Takumi and his beloved AE86, Natsuki, and many other characters round out the set. R32 refers to the BNR32 Nissan Skyline (Japan only) made from 1989-1994. Takeshi and Takumi speed toward the finish line!

361 votes, 23 comments. English Voice(s) "Initial D: New Theatrical Edition") is a 2014–2016 Japanese anime film series based on the manga series Initial D by Shuichi Shigeno. Unbeknownst to everyone else, it was Takumi who defeated Keisuke at that first encounter as he was returning home from the morning delivery run. The races are edited and designed with great skill and thought. 16-18). Takumi waits desperately, and realizes how much of a racer he already is. That same night, his father, Bunta Fujiwara, drives the Eight-Six with Yuichi Tachibana to test his newly tuned suspension in preparation for the battle. Manga

This FAQ is empty. The next morning, Takumi and Natsuki play around at a beach during their date, where Takumi realizes his experience regarding the previous night's race. The opening and ending themes change, as well as the footage shown in the ending credits. Profile In Tokyopop's American DVD release, there are two versions of the show. Back when I was actively driving I drove Akina even in my dreams.

| The drivers fly toward the finish line, with only one curve to go. An Initial D side story OAV which follows the lives of Mako and Sayuki, the "Impact Blue" SilEighty team from Usui and their troubles with racers and romance. The movie is a retelling of the early stages of the manga and is split into three parts with the first part, Legend 1: Awakening released on August 23, 2014. Was this review helpful to you? New Initial D (Japanese: 新劇場版「頭文字D」, Hepburn: Shin Gekijō-ban Inisharu Dī, lit. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Natsuki Mogi The protagonist is high school boy Takumi who, unbeknownst to his classmates and buddies at the gas station where he works, has been honing his downhill driving skills for the past five years by speeding up and down Mt. Eventually, Nakazato drives into the outside, causing Takumi to drive into the inside, overtaking Nakazato.   | 

The S13 refers to the RPS13 SR20DET Nissan Silvia (Japan only) made from 1989-1994.

It was never specifically stated if they had a sexual relationship in the anime. The 'Eurobeat' Japanese-techno soundtrack is replaced with a mix of rap and garage-indie-punk music. Takumi and Natsuki then kiss. She was the one who revealed to Takumi Fujiwara that Natsuki was engaged in an Enjo-Kosai relationship with an old man in a Mercedes-Benz.. Kanji Media

Initial D Legend: Animation Street Racing Trilogy Coming to U.S. Cinemas End of February. More races and challenges for soon-to-be-graduate/drift racer Takumi Fujiwara. Legend 1: Awakening The main character, Takumi Fujiwara, is portrayed by Jay Chou in his film acting debut. Initial D Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Silvia made between 1995 and 1998 was an S14, and 1999 to present is the S15.

After all of this, she befriended Takumi Fujiwara and started to get to know him. They both break up for the final time at the end of Third Stage as they go their separate ways on a high note. She is a Manga-only character, and has never appeared in the anime, she does however make an appearance in the Legends trilogy.

The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. His close buddies, Iketani and Itsuki, who are tied to the local Akina Speed Stars, are stunned to learn of Takumi's secret skills and are somewhat infuriated by his nonchalant attitude. While doing so, he strikes a sharp bump on the road, making him lose control and crash. She invited her Papa to a small family restaurant in the night, and formally broke her relationship off with him.

Brina Palencia (Funimation dub + New Initial D the Movie).

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. As Takumi embarks on his next morning delivery, he prepares himself for the next battles to come. The character design gets better also, with more detailed, expressive facial features becoming quite evident by the fifth volume in the series (eps. One is a new version ('Tricked-Out Version') which has an english dub and various other changes such as: 06 February 2018 Title:

27 May 2009 Takumi later arrives at the race much to the bewilderment of the Speedstars. However, Takumi manages to avoid crashing and regains control. The film starts with Takumi Fujiwara chasing down the NightKids street racers for making fun of Itsuki Takeuchi's new Toyota Corolla Levin SR AE85, which Itsuki believes is an Eight-Six, and outmaneuvers them.

Papa (Father) Just as they did so, Takumi arrives in the Eight-Six, much to their relief. However, he began receiving letters behind her back about her, detailing on how she is dating an older man driving a white Mercedes. Ayako Kawasumi (main series), Maaya Uchida (New Initial D the Movie) First Stage - Act 1

At the race starts, Keisuke takes the lead, but Takumi's experienced driving skills allow him to catch up as the race goes on. She later organises a surprise party at his house on Christmas with Bunta Fujiwara, much to his shock, and they have a small party. Male This review covers the first season (First Stage), which was followed by a second series (Second Stage), a movie (Third Stage), and yet a third series (Fourth Stage). Afterwards, Itsuki tells Takumi that he is amazed when he discovers his newfound appreciation for the car.

Later, Takumi changes his mind, but when he arrives home, he is shocked to discover that his father, Bunta, had already taken the Eight-Six with him. FC refers to the FC3S Mazda RX-7 made from 1986-1992. Animation. 158cm (5'2)

She was the one who revealed to Takumi Fujiwara that Natsuki was engaged in an Enjo-Kosai relationship with an old man in a Mercedes-Benz.

(1998). Natsuki Mogi (茂木 なつき Mogi Natsuki, known as Natalie in the Tokyopop version) is Takumi Fujiwara's initial love interest, and one of the few characters who does not get scared when riding in a car being driven by Takumi. First Stage - Act 1 After the battle, Takumi asks Ryosuke why he slowed down during the last section of the race, to which Ryosuke responds by telling Takumi the truth and accepts the defeat. Jay Chou’s Kung Fu Dunk hits U.K DVD! With Greg Ayres, Christopher Bevins, Steve Blum, Z. Charles Bolton. Eventually, Takumi overtakes and defeats Keisuke by hooking his tires in the inside gutter at the five consecutive hairpins. Japanese character names dropped in exchange for more English sounding names (i.e. The original, authentic engine/exhaust noises are replaced with louder, more aggressive race noises.

Volume 01 Chapter 001 However, Takumi later refuses to accept because he is not a racer despite being persuaded by Itsuki. Natsuki becomes Natalie, Iketani is Cole, Itsuki is Iggy, Ryosuke is Ry, Keisuke is K.T., Nakazato is Zack, Kenta is Kyle, Mako and Sayuki become Maya and Simone, and Takumi goes by Tak). While the integration of 2-D and 3-D is somewhat awkward in the early episodes, it improves greatly as the series progresses. Gender Steve Blum (Tokyopop dub) Jerry Russell (Funimation dub)

After a surprise loss to the Wangan ('Bayshore' road) king, Asakura Akio comes across a Nissan S30 at a junkyard and finds out what this particular car is all about. She wears glasses and has black hair tied in pigtails. Despite this, Mika Uehara becomes Takumi's new girlfriend during the latter half of Fifth Stage. It is unknown for how long she did this.

The opening and ending themes change, as well as the footage shown in the ending credits.

Takumi arrives and witnesses the situation as the NightKids drove off. Shingo then admits that if Takumi loses, Shingo will overthrow Nakazato as the new leader of the NightKids. Akina making early morning deliveries for his father's tofu shop. Takumi eventually overtakes Shingo by using his gutter technique. Akina's new downhill racing hero Fujiwara Takumi prepares for the final showdown against Red Sun's unbeaten leader and Akagi's fastest driver, Takahashi Ryosuke. Gender The next day, Iketani learns that his boss, Yuichi Tachibana, reveals that the Eight-Six is a tofu delivery vehicle owned by Bunta Fujiwara, Takumi's father. She is known to have been with at least three … "Initial D: First Stage," which first aired in Japan in 1998, is a consistently exciting and compelling anime series based on Shuichi Shigeno's popular manga (comic book) about downhill mountain road racing in Japan's Gunma Prefecture. However, Ryosuke believes that Nakazato's car is incapable of defeating Takumi's Eight-Six, much to Nakazato's humiliation.

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