabbys can also be dilute. The mink pattern may be combined with ANY other ( except pointed ) Please Select a Category to move a cat that does not have point, mink or sepia genes cannot be classed as seal. Lilac and White Sphynx. Having a cat like this is nothing but being lucky. First of all, cream point Siamese were created by the breeding of red domestic shorthair, Siamese and Abys cats. I am therefore always intrigued to learn more about the history of cats, especially the ways that they have been adored and celebrated by the good and the great over the course of history. Share. Cream Point Sphynx. Cream Point is one of the six Siamese points. Mask, ears and tail cool toned cream with a powdery look. OUR PRIMARY AIM IS TO FURTHER THESE BREEDS AND PRODUCE HEALTHY DISTINCTIVE ANIMALS ABLE TO PRODUCE THEIR YOUNG WITHOUT DIFFICULTY. £580. explained in the diagram below they come in the same full and dilute colours with white. Available Sphynx cats - Breeder based in Wisconsin with over 20 years of experience. As their name represents, Siamese cats originated from felines born in Siam in Thailand. 5 years ago; For Sale; Cats; Sphynx; Orpington . Chocolate Mink Male.

Merlin, her Sphynx, has to be bathed once a week and wiped off all the time because Sphynx's don't groom themselves. take note of standard tabby eye colours, nose and foot pads this helps determine the colour of the sphynx.

full colour                   dilute colours, tortoiseshell                      blue-cream torti, chocolate torti                  lilac- cream torti, cinnamon torti                  fawn- cream torti. Sounds just like a pigeon!

locket- small white spot on chest Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Cream Point, Blue Lynx Point, Fawn Tabby Point, Tortoiseshell Point & etc.. CLASSIC TABBY,  MACKEREL TABBY, SPOTTED TABBY& PATCH TABBY PATTERNS : markings clearly defined on legs. Tabby Sphynx. Cream point male with blue eyes Canadian Sphynx. Blue and White Sphynx. Gorgeous Don Sphynx rare Brindled Bicolor, Dani, resides in Boston, Ma. Sphynx Cattery. CAT SUN BATHING HELPS IN KEEPING DARK COLORS AND DARK MARKINGS IN THE SKIN OF THE HAIRLESS CAT, The home of the Don Sphynx & Peterbald feline. Pin it. Pattern tends to fade on Adult hairless body and are called "Ghost Markings". I'd name him Yoda if he was mine. DOB: 6/17/2020. Seal Tabby and White Mink.

point, mink, or sepia please refer below.

Also pictured at 10 weeks of age, Peterbald, Ipswich resides in Geneva, Switzerland, Black Tabby, Shadow is a Peterbald (son of Luna & Brandon) resides in Readfield, Maine with Kyle, Sabrina (Malina) resides in Brick, N.J. w/Lisa & Sahara (Tia), Turi a true Red male, born a Red Mackerel Tabby at birth, Jack, a Red Mackerel Tabby at birth now solid Red Don Sphynx is our family pet, Aries resides in Maine w/Colleen and family, Geona, a Don Sphynx  (Cream Point), daughter of Zhaklin (Queen in California), Augustus, a Don Sphynx, son of Olivia  resides in New York, Salem (solid Black) son of Rocket Power & Doir     Stud in Canada, Peterbalds, "Salem" at 6 months of age playing with his Momma, Daughter of Olivia & Brandon future cattery Peterbald queen, Aurora a Black Tortioseshell. WE HAVE OUR OWN DISTINCTIVE FOUNDATION LINE WHICH WE HOPE WILL LEAVE OUR BREEDER IMPRINT ON GENERATIONS TO COME. Get more visibility! Red Point Sphynx Boy (cream Body) Share. tortis can also have tabby markings which makes them a torbie, as with the normal tabby colours the black is classed as brown, torbies come in brown, chocolate and cinnamon with red, and the dilutes of these colours if the dilute gene is present.

Proudly created with, seal                                               blue, chocolate torbie                                     lilac-cream torbie, To download a pdf of this info click here, Understanding sphynx colours and patterns, click here to go to the kitten enquiry form, © 2023 By Cairo Cats. to breed torti or torbi kittens you must have a black female and a red male, their colour genes are put together to make female torti or torbi.

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