And for weeks afterwards, after ordering more diapers, I messed in my pants more than I used the toilet. Oooooh yur story was soooo intense, couldn't help rubbin my turtle as me moaned an groaned. Reminds me when I was 12 and getting off da school bus.

Planted one foot on da ground when all of a sudden my butt just exploded like a run away fire hose, by the time I took three steps it had filled my pants an was filling my shoes.

While walking, the urge to have a movement began, and became stronger as I walked. Humor Satirico Pooped My Pants Mr Magoo My Cousin South Korea Best Funny Pictures … It was a dream come true! It was, however, something I had never dared to act upon. by Spencer Althouse The resulting orgasm was intense, and I just lay there under the night sky, totally relieved, exhausted, and out of breath. And that coupled with the limited opportunities to "make" in my pants meant that the only remedy for my dilemma was to find somewhere else to live.

It is very important that I finish at least one Casual cycle on this patch. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. In later years, after needlessly throwing out diapers, plastic pants, etc., I've finally learned that this fetish isn't going away. I couldn't believe it! Lying on my bed, looking down at myself wearing the diaper and plastic pants, was thrilling, and I found myself experiencing a rock-hard erection.

I was overcome with sexual desire, and next rolled over and commenced rubbing myself on the ground. Cheritz, please leave this as a semi-permanent thing. Instantly, I was two or three years old again, and loving it. Just by writing about it right now, I'm feeling sexually aroused. Ever. Of course, living at home, the specter of being caught was always present.

(Jodhpur outfits were popular fashion for toddlers back then. In those days, I didn't know about adult diapers and plastic pants, (there was no internet, and it was next to impossible to find such esoteric information) and so I put on three pair of briefs, lay on the floor, and pushed a substantial mess into my pants. SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT!!! Post with 201 views. It was like a madness that overtook all sanity and reason. While doing this, I felt my body strangely convulsing.

Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. While I'm not happy about being a slave to this paraphilia, I'll probably live in secret with it for the rest of my life. I couldn?t believe the feeling of this padded comfort surrounding my lower torso. When the items finally arrived in the mail, I trembled as I looked at them, finally daring to put them on. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. For some reason (possibly relating to some early childhood experience) I have always been turned on by jodhpurs (the vintage kind with the flared sides - think Steampunk) and boots. After wrapping them in 20 paper towels, I threw them away, then used another 40 to wipe down all I had no idea what this was, and for the moment it frightened me. As I was inspecting the garments on the racks, and especially when trying them on, I was petrified that the store personnel knew my real motive for wanting jodhpurs, and that it had nothing to do with horses. As much as I love doing it, I am at the same time disgusted with myself and wish this harmless perversion didn't overtake me as it often does. I just lay on my bed, luxuriating in a completely new and incredible feeling. Sometimes, I would just lie on the bed for hours, looking at my jodhpur-clad body, languishing in the poop that filled my diaper. I brought my contraband home and happily messed in them for years. I'll probably poop in my pants for the rest of my life. It's the classic diaper binge and purge cycle. I have fantasized about diapers since I was a child. Within a few hours, I felt the urge to go. My heart began beating very quickly, and I knew I had to mess my pants right then and there. Privacy Policy. Needless to say, when finally living on my own, I purchased several pair of jodhpurs.

15 "I Pooped My Pants As An Adult" Stories Guaranteed To Make You Laugh "My ass exploded while I was on a date, and I got poop all over the floor, my legs, and somehow my arm." In all the years in which I have been a slave to this fetish, I have never felt such intense sexual arousal as when the urge to have a bowel movement came over me. And as early as I can remember, I fantasized about pooping in my pants. SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT!!! It was only later that I realized I had experienced an orgasm: my first. Very often, in those early years, after filling my pants, I would then go to my study desk and sit in my mess. So, my cousin visited the Toilet Museum in South Korea the other day. You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content. Several years later, when living in my own apartment, I received the surprise of my life when I discovered adult diapers and plastic pants in a Sears catalog. The urge to release finally became intense, and I once more pushed a massive mess into my new diaper. It took me back to a time when the world hadn?t closed in on me, when I had no worries. I threw my books on the ground, lay down on my back and easily pushed a soft and thick mess into my pants. been there, done this all my life like you. I had never felt such ecstasy, the feeling of completely letting go, the freedom of not using the toilet, the wet warmth I felt as it spread out into my pants, and the sheer naughtiness of it all. In-app profile pictures for the April Fool’s theme, available only for April 1st. I was not prepared for what happened next, because I was instantly transported into a place of unspeakable pleasure, unlike any I had ever known. Because of this approach/avoidance psychology, there were times when I discarded all the paraphernalia, and wanted nothing more to do with it.

Filling up that diaper was one of the most incredible thrills of my life. In the ensuing years, during those rare times in which I was alone in the house, and felt the urge to go, I would put on my three briefs and with intense excitement would joyfully poo myself. And strangely, it happened not in sexual intercourse, but as a direct result of making a mess in my pants. Finally, when I was fifteen, I could contain my desires no longer, and at last acted on my fantasy. Pooping my pants at Yoosung’s transformation. See photo below.) And I had always fantasized about wearing such an outfit, along with a diaper and plastic pants, and then pooping in it. And that eventually these cyclical feelings of loathing and disgust will fade out as the desire to mess in a diaper fades back in, and the cycle resets itself. Oooooh yur story was soooo intense, couldn't help rubbin my turtle as me moaned an groaned. To this day, whenever I see a picture of a woman wearing vintage jodhpurs, I fantasize that she's making a mess in her diaper. One evening after dark, when I was about eighteen, I was on my way home from school, crossing through a large wooded area.

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