Generally, if your pig has not cycled again 17 to 21 days after being bred, there’s a good chance she is pregnant. We were nervous about breeding our pig, because we know that while there was only a small window for failure (pigs are known for becoming pregnant easily, with a success rate between 75 and 90 percent), this was our first time AI breeding and we wanted to make sure we did it correctly. The AGHs are about 18 months old now, so they aren’t as adventurous. This was our first year keeping a pig for breeding purposes, and because we weren’t entirely sure what keeping a pig through sub-zero winters would entail, we held off. We moved five 250-pound very pregnant American Guinea Hogs today.

Among the more serious conditions that bloated belly can indicate are porcine enteropathy, lymphosarcoma and intestinal torsion. **. The Berkshires are our juvenile “delinquents” (sometimes they like to find trouble).

We hemmed and hawed over this one for a while. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Empower Her. We are lucky in that Boo is the most gracious, the most friendliest, basically the best pig we have ever raised (which was part of why we decided to make her our first-ever Momma Pig). The easiest way to tell if your pig is pregnant? American guinea pigs have vivacious and social personalities.

I often link to Amazon when recommending certain products, and if you choose to purchase, I may earn a small percentage of the sale. The easiest way to tell if your pig is pregnant? All of our hogs were all in the same paddock over the winter months. Already a Member but

And if you’re wondering, yes, you should be able to tell by whether or not she has menstruation. Shape The World. Your sow will develop a. As a pregnant lady, she has an entirely different temperament, too.

We are only about a month and a half away from new piglets – and we can’t wait. throughout the pregnancy, the last few weeks are vital. I am excited as to what we will learn. Keep your veterinarian’s phone number close by just to make yourself feel more comfortable. They never hurt one another (or the chickens for that matter); I just didn’t know how all that activity would be for momma and the babies — better to be safe. And if you’re wondering,  yes, you should be able to tell by whether or not she has menstruation.

Now, none of these signs in themselves are indicators that your pig is definitely pregnant. It’s simple. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Pigs can become pregnant at around 18 months of age or older – when we bred Boo, she was just around this age. Search. First, if you are purchasing a young American guinea pig from a breeder, it is advisable to get two pigs – the same gender or fixed.

She will also not be terribly interested in mating again.

In addition, the cost of feeding a boar throughout the winter was cost-prohibitive, so AI breeding was definitely the way to go.

If the guinea pigs are ready to mate, they will try to do so. Vitamin A is crucial, and can be given to her in the form of fruits and vegetables. Generally, if your pig has not cycled again 17 to 21 days after being bred, there’s a good chance she is pregnant. Odds are that everything is going to work out. Now- and this is a bit graphic – there are some other reproductive signs you need to pay attention to as well. Later on, I’ll upload a post about how the entire AI breeding process works.

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