I have installed Ironwood Designs wood furniture and a Vortex PST II 1-6 scope on DSA's mount. by Anthony Vanderlinden - Let us know in the comments below! Dieudonné Joseph Saive was the primary designer for FN. The 7.62mm round is very powerful, and I love firing it. Just talk guns leave the historical commentary to the political blogs.

Is it as reliable and well built as its FN Herstal predecessors that earned the nickname of the Right Arm of the Free World? The handguard was well made. My standard model DSA-58 (2002 vintage) with the 21" barrel will group 3/4" at 100 yards with two types of match ammo: Federal 168G match and Remington 168G match. Get proficient on YOUR time.

Some extra torque and Loctite should remedy the situation. Shooting was done during daylight hours, so I can not speak to the efficiency of flash hiding, but it served a purpose. Height adjustment is the most important, because the iron sights sit low to the center of bore. Groups did tighten up the more rounds that I put through the barrel. It is not an easy rifle to assemble: FN’s were built by craftsmen who had numerous parts at their disposal. Check out our beginners guns video course. FAL .280 – made in 1950, by request of the British Army, chambered for the then-new .280 British cartridge. Such problems stem from the lack of expertise by the assembler. A well-built FAL rifle will handle just about any (quality) ammo. All Rights Reserved. We have already reviewed the red dot line. The feel of a battle rifle in 7.62×51 is something every shooter should experience. This rifle at first came up short in my opinion, but then redeemed itself. Then clean the bolt and carrier as usual. I won’t get too far in the weeds, but if you are aged 30-40 and grew up in the gun culture, you know what I am talking about. That said, many FAL owners buy NATO-spec ammo, designated by the cross in a circle marking found on casings.

One thing I have also noted is that you need to run them comparatively wet. It was originally made by FN but has also been manufacturing by several other countries under license, including Canada, Brazil, Israel, and Argentina. I didn’t notice an endorsement of any particular cause. This steel was ordered from world- renowned steel suppliers like Cockerill and remained FN’s standard for decades. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). A true battle rifle would have that kind of accuracy in semiauto and would do well in combat. 2. However I found others have complained of similar with American made parts. Hi Nate, I think the FN-FAL was changed to other rifles primarily to ensure that more rounds of ammo could be carried. Other countries, such as Israel, discovered that while they liked using the 7.62mm rounds, they preferred the versatility of the AK-47 style of rifle. From DSA'a own website. Oops gotta run and get that JComp of my AR. I did have major issues with trigger resetting during firing, but more on that later. The FAL's most well-known use was in Rhodesia, the Congo, and the Falklands. With the irons, I can do the same most of the time.

The FAL isn't a "drop of oil here and there" kind of rifle. Your email address will not be published. Brass was ejected approximately four yards directly right. The HK PSG-1 variant of the G3 50 years laiter is still the most accurate semi auto sniper/target platform that isn't a custom gun. Then again, adding weight would cause it to lose some of its mobility. At first, it was intermittent, and I hoped that it was a matter of the rifle breaking in.

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