In both China and Japan Frog brings prosperity and good luck. My wife and I had encounters with 3 frogs on the span of 3 hours what dies this mean. The frog totem symbolizes the cycles of life, in particular the rebirth stage. I’m starting up my hypnotherapy buisness, I am very spiritual and getting mentoring for my mediumship… I was just wondering what it could mean for me ? I do know when a female frog has given birth in extreme temperatures she becomes dehydrated and often die. Frog, is warning you of troubles with your vehicle a change of car is most likely. Hey Rachel, Has the same meaning as a dead frog on the doorstep but related to your vehicle instead of your place of dwelling. Above all, you have the uncanny ability to relate to others on a profound and personal level and always know exactly what to say. The magic found in the frog totem is her innate ability to connect with all living things. Don’t throw people out of your heart. I was away and just outside the restaurant i had a dried up almost dead if not dead frog below where i was standing, I left it and told the staff to remove it. I can’t make this stuff up! Sometimes we must make dramatic changes, just like the frog does. A true blessing your children watched by angels and kept safe by the Frog Clan. A range of cultures accepts the frog for differing spiritual symbols although many of them agree that a frog is symbolic of fertility due to the large number of eggs that females lay. And the frog reminds us to keep up this pattern throughout the rest of our lives.

Besides, the frog is there to help you keep swimming through some of life’s tough periods. Thank you! Furthermore, they will always do their best to assist those who are hurting in the healing process. The characteristic leaping of a frog meaning in your dreams may suggest your lack of commitment. The frog’s transformative journey takes it into adulthood. Frog Dream Interpretation. A sign… What could this mean spiritually. Frog totem are the perfect symbols of the life cycle. Like the frog animal totem, we can take each struggle as an opportunity to learn. But we must remember to evolve in our mental states, too. The spirit animal totem frog cleanses, purifies, and softens hardened wounds healing the soul from the past forward. I read that it could mean fertility or a baby coming but I really don’t think that im pregnant, or at least my body isn’t acting that way. It will be a time of change and transition. We had a brightly green tree frog at our door coming home Monday night and we were so happy and excited to see it there I instantly took it as a good sign as we are getting ready to list our home… Wednesday night we come home a different frog is next to our door on the siding but this one was grey and some green with warts not nearly as vibrant… any change in meaning there?

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