DaBaby’s estate stands out on the residential street, where most of the one-and two-story homes are modest and valued at between $250,000 and $500,000, according to county tax records. Jealousy of the black man needs to stop. … I know he does a lot of public service stuff. We see who the majority is on American Greed. DaBaby is also becoming known to Troutman law enforcement. Point is .. people are intimidated by things they can’t acquire and jealous of those that have those things so they try to make life hard for them.

Do you and live it up. A video he posted on Instagram last month shows several light poles around a basketball court near his swimming pool.

I also meet two of his security guards and they were also great. Stop hating on this man if u was in his shoes u would need a staff that big guard towers an lights to light up his property for safety concerns y’all just hating cuz he got the money an notoriety to do such things he is a famous figure safety concerns are part of his everyday life so get use to it. Make. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Celebrities Weigh In on 2020 U.S. Election as the Wait Continues | Billboard News, Kanye West Accepts Election Defeat in Social Media Post | Billboard News, With No Live Performances on This Year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Program, Here’s How the Producers Told the Honorees’ Stories, Common Unleashes Powerful Performance of 'Say Peace' on 'Tonight Show': Watch, DaBaby on His Rise to the Top of the Hip-Hop Game -- And Why He Wants to Be Like Rick James. After working with Iredell County building inspectors on the issue, Ganus said: “We determined at that time that there was nothing they were doing in violation of the ordinance, in terms of the walls and the fencing and that kind of thing.”.

Move along people this is not a juicy story. Damn a man can’t build a house on build a wall around it without people complaining leave that damn man alone man he’s not bothering anybody. Item Title. This article originally published on Charlotte Ledger and was republished with permission.

After leaving the restaurant, he decided to call up his manager Arnold Taylor to ask where his check from the deal was, and was told to take a look at his account because the payment should already be in there. Its funny the article states there are many Trump supporters on his street They have a problem with this man who paid for his estate to add on including a Wall which is no expense of theirs but support a man building a wall. Around a country with their money . Several people took issue with DaBaby allowing his daughter to lie face-first in the pile of money. He moved out here for the same reason we all did, peace… and to be away from everyone else. And clearly not the popular opinion. I live on this street. Home. “I don’t think he does any walking around. It is also becoming well-known to Troutman code enforcement and police, many of whom say they had never heard of the Grammy-nominated musician from Charlotte until the complaints started pouring in.

Stop hating on the brother. The young man is doing nothing illegal. This is purely racist. Those that have money get bothered by those who don’t. Item Subtitle.

Oct 7, 2019 ; AceShowbiz - DaBaby was among the hip-hop stars who gathered at the Cobb Enery Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, October 5. I hope the stadium lights shine bright on the bigots he is surrounded by. Trout man is not an urban area. When it was on the market last year, the mansion, built in 2018, was billed as a “modern Tuscan estate” with marble tile, a theater room, a custom-designed wine cellar and a turfed putting and chipping area. So, DaBaby told his driver to stop at an ATM on the side of the street. Peace out. This story is just clickbait. He’s followed all the rules with permits and so forth. He told police he tried to lock himself in the master bedroom to escape her yelling at him but that she “kicked open the bedroom door,” breaking it and the door frame. Give him his space. It’s unclear what the lights are for. I’m welcoming him to build a home like that in my neighborhood, so my home value can shoot up. “Certified Princess maker,” reads the caption of the photo. Folk can’t stand not being in the Brother’s business. I live in a blue collar suburb of the cities and drive high end luxury cars. Yall hating because he black if it was a white person yall wouldnt say shit fuck yall and trump voters you races ass motha fuckers, He did the best thing he could have being in the county he’s in! Blame It On Baby Black Logo Hoodie. I sincerely hope someone tells him that we do not think of him this way. This is the world we live in and its only going to get worse for the young man until he moves. Since DaBaby moved to Troutman nearly a year ago, some neighbors have complained about construction and noise at his estate, and police have become familiar with the musician. DaBaby’s compound — 35 miles north of Charlotte, near where the Catawba River enters Lake Norman — is on a quiet, two-lane street dotted with Trump yard signs. He doesn’t need to stay in Charlotte, that’s to dangerous.

He was arrested on battery charges in January in Miami. I live down the street, and run past his house with my dog a couple times each week. We think it is cool the young rapper lives in our neighborhood. Police showed up again on April 22, when DaBaby called 911 to report that she had consumed too much wine and “was drunk and destroying his house,” according to the police report. Sheesh! Item Subtitle. Those Racist trumpsters(as we say in NC) are only calling because he is Black and being ha probaly has more money than everyone around him, they mad they can’t build a wall! Yes the lights are a little bright but he is sitting on acres of property surrounded by woods. The "Suge…

Several said they can tell when DaBaby is in town by whether his stadium lights are on at night and the presence of shiny black Escalades and other cars driving in and out.

“I like to sit right next to them to catch each other's vibe.” As the melody and beat played, DaBaby started putting the words to the song together, and “Suge” was born. Backyard stadium lighting. The Dababy I think it was a great idea putting up the towers and bright lights ….Clearly there’s racism going on ….Great job Dababy Cover every angle #TrumpHatersontheloose RT. It has certainly attracted the attention of the neighbors. Hmmmm, so white folk come to urban communities and build towers next door to grandmA and its ok? Shame on you. But because its a young rich black man its always going to be a issue.

He has not brought any negativity that I have seen. Whatever. DaBaby’s estate stands out on the residential street, where most of the one-and two-story homes are modest and valued at between $250,000 and $500,000, according to county tax records. He’s a popular rapper. In an Instagram post on Oct. 24, he uploaded a … Rapper DaBaby shared a moment of quality time with his daughter that raised the eyebrows of some fans. As the melody and beat played, DaBaby started putting the words to the song together, and “Suge” was born.

We just ignore them. Black because you’re afraid of that…..as if God didn’t make us all and green because you’re greedy as hell.

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