Are you planning on staying in powered or unpowered sites mainly? . Oh, and for Canada, I’d check if a heater or internal heating (i.e.

While you wait for Customs to show up, everyone on board is required to remain on the boat and no one else is allowed to come on board. I’ve started looking into rentals and are finding your recommendations so very helpful. Only asking because that’ll determine what you might want to hire. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. We had a bit over a day in Prince Rupert on our way to Alaska, and while it rained a fair bit, we also managed to squeeze in a few sights. Are there any particular things that you would definitely want in a campervan that you hire? It took us about 1.5 days to travel from Prince Rupert to Haines. Part of that is seasonal.

The customs experience is usually simple. oh well what else can i complain about. In a couple of months we’ll be taking the David B on a 12-day trip from Bellingham to Ketchikan. We didn’t spend too much time in Haines as we had the 300km drive to Haines Junctions ahead of us that day.

It most often means you will tie to a specific customs dock, pick up a special telephone and call. Hi Charlie – Thanks for the question. Haines marked the final stop on our Inside Passage journey.

But regardless of what’s included or what you pay extra, I go so far and ask for a detailed inventory of what we get because I’ve been on too many campervan trips now where I had to buy additional equipment (on our New Zealand trip in April, we didn’t have a frying pan – of course, I only realised that once I was ready to crack the eggs and bacon into the non-existing pan!). A consideration that Americans need to be aware of is that Canada considers a Driving while Under the Influence (DUI) offense a felony. Thanks,Julie. At least one of them is now a B&B, and it would probably be great fun to stay there. We carry bear spray on board and always declare it. Was there aboard 88 ft USC&GSS Lester Jones during international Geophysical Year (57) and established chart depths for Moira Sound arms. any good places anyone recommends along the inside passage? Here’s how you could spend a day in Dawson City.

There are still plenty of historical buildings dating back to the Klondike Gold Rush, and I really loved exploring Dawson City so maybe Skagway would be just as much fun! We were lucky with own VW campervans, they’ve mostly had manual transmission. Had to leave after Sept. 15th, so spent our time in San Juans and Gulf Islands visiting old haunts instead.

Backpackers often rent the smaller Wicked Campers or Jucy Vans but I haven’t got any experience with either of them. Your interests might to tie up at small marina/resorts or towns.

You can usually get by just using the secondary battery power for internal lighting etc. In planning for our cruises in the Inside Passage, I start with some very broad topics to help me determine our itinerary. You see lots of Canadream vans (but they’re relatively big RVs and pricey) driving around Canada so they’re obviously popular. Alert Bay is a common stop along the Inside Passage. There are many interesting places to visit.

Here are 7 stops that I’m keen to make (again) next time! 98227, Direct – 360-201-8184 Skype – motorvesseldavidb, A Northwest Cruising Guide, Boating Resource Guide and Magazine. Founded by Norwegians, Petersburg is apparently one of the prettiest towns along the Inside Passage.

The David B cruises along at about six and a half knots. I’ll spend more time on charts in an upcoming article.Planning for Activities: My favorite activities are nature based. Mostly they wanted to see our galley stores and alcohol. I expect they’re cheaper as the kitchen is often not built in so you do all your cooking at the back of the van. cant wait. The Customs officer will ask for the passport numbers, date and place of birth for each traveler. If you need more convincing that exploring the Inside Passage by ferry is the best idea, peruse my 5 reasons why.

Costs can vary hugely so it really does pay to compare. You will then be asked  if you have any alcohol, tobacco or firearms. I’m just wanting to Know if we fly into Vancouver how far away is the ferry terminal and how long does it take to go to I think Tracey’s arm I think it’s called. If you are thinking about, or getting ready to do your own cruise in the Inside Passage, here are some planning tips that you might find useful.Each year when we get ready to head north, I go through a series of questions about the trip such as: The Killer Whales come to visit us sometimes. I don’t exactly know why I think it’d be cool to visit Sitka, maybe because it’s played a role in the Russian exploration of Alaska or maybe because this is where Alaska was sold to the US in the mid-1800s.

We left Prince Rupert at 3:30pm, I think, and got into Juneau around 8pm the following day. I also take the time to review any changes in what I’m allowed to bring into Canada and the US. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Seamanship, Navigation & Boat Handling, Rules of the Road, Regulations, & Red Tape, Free dockage along intracoastal waterway georgia. Our cruise is a learning cruise we’ve created for other boaters who are interested in a hands-on experience in the Inside Passage. There are just too many communities, sights and hiking trails left to explore. Hi Kati, I’ve loved reading about your travels in the Inside Passage. The other thing to look out for is whether kilometre / mile usage is included in the rental. The first year we went north I also used a paper chart posted on the wall and a set of dividers. From remote Sitka out on Baranof Island to super popular Skagway. As it’s located at the end of the Wrangell Narrows, a lot of the big cruiseliners aren’t servicing Petersburg so my guess is that it’s a lot less touristy than, say, Ketchikan or Skagway. ~ Alaska Highway AKA Alcan Highway. for a couple of nights before you need to drive and recharge again. Visit the Alaska Raptor Center: Getting close with bald eagles at a bird rehab centre sounds like a great experience! Petersburg is also known as Alaska’s Little Norway, and while I’ve never been to Norway, I wouldn’t mind a slice of it in Alaska. If I think a bit more, I can probably come up with a few more things to consider. supplied; sometimes it’s included in the price. We didn’t even make it into town but had to turn around at the marina. I recommend a minimum of twelve. And that’s just the beginning of all that you could do in this region!

Since Tracy Arm is south of Juneau, I’m guessing it’d be a few hours shorter than the trip to Juneau.

When the officer arrives, they will ask you if you bought anything in Canada and will question you about your galley stores. I like to check the paper prediction tables with the one on my computer. This 30 min vigorous exercise gave us just enough time to meander down parts of Waterfront Promenade, take a quick zip up and down Main Street, and skedaddle back to the ferry dock via a supermarket for a few supplies. Next week I’ll talk about outfitting your boat for cruising in the Inside Passage. Other people might prefer tying to docks. Despite my strong dislike of ships and spending any more time on water than absolutely necessary, I’d love to return to the Inside Passage one day. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! A bit rusty, but have MV Masters Lic for Admiralty Inlet to Point Baker. Either way, I find it useful to pre-plan some potential locations for each day. © 2014-2020 Queensland & Beyond. In the early 1900s, the government built a fort at Haines, which is now a national historic site. If you have those they will kindly ask you to place them in the garbage provided.

Hi Kati, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your writings, they’re both informative and so interesting.

Time Constraints: In years past we’ve done the Bellingham to Ketchikan leg in six-days, eight-days, and twelve-days. But I would like to see what all the fuss is about, and whether Skagway really is as tacky and touristy as I’ve read. We’ve only used a campervan for one trip more than 10 years ago. The row of officer houses (Officer’s Row) looks super picturesque and only a little bit out of place in this neck of the woods.

Queen Charlotte Sound and Dixon Entrance are weather dependent. You’d also want to check if heating / heater needs power or uses gas. They also wanted to make sure that were not hiding any firearms. ), Planning Your Inside Passage Cruise Itinerary, Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia, Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia,, More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

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