In what would turn out to be its most significant expansion of its pre-Original Six era, the Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers joined the NHL.

The AHAC had no tie-breaking system. It was not awarded in 1919 because of the Spanish flu epidemic and in 2005 because of the 2004–05 NHL lockout.

Since then, it has been a tradition for each member of the winning team, beginning with the captain, to take a lap around the ice with the trophy hoisted above his head. [7] During that time, organized ice hockey in Canada was still in its infancy and only Montreal and Ottawa had anything resembling leagues. However, there is not enough room to include all the players and non-players, so some names must be omitted. Our clients purchase these expertly designed replica trophies complete with fine detailing and expert engraving. There are several misspellings and illegitimate names on the Cup. Must have played, or have dressed as the backup goaltender, for at least one game of the. The second coin was designed to be a replica of the Stanley Cup on the obverse and an effigy of Elizabeth II, Stanley Cup in English and Coupe Stanley in French and 50 dollars above the effigy. According to Lindsay, he did so to allow the fans to have a better view of the Cup. With the Montreal Canadiens having won by far the most Cup championships of any team, the list of the players who have been engraved on the Cup the most often is dominated by Montreal players. The decision of the Arbitration Board shall be final. Every year since 1924, a select portion of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff names are engraved on its bands, which is unusual among trophies. There are actually three Stanley Cups: the original bowl, the authenticated Cup, and the replica at the Hall of Fame. Officially licensed by the NHL and NHLPA. One of the oldest, started by the 1896 Winnipeg Victorias, dictates that the winning team drink champagne from the top bowl after their victory. [26] In 1910, the National Hockey Association (NHA) was formed. Ice hockey was quickly gaining popularity around the turn of the 20th century, bringing with it an increase in players and teams. This Cup also properly honoured those teams that did not engrave their names on the Cup. Stanley’s children are cited as instrumental in his decision to donate the silver challenge cup. [59], Like the Grey Cup, awarded to the winner of the Canadian Football League, the Stanley Cup is engraved with the names of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff.

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