The Dragonball XV CaC Stat Calculator has base stats in the left column and final stats in the left. 210%-224%, "B"... At this range, you're dealing good damage. *Please note that these numbers are based off of your final stats, and not the boosted stat numbers. This leads to Saiyans having an overall advantage over Humans in nearly every category (humans have higher base stats). Don't overlook this stat because it can easily make or break a battle. In older versions of Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand: Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Times 10 has a much more harmful health drain.       1400-1500, "B"... At this range, you have enough room to work with. 200%-250%, "A"... At this range, you'll be giving your foes the beating of their lives. It is probably the most straight-forward stat you have. Increasing this stat will allow you to do more without having to recharge. There are only seven transformation skills in Xenoverse available to our custom characters, those being the varieties of Super Saiyan & Kaioken. This has caused many to assume that you have to wear very specific clothing as it's a matter of making or breaking a build. Saiyans are the only race resembling Humans to have tails, an exclusive accessory that may only be obtained during initial character creation. This means that if you had 800 Ki, and four pieces of clothing (plus a Z-Soul) that each had 5 arrows of Max Ki, you wouldn't simply multiply 800*1.25. Saiyans however, have powerful forms to close that gap. While in Super Saiyan Blue (before buying SSJBKKX10) If you hold x while transforming while you are in Super Saiyan Blue you will lose the hair colour of Super Saiyan Blue but you will retain the blue aura, although sometimes you will just become bald and still retain the aura. However, in the game, they are quite common. If the user turns on the Majin gamepass transformation, then transforms into Ascended Super Saiyan, and then disables the Majin gamepass transformation, the user will have negative speed.,,, Unlocked at level 150, prestige 1, for 8,000, Unlocked at level 350, prestige 1, for 100,000, Unlocked at level 425, prestige 2, for 500,000, Unlocked at level 425, prestige 3, for 800,000. An overall easy race to understand and use.

Namekians get faster stamina regeneration along with health regeneration (activates at 75%).

         (aura) Aura density and hair color depending on the amount of Ki at the time of transformation. ?%, "Z"... At this range, you're practically a monster.

(kbps = Ki Bars Per Second / sbps = Stamina Bars Per Second). Increasing this stat will increase damage dealt through these types of attacks.

1.1 Race Ability Hello and welcome to my guide for creating competetitive characters! Your boosted stats only boost your base stats, they are not in fact the same thing as your "True" or "Final" stats. 200%-209%, "C"... At this range, your supers will actually be of use. This race is fully customizable, allowing access to the alteration of the player's height, width, hairstyle, and skin tone. The following links are perhaps the most important part of this guide. Max Health is a fickle thing. Saiya-jin This steep difference is visible in their ene…

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