A wedge in this shape is ideal: These comments were sent to me by Peter as suggestions to consider to improve the post I wrote above. “The first problem was that I was treating them as identical blades…” ‘identical’ scythe blades, at least of the “hand-forged” type do not exist, period. These cookies are used to make the shopping experience even more appealing, for example by recognising the visitor. 155-170 cmsize 2: for a body heigth of approx. Size 2, heigth/width 35x35 mmSize 3, heigth/width 40x35 mm, Size 1, heigth/width 30x35 mmSize 2, heigth/width 35x35 mmSize 3, heigth/width 40x35 mmreplacement screw for scythe ring galvanized, Scythe ring double with ring screw, galvanized, Size 2, height/width 35x35 mmSize 3, height/width 40x35 mm, Special scythe ring double, for metal tube - garden scythe snathhigth/width 30x38mm, with inner hexagon screw M12 with key, galvanized, Special scythe ring double, for adjustable wooden scythe snathhigth/width 45x38mm, with inner hexagon screw M12 with key, galvanized.

To put it in other way, the ‘grass’ is not only redundant here, it perpetuates confusing/skewed concepts (that I’ve addressed before). Ready to use, with detailed instructions.

Our well known brand-scythes are all hand forged out of special steel,ready peened to mow, with plastic edge guardand cellophane packaging. On a Swiss/Canadian snath with a stemmed lower grip, the right hand will now sit farther from the body in addition to the matter of the grip angle being less than ideal if previously well-adjusted. One scythe blade KILLING another one?? The cocksfoot looks very much like the setaria pasture I harvested for hay. If the axis sits to their left (more distal than the hands), the toe will dive unless you resist it with your muscles. I’d spoken to Peter Vido about the variation in the Falci blades and he’d given me some pointers about sorting out any problems, but I have to confess that I figured the main impact these changes would have would be on ergonomics and comfort – not so much on performance. If you haven’t mowed with a tensioned blade before, I’d recommend the 65 or perhaps a 75 with a heavier edge, as a good compromise. No need for custom measurements. I also added some extra twist to my 90, and in testing I did actually take it even further, but found that beyond a certain point the twist starts to affect how you hold the snath – because the tip is so far off the ground that you need to roll the grips around over the snath to get the point anywhere near mowing range, which has knock-on effects in itself. Sickles. “The Falci blades are quite flexible along their length…” That is the case with every company’s light blade models, especially if they are also long. They’ve had to drop that parameter out of the equation, up to a point at least, because meeting it required more production costs than the (rapidly changing) market was willing to compensate them for.

So why all this reflection? 1 and key metal tube - galvanized.

new Scythe snath; Fux; Scythes models. If you can let me know your preferred tang elevation (got a protractor handy?)

: +43(0) … 155-170 cmsize 2: for a body heigth of approx. “A scythe is no good in the modern garden.” Grrrr. What these adjustments do, practically, is lift the point off the ground. The Austrian blade, heavier (and stiffer) in body, plus with the tilt set in factory specifically for that very snath model would naturally have an advantage — even though I surely would take the ‘looser’ as my personal mate…)). If the hands do not sit parallel to the axis then things get a little more conceptually messy and you start having to get more careful about balancing oppositional forces. There is nothing ‘crazy’ about what you refer to as ‘twist’, though — as you noticed above — I prefer the more apt/illustrative term –The Tang’s TILT – because for centuries this very feature of a scythe blade was one of the basic factors to consider while striving for tool/its user harmony. Provided you honed that un-ready-to-use-but very thin Falci factory bevel well, it would certainly outperform (not ‘kill’) most any other blade you’d likely find anywhere on the commercial market today — although that in itself, I want to emphasize, is not necessarily a measure of blade quality overall. Scythe snaths. Indeed, I think this tang twist is too flat – my assistant (my 12 year old son) has pushed the cardboard down rather generously to make it meet the blade sooner than it would with a solid straight edge. Fellas c’mon!!! “I also added some extra twist to my 90, and in testing I did actually take it even further, but found that beyond a certain point the twist starts to affect how you hold the snath” NOT ‘beyond a certain point’, my friend; the thing you keep referring to as a “twist”, (but I call the”TILT”) effects everything, always. When I came at it from behind, on an angled downhill approach, the difference was unbelievable. This is how I’ve set my own 75cm blade. Getting a Bladerunners order ready to ship. 185-195 cm. size 1: for a body heigth of approx. NOBODY makes blades quite so thin in body anymore. But I’m really just speculating. For over 450 years, carbon steel blanks have been shaped to elegantly curved, razor-thin scythe and sickle blades. In our opinion, first-class tools are defined by haptics, ergonomics, material and manufacturing quality. DICTUM is about more than just tools - For more than 170 years, DICTUM has been offering an extensive range of tools, including garden tools, materials, finishes as well as knives for the kitchen and for outdoor use that meet the highest standards and requirements. More holes for a greater range of adjustability, highly ergonomic new grips, slightly reduced overall weight, a bit more curved, and better fitting ring and snath saver. And it should be stressed that, as with most things on scythe setup, “conventional wisdom” is just a starting point. Workshop locations

I think we’re basically in agreement about what the problem was. What exactly is too much of a challenge for each respective blade, well that is something that — historically — each mower has had to ascertain for him/her selves. Well, I’m beginning to suspect, everything. You simply compensated for it by holding the grips so as to accommodate the action/’desire’ of the blade. However, the increased roll of the tang is not equivalent to an increase in crown, and you’ll have some odd bending effects on the grass during the cut unless the blade is of fairly odd shape. Price €26.00 Quick view Snath Size S 150 cm Ash... Price €71.00. Rossleithen - A- 4575 Rossleithen 72 - Tel. “This is how I’ve set my own 75cm blade. Stop pissing on each other’s trees. I now want to buy a decent scythe to keep thistles at bay and also cut phalaris. I consider the “more brawn than brain” an apt metaphor for the majority of new-on-the-scene mowers, from UK to Tazmania and everywhere in-between.

on your new snath, I’ll make a note of it; I like to keep a record of changes made at customer request so I can offer the same for repeat purchases. I played with it some more and found that, for me at least, the extra tang twist made more of a difference to the overall performance than the extra hafting angle. Franz de Paul Schröckenfux Ges.m.b.H. Any that doesn’t, isn’t set up correctly.

They rusted a bit more at my place for a couple of years, but I’ve just clean one off a bit, sharpened it very clumsily and used it to cut the thistles invading from next door and it was very effective.

Thanks again for the wedge and the tips on adjustments. “…and the shorter length makes the point less inclined to dig in…” That is certainly so. Scythe equipment. Scythe equipment. This, precisely, has always been one of the scythe makers’ major challenges — to walk the fine line between thin body/low weight and stiffness. The peening machine, manufactured by Schweiger Fulpmes from Tyrol, Austria, is ideal for shaping a variety of scythe blades. They are made of steel, and come in two sizes, and are highly adjustable. ​Small-scale farmers, meet one of your new tools. SMELL. In Europe this is considered to be the Mercedes of snaths. Holy smokin’ whorlin’ whetstones, Batman…. Chiefly due to a lack of time to rework them into the post, I’ve created this comment and put in his notes pretty much verbatim. TASTE.

Make your own whetstone holder, Tony style. I asked my daughter to film me while I tackled that very clump: Cocksfoot, of course, is not a native Australian grass, and if there are any European or Mediterranean readers out there who can comment on how these grasses present in their natural surrounds, we’d be interested to hear. Peak Oil expert Richard Heinberg speculates that in order to continue to grow the same amount of food in the future, without burning fossil fuels, we will need 40-50 million farmers, farming, No, not like in the Middle Ages.

Part No. On areas with lots of these I use my SFX 65cm on my 160cm snath. Have you ever cut into an old matted bed of kikuyu? 150 cm. “…out into the paddock, I expect to…” Naively, I expect that a person now in some degree of ‘marshaling’ position would readily recognize (possible) need to fine-tune his unit, and might do so BEFORE he even walks out onto the lawn /paddock etc. The Slavic languages, for instance, have no equivalent for ‘grass blade’; long scythe blade is a long scythe blade, and those who use them know what all can be cut with them.

new Scythe snath; Contact; Fux; Scythes models. “Cocksfoot, of course, is not a native Australian grass, and if there are any European or Mediterranean readers out there who can comment on how these grasses present in their natural surrounds, we’d be interested to hear.” As one who introduced orchard grass (my preferred name for ‘cocksfoot’) to this piece of land 35 yrs ago, perhaps at some point I’ll offer a few thoughts; “Okay, but what’s that got to do with your crazy tang twist?” Scythe handles are called snaths. I expected to get virtually no depth of cut at all due to the very closed hafting angle – and indeed it felt like I wasn’t cutting grass – but I was cutting grass, and quite nicely thank you very much. aluminium. Scythe equipment .

This has the consequence, however, of altering not only the angle of the grips (which aren’t usually intended to contend with this sort of adjustment) but also their distance from the body. Peened and sharpened ready for mowing, with instructions. Every time I take a long Falci grass blade out into the paddock, I expect to have to do a bit of fine tuning to hit the blade’s ‘sweet spot’ where it mows best. We are talking about. 1 and key metal tube - galvanized. 155-170 cm. A64212. “The things to change can include varying angles on your blade setup, the edge preparation, grip adjustment, and direction of approach to the target… pretty much anything.” Bravo, you are on the right track! Then I took the same two rigs out into the paddock and my world nearly fell apart… the Fux killed the Falci.

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