Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Remove the food source, and remove the pest! Anything with a strong, noxious odor can help evict an armadillo from a den. Motion Activated Water Sprinklers. It is best to do right at dusk, when the critters will be out feasting on whatever came out during the day. This is simply a good idea. There should be some amount of brush or other cover nearby for it to hide in. Armadillos eat any number of creepy crawlies, trash, plants, and even dead animals. Combining the trap door with something smelly ought to double your chances of a successful removal. AquaBlok is not a preventative tool in this case and it will not eliminate the source of the problem. The combination of the structural stability of the stone core in each particle coupled with the swell and low permeability of the bentonite “wrapping” when hydrated produces a durable and reliable seal. Speaking of predators, might as well go with the real thing. Yes, it might make your backyard look more like a prison yard, but it might be worth it to you. Yeah, it’s gonna cost you some cash, but they’ll make sure it gets done right. It’s fairly straightforward, too. When possible, removal of the animal(s) responsible for the burrowing (through trapping, etc.) Drop it off in a place it will like, preferably somewhere with lots of cover near a water source. A few different models promise to remove armadillos, skunks, and other visitors from your yard. You can see in the last and next photo where my husband filled each of the holes with sand in the spring. Keep your armadillo in the trap, put it in the car, and get it out of there. Remember, if all else fails, you can always rely on a professional animal removal service. Keeping armadillos from entering your yard in the first place is also an option. Armadillos are usually active early in the morning or late at night. Way of Approach. Once you've trapped your armadillo, you can release it away from your yard. You can purchase Havahart live traps from Amazon. concrete, stone, native clay, raw bentonite) have their shortcomings. Decaying animals – Armadillos have no problem being a scavenger. Just keep in mind that a barking dog could very well anger the neighbors. Armadillos are not strongly territorial, and the one you are removing today could be the one who was digging up someone else’s yard the day before.

Blending material with native soil is not recommended for this application. There are many people out there who make their living taking care of pests.

For many, it is a toss-up! The armadillo is a curious creature. If you start by plugging the entrance loosely, and then monitor it daily, you will avoid trapping an animal underground, and you’ll be able to see if it has come back to re-open the burrow.

If you do take this route, and again, I don’t suggest that you do, make sure to hold it well away from you (by the tail) when you catch it. After monitoring for a few days to make sure it is gone, plug the hole securely. Hopefully this will help you solve some of the more common armadillo problems. Worms probably will work the best; fruit might just attract a raccoon instead. We do not endorse this method, and we don’t suggest you do it! You can either get up early or stay up late and attempt to net the critter if you see it, or you could get a normal amount of rest and let a live trap do the work for you. If you don’t want to use your hands, a good fishing net might work better for you. Beetles – When armadillos are foraging in the evening, they are often looking for beetles that came out during the day. To stop it from coming back, you can release it somewhere it is likely to be happy. It makes good sense considering their impressive sense of smell and the fact that they would be shoving their faces in the stuff. One of the armadillo’s favorite meals is a grub. For single cavity applications, one to several 50-lb. It is suggested that Getting Rid of Grubs will help reduce armadillo damage to your yard. The consistency and structural competency of the stone-bentonite composite also outperforms native clays and even raw bentonite for these types of spot-treatment repairs.

The trap is 12 inches high, 12 inches wide and 36 inches long, constructed of scrap plywood and wire mesh. They live in burrows and often dig holes while hunting for insects, both of which can result in lawn destruction if they make their way onto your property.

Mothballs have been used successfully in the past, and I have also heard that some armadillos do not like the smell of pine needles or pine mulch (they avoid foraging in areas with needles). Adult nine-banded armadillos are about 2 feet long, weigh 8–17lbs, have a thick candy shell of true bone, and are arguably kinda cute. A little research found that armadillo can stay under water for up to six minutes, so make sure you stay around for awhile after the hole fills with water. A less expensive method (that won’t annoy your dog or cat by accident, as an ultrasonic device can do) is to simply make the areas they dig in smell bad to the armadillo.

In fact, it’s believed that around 95% of humans are naturally immune.

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