They didn't want to see good things happen to me. He had a strong recurring role as a gang leader on Hill Street Blues (1981) and showed to good advantage in the series Crime Story (1986). This Vid Is About is about David Caruso & His Kids and how he loves them & how we love david caruso for his fans. A younger sister, Joyce Caruso, produces Fox News in New York. In the very first episode of the irreverent animated series. [March 2002]. Was a co-owner of now-defunct Steam, an upscale clothing and home furnishings store in South Miami, Florida. He once worked for a police department, standing in lineups for $25. He was replaced before shooting began by, Has had more success as a television actor than a movie actor. Bad judgment calls, bad publicity after his departure from his TV series, a couple of poor film vehicles, and virtual unemployment in its wake eventually led him back to the small screen again a somewhat humbler person. Audience adoration was immediate.His volatile but principled character on the gritty, boldly-written, unconventional show earned him impressive and sexy notices with a Golden Globe Award and Emmy nomination placed in his hands. In addition to her, he also has other children with his former girlfriend, Liza Marquez. |  Rumors also bounced around that he left following unresolved salary negotiations.

Attended and graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, Queens, New York in 1974. He and his current girlfriend (since 2005), Liza Marquez, have two children -- son Marquez Anthony and and daughter, Paloma Raquel. Son, Marquez Anthony, born September 15, 2005 (mother is girlfriend Liza Marquez). I'm still a young man and I have a lot to give. Confident now that he could be a magnetic force in front of a movie camera, stories began to circulate that the instant fame had gone to his head, that he was moody, demanding and difficult on the set, and that he was quickly alienating not only his co-stars but the show's directors and writers.Ready to prove all those naysayers wrong about his chances in film, Caruso made tabloid headlines when he announced his decision to leave the highly-rated show after only one season (and only four episodes into the second season) to pursue film stardom. In 1984, David married his second wife Rachel Ticotin; an actress and a production assistant. However, they divorced in 1987. Strongly anchoring the show, which focuses more on crime methodology and whodunnit twists than character development, Caruso has nevertheless earned cult fame for his slick demeanor and deliberately slow speech patterns, reminding one of William Shatner's heady, methodical approach to Captain Kirk. A hugely popular item in the 1990s as a result of a smash crime series, he got way too caught up in all the hoopla surrounding him. Publicity Listings Finding a serious lack of offers, he returned to supporting others in films such as Russell Crowe in Proof of Life (2000), and copped a couple of leads for himself in such low-budgeted films as Session 9 (2001) and the Canadian film Black Point (2002).But in 2002, he found TV magic once again behind a badge as Lt. Horatio Caine in the popular CSI spin-off series CSI: Miami (2002). He and his current girlfriend (since 2005), Liza Marquez, have two children -- son Marquez Anthony and and daughter, Paloma Raquel. He hopes to buy a home on the French Riviera when he retires. Lives in Sherman Oaks, California and Miami Beach, Florida. If you're not willing to risk, there are no rewards. On the sly, Caruso was a co-owner of now long-defunct Steam, a clothing and furniture store in Miami, Florida. Daughter, Paloma Raquel, born October 16, 2007 (mother is girlfriend Liza Marquez).

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