For more information, please visit: Step 11. Do not complete this step until you receive your Hardware Token in the mail. Check out the OTP Hardware Token FAQs page, or download the OTP Hardware Token User Guide. .rater img { Step 5. This help document can provide further assistance for user management activities:, The ESA contact form is where you identify the person at you company who is responsible for reporting on your company’s compliance with the new Department of Defense (DoD) cybersecurity standards. }); Do not start the registration process until you receive the token. Step 5. 1. 5. Step 5. Also compliance with 800-171 means the following: 1. The token cannot be activated on your account at this time. The person to complete the NIST SP 800-171 is typically the person responsible for reporting on your company’s Cybersecurity controls.

If somebody else purchased a credential on your behalf, contact this individual to obtain your license key. Select the appropriate subscription. NIST Compliance Questionnaire: The information you provide will be used to help us understand your company’s NIST compliance. How much does an OTP credential cost, and where can I purchase it? } .rater .right-space { Proceed the the Proofing process if you purchased proofing.

No. .rater img { background: url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/rater.gif) no-repeat top left; } height: 18px; Log into MAG via See here: We have engaged Exostar – a widely used provider of secure information sharing solutions in our industry – to host this questionnaire. Please complete the requested forms within 30 days of receiving your invitation/instructions from EXOSTAR. .rater .wait img { 3. In order to finalize your upgrade, complete the identity proofing process. After the purchase, you will receive an email from Exostar with the License Key for your product. } else window.location.href = "/display/TE/OTP+Identity+Proofing"; .rater a.on img, .rater img.on { background-position: 0 -177px; } The deadline to complete the ESA Contact Form to identify the person that will complete the Cybersecurity (NIST SP 800-171) questionnaire was July 13, 2018. If you are using a Purchase Order, please enter PO in PO field. The certification/token is an added layer of protection that is becoming the standard for the defense industry. If you lose your Hardware Token, you still will be able to use your Phone OTP for authentication while you are awaiting your token replacement. If you are a contractor who receives Covered Defense Information from Elbit Systems of America in support of DoD project, NIST SP 800-171 does impact you. If you are not the right person to complete the NIST form, please contact EXOSTAR’s Support Team at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK) for assistance with adding the right contact.If your company has received a request to complete the NIST Questionnaire, the right person to fill out a NIST form is your Cyber Security Administrator or a member of your Information Security team. Step 8. Completing this assessment is a mandatory requirement for suppliers receiving Covered Defense Information.

Otherwise you can use an existing token. To purchase an OTP Hardware Token, complete the steps below: Step 1. Select Billing and Support in the top right hand corner of the screen. .results.caption { }); If you underwent live video proofing, use the activation code that you received from the agent to activate your Hardware Token. To learn more, review the information on the Identity Proofing page. overflow: auto;

Log into your Exostar account via }

vertical-align: middle; You only need to purchase a token if your company has not already (i.e. width: 15px; You will receive a sales order confirmation (e.g. Click Next. Step 2. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support if you need additional assistance. Use the License Key to register your OTP product in MAG. If a supplier believes they are compliant with NIST 800-53 Moderate or above, they most probably can show compliance, but it is not guaranteed. If you choose to be invoiced, your payment must be received and processed by Exostar before the subscription renewal will be processed. cursor: default;

2. .rater img, .rater { background-position: 0 -128px; } You receive an email with the license key for your newly purchased OTP, but it happens only after your payment is processed. } If you have an existing MAG account with an OTP attached to it, you must initiate the purchase of a proofing upgrade after you log into your MAG account. Enter the License Key you received via email in the field provided. height: 18px; Enter the License Key, and proceed with one of these scenarios: To register your Hardware Token purchase, complete the steps below: Step 1. .rater a.on img, .rater img.on { background-position: 0 -177px; } .rater img, .rater { background-position: 0 -128px; } 1. With a registered phone number, you will be able to receive OTP codes via Voice or SMS text messages. Follow the steps below to renew your OTP credential: Step 1. Exostar Certification Assistant offers CMMC and NIST 800-171 assessment tool which helps customers prepare for CMMC certification and/or NIST 800-171 audit.

Enter the activation code the Proofing Agent provided at the end of your proofing.

padding-right: 8px; Why? 6. Step 4.  Review the Let's Get Credentialed page, and click Continue. Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab. .rater .images { padding-right: 8px; Step 3. margin: 4px 4px; Tokens cannot be shared, each user needs their own token. If this is incorrect, then forward our request to the correct person(s). Chose one of the below proofing methods: Click the button below to learn more about identity proofing: Identity Proofing How can I purchase a renewal for my OTP credential? Select one of the following: Step 8. A cost is associated with the access (avg.

width: 20px; The payment must go through before your credential is renewed. ISO 27001 certification is NOT a sufficient substitute for demonstrating NIST SP 800-171 compliance. Please note that you can renew subscriptions for yourself, for other users and yourself, or for other users only. if ($(this).parents(".new-window").length)"/display/TE/OTP+Identity+Proofing", "_blank"); EXOSTAR’s support is limited to the use of the form not the content of the questions. As a result, your contact details were provided to EXOSTAR to receive an invitation to complete the form(s) we have requested. We appreciate your collaboration throughout this process. We are using EXOSTAR’s Partner Information Manager to collect information about our suppliers. Solutions. If you purchased a Hardware Token, you have the bonus option to also register a phone number with your Hardware Token OTP subscription. } }

Emails will follow with instructions from Exostar on how to set up your account. .click(function (event) { When ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

Please expect an invitation to complete the questionnaire and other related communications from our company and Exostar over the next few months. Go to the My Account tab. Select Get/Activate option, and then click Continue. How do I get a license key to register my OTP credential? What happens next? Exostar is a leader in identity access management and secure cloud solutions that improve collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management. padding-top: 6px; Click the Purchase or Register Credentials link to continue.

Step 13. Scroll to the Proofing Upgrade, check the box that you understand the requirements, and click Upgrade.

.rater td { width: 20px; Click Submit Order. Select the appropriate OTP type from the drop-down options, and then select the appropriate subscription. Step 3.. Click the Purchase or Register Credentials link to continue. else if (event.metaKey || event.ctrlKey)"/display/TE/OTP+Identity+Proofing"); If you lose a Hardware Token that required identity proofing, you won't need to repeat the identity proofing process if you can authenticate with a Phone OTP. However, there are numerous resources at your disposal to better understand NIST SP 800-171. An EXOSTAR NIST SP 800-171 Questionnaire must be completed, regardless of 3rd party certification that your information systems are NIST SP 800-171 compliant, prior to the release of CDI. 2. .rater td {

Tokens cannot be transferred to another individual, should the user leave their company. .rater img { background: url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/rater.gif) no-repeat top left; } I purchased my OTP, and have a purchase confirmation email.

This cost includes the cost of the token, access for 1 or 3 year usage option selected, and an Exostar trained notary to visit your location to certify your identification. After entering the License Key, you will be prompted to select your identity proofing option. } In order to access the Exostar application, Partner Information Manager (PIM), where the NIST SP 800-171 questionnaire is hosted, you will be required to access it with at least a phone-based “OTP token” for security purposes. Follow the steps below to renew the OTP subscription for other users: 1. .rater .links { This issue is particularly acute for the aerospace and defense industry where cyber breaches can have enormous consequences for our businesses and our national security. To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case at Select Manage OTP. .rater a.out img { background-position: 0 -275px; } Many applications within MAG accept Phone OTP (unless you are working with Boeing applications, which require a Hardware Token for access). If your situation does not fit the above scenarios, please contact Exostar Customer Support. padding-left: 8px; If you need identity proofing, enter the License Key and proceed to selecting your proofing option (Experian or Video Proofing). font-size: 11px; Click Add to Cart, and complete the checkout process.

Step 4. .rater .wait img { padding-top: 6px; .rater .right-space { You have entered the One-Time Password One or One-Time Password Two incorrectly too many times, or your OTP Hardware Token is out of synch with Exostars Token Server. DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 also included additional requirements beyond the scope of NIST SP 800-171 such as mandatory cyber incident reporting, malicious software and media preservation and subcontractor/supplier flow-downs in all contractors/purchase orders that require the protection of CDI. Step 10. cursor: pointer; cursor: default; Step 2.. Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab. How do I purchase the identity proofing upgrade for an existing OTP? Please make sure you purchased the renewal, and not a brand-new OTP credential. If your company never received a share request from Elbit Systems of America, then please email, identifying the Exostar ID that completed the NIST questionnaire.For more details on sharing and navigating Exostar, visit Page 14 of the PIM instructions at:, As this is a self-assessment of your company’s security controls, ESA can provide no assistance in how you answer or interpret the controls. margin: 4px 4px; To learn more about Exostar, please visit:

Typically the person to complete this for is someone responsible for Cybersecurity or related matters.Although your company is still responsible for completing the requested form, the Administrator can delete the user(s) via the Administration tab in your Managed Access Gateway.

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