available methods for enrolling Duo users, Duo policy settings and how to apply them, Duo Authentication for Windows Logon installer package, policy setting restricting authentication methods, Duo Authentication for Windows Logon Group Policy documentation. This tells you the opinion other people have regarding Duo Authentication for Windows Logon x64, from "Highly recommended" to "Very dangerous". Reviews by other people - Click on the Read reviews button. Leave this option unchecked to require Duo two-factor authentication for console and RDP sessions. Need some help? The second level of authentication—something they have—can be through one of the following: Implementing MFA during Windows logins ensures that there is no risk to sensitive data, even in cases where passwords are compromised. Allow and prompt for offline access enrollment during UAC password elevation if offline access is also enabled. Login pages of other systems are for demonstration purposes only. If you need to use an outbound HTTP proxy in order to contact Duo Security's service, enable the Configure manual proxy for Duo traffic option and specify the proxy server's hostname or IP address and port here. With our free 30-day trial you can see for yourself how easy it is to get started with Duo's trusted access. API Microsoft Integrating with Duo Administering Duo & Authentication Methods Thanks to ADSelfService Plus!

Synchronize Windows Active Directory user password/account changes across multiple systems, automatically, including Office 365, G Suite, IBM iSeries and more. If you're not sure whether your security will work, ask your organization's Duo administrator or your IT Help Desk. This site is maintained by Duo Security.We do not collect or store passwords. Secure it as you would any sensitive credential. If you do, laptop console logins won’t require any form of Duo MFA. Please see our, Duo MFA, Access, or Beyond plan subscription (learn more about, Duo Authentication for Windows Logon version 4.0.0 or later, Duo Mobile for Android or iOS version 3.22 or later (no Windows Phone support). Technical information regarding the program you want to uninstall, by clicking on the Properties button.

The web site of the program is: http://www.DuoSecurity,Inc..com, The uninstall string is: MsiExec.exe /X{AF828DB1-476C-4EDD-BFF1-44456828764F}. Click Protect to the far-right to configure the application and get your integration key, secret key, and API hostname. Users who are not members of the groups you select here won't be able to enroll in offline access or login in with MFA when the Windows system is unable to contact Duo, and instead are subject to your fail mode configuration (let in without MFA if you enabled fail open, or prevented from logging in if you disabled fail open). See. The Duo Authentication for Windows Logon v4.1.2 installer introduced a bug that applied overly restrictive access permissions to the Duo WindowsLogon installation folder at “C:\Program Files\Duo Security\WindowsLogon\”. You can activate one method for offline access, either Duo Mobile on iOS or Android or a U2F security key. Before moving on to the deployment steps, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Duo administration concepts and features like options for applications, available methods for enrolling Duo users, and Duo policy settings and how to apply them. With this option, there is no limit to the number of times a user logs in while offline during the allowed period. 2017-06-11 / Written by Andreea Kartman for Advanced Uninstaller PRO. If you'd like to add Duo 2FA protection to account elevation via Windows User Account Control (UAC), click to Enable UAC Elevation Protection and select your elevation options: If you need to change any of your chosen options after installation, you can do so by updating the registry. You may have Windows systems where no users should log in using offline access, regardless of the application setting in the Duo Admin Panel. Run the Duo Authentication for Windows Logon installer with administrative privileges (be certain that you are not installing version 4.1.0 if the target system is a domain controller).

With this option, there is no expiration date for offline access. Moreover, the SMS and email-based verification codes as well as the authentication codes from Duo Security and RSA SecurID are unique to each user. These codes can only be used once and will expire if they aren't used within a certain period of time.

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