He ordered that another meet­ing be held in two days so that the Indians from Onion Lake could be present. "They don't have to depend on handouts, they're on their own. ( Log Out / 

Early in the morning he ordered all of the white people to the agency buildings, and told them that the time had come to sweep the white people from the land, and that the Metis on the Saskatchewan were wiping out the police and the soldiers, and the indians would once more be in possession of their own country. The remainder — about 75 per cent of the total — will be placed in the trust fund.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Big Bear did not make any answer but Wandering Spirit jumped to his feet, loaded his gun, went up to Saskaskooch and pointed the barrel to his face. We stopped for a while as we were afraid to go to the church where the other Indians had gathered. The Indians had dragged of to the camp, the two women, Mrs. Delany and Mrs. Gowanlock who were fainting and nearly demented from grief and the fearful scene they had witnessed. My grandfather was eighty years old when he died and my father was nearly eighty years when he died. I joined in with them as they were having a good time. Editor's Note: On April 2, 1885, the outbreak of the Riel Rebellion was tragically marked by the massacre of nine residents of Frog Lake, 125 miles east of Edmonton, and the destruction of the tiny settlement by Big Bear's band of Plains Crees. The understanding was that the Indians should get flour and lumber at half price. I will speak for you.". He was dressed in a blanket coat with a big strap for a belt, a fox skin for a cap and carried a big butcher knife on his side.

While stopping in the middle of the field near Nepow­quata's present house, I saw a man riding quickly towards my father who was sitting on a hill nearby. ", "You could become a store manager, assistant manager, a clerk. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. “The mass. Wandering Spirit and and some other Indians were near me. Big Bear, on the other hand, warned them of danger if they did not submit to his commands. They broke up the service and ordered everyone to the Indian camp.

We have always been good friends with the white people and the Indians. The treaty, which was originally negotiated with Alberta First Nations, was extended to cover part of north eastern BC in 1899. He was taking the road around by the bridge. In those days we did not know what an ox harness was; all we had was a yoke. A few of Big Bear's Indians clothed themselves in the priest's clothes. They started to destroy things. An old man by the name of Kanephat was some distance behind and when he came up he asked: "Why don't you go in?" "If anyone here is caught running away until the next meeting is held, he will be killed." Quite a little settlement had sprung up about the Indian Department establishment at Frog Lake. Each year a portion of the interest will be reinvested into the fund, another portion will go to programs and services, and another portion will be paid out to members. Chakwakopkees answered, "Have you not heard the news? This man was Chakwapokees - one of Big Bear's men. Here I found on the hill one of the Fathers lying helpless on the ground with blood streaming from his throat. added Wandering Spirit. For years, the federal government had failed to live up to its obligations under Treaty 8. Treat him like your father and do not disturb him. He said: I will cut you to pieces, although I have only one arm I am not afraid of you. My mothers Father came from the Pritchard Family, My Great Great Grandfather John Pritchard was the son on John Pritchard sr & Swampy cree ( we never new her real name) My Great Great Grandfather was Married to Rose Delorme from Rocky Mountain House AB Salamon was my Great Grandfather married  ROSELE ( ROSALIE) TROTTIER then my Grand Father my mothers Father was George Pritchard Sr. On looking back, I saw my father also coming. It is therefore like a chapter from and old romance to meet on the modern streets of Regina, a man like Salamon Pritchard, who with his own eyes saw Tom Quinn killed, heard the death cries of the victims of the Frog Lake massacre, and, and at the peril of his life, engaged in perhaps the most chivalrous adventure recorded in the pages of the history of the old west. My fathers house was near the agency and I ran to it. ( Log Out /  As I was not an eyewitness to see the escape of Mr. Cameron, I can only tell you what I heard then and was common knowledge to us Indians at that time as to Mr. Cameron's getaway. At last the the indian demonstrations became so threatening that Quinn advised the members of the Mounted Police detachment to retreat to Fort Pitt, some 25 miles away, where there was a garrison of about 40 men under the command of Inspector Dickens, a son of the famous English novelist. This they all agreed to do. I felt better now as being alone among those dead bodies was not a pleasant feeling. I had not been sitting there long when I saw Indians bringing over two white women they had captured and made prisoners. Scarcely had they gone when Wandering Spirit seemed to lose all restraint. ( Log Out /  He got half way up but could not get any further as there were too many Indians. He stood up fanning himself as he said: "I just came over to see if what I have heard is true. I wish to find out from you if the Indians will be willing to let the white people build a grist mill at Frog Lake." The news seemed to cause Big Bear’s Indians to let loose a strain of of savage ferocity. hesitated at seriously offending the Woods Cree  As soon as the elder Pritchard learned that the two women were still alive in the Indian camp. I was getting afraid and excited as I expected to see my father any moment come tumbling down the stairs a dead man. Big Bear and his band came from the south in the fall and camped about two miles south of us. ( Log Out /  "We have to make sure there's money in the bank to sustain us.". He had the farm instructor's horse and car­ried a rifle on his side.

I said to him: "I am very sorry but it must be God's will." In a short time all the white men to the number of 11 were dead. Change ), This WordPress.com site is the cat’s pajamas, First Nation Band Council *Corruption*: a KEY INSTRUMENT in the Canadian Gov’t Policy of Passive Genocide. It was about a quarter of a mile away.

After the sacking of Fort Pitt, and the collapse of the rebellion, the indians took their prisoners and started for the wild north country. The reason for them not going there first was that they expected to find many valuable things in Mr. Simpson's private dwelling. We were camped on the south-west side of Frog Lake where I was staying there with my father and mother.

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