It’s a legit emotion. Congrats! We generally like to be upbeat about being a freelance writer.

Better yet, start a blog or share excerpts of your work on Medium. For example, I enjoy long-distance running with members of a local athletics club. Why do you think they dedicate so many books to their families?! Is writing lonely?

It’s a rewarding experience during which you’re usually free to write with fear or expectations. Sure writing, demands spending extended periods by yourself working on articles, stories or books, often without feedback from others. 9. It can be alone or with other people. However, many writers need time and solitude to think and create.

Better yet, use them as fuel for your stories.

You can work on a single, a dozen or 100 foolish ideas before finding one that captures your imagination.

The American poet Raymond Carver, for example, often wrote on a notepad in his car. Your email address will not be published. Isolation, on the other hand, describes cutting yourself off from others for extended periods without caring for your mental health. Or you could work late at night when your house or apartment is quiet. 6. Ready to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business? Your email address will not be published.

Instead, reframe the experience to place value on the time that you have to yourself. Consider who you know from work (or other acquaintances) that you can further develop relationships with. The feeling of loneliness can increase when we focus on it and view it negatively.

It’s harder to write if you’re an extreme extravert as you’re more than likely energized only when in the company of other people, and that’s less conducive towards reflective work. You can also cultivate interests outside writing that demand spending time with others.

I'd like to receive the free email course. We’ll also consider how you can balance solitude vs loneliness. However, isolation is to lock yourself away from others without seeking connections. For every new good idea you have, there are a hundred, ten thousand foolish ones, which you naturally do not care to display.”.

Loneliness, to some degree, is a part of nearly everyone’s lives.

Get more comfortable with alone-time– learn to savor it.

Perhaps it’s better to say a lot of writers veer towards introversion. It recharges me.”. An introvert is somebody who feels more energized in their own company or near close friends and family, rather than parties and crowds.

Maybe it’s a book club, a cooking class, a group of local professionals (check your Chamber of Commerce), you’re giving yourself opportunities to be around others.

You can eat at the times that are best, and you’re not bound to the traditional ways of doing things. You’ll probably have less time and patience for sitting in a quiet room, writing. But- today we want to talk about another side of the freelancer lifestyle, which is that it can be lonely. Take 3-5 minutes at the start of each day (and throughout the day as needed) to reflect on what you have to be grateful for. It certainly has its ups and downs. Know thyself! If the majority of your friends work traditional jobs, then your leisurely lunches will be on your own.

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