This would be a great addition to my bag. To be honest I’ve never thrown a Leopard, but my go-to disc is the Discmania FD.

I would love to use this leopard 3 at my local course. Meresmaa brings A-Team for 2016 USDGC media, focuses on ‘quality and reach’, Disc Golf Pro Tour exceeds expectations for Nate Doss, Ulibarri just misses bye, ends Pro Tour in semifinals. I’ve never thrown a Leopard before, and this looks like a nice straight-shooter for me. Would love to make the Leopard3 a part of my bag. Innova Halo Test Material Star Leopard 3 Swirly Disc Golf 173-175. I’ve got a pretty domey champ leopard right now, would love to use a faster, more understable one for turnover shots! Even at 75-85%, the Leopard3 flew more like a Discmania FD with just a little turn before a moderate fade. All rights reserved. Looks awesome. The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. The Leopard3 wasn’t the case as it would show the turn, but only to a certain extent. Would love to win this awesome looking disc. I would like to try it, because I like the feel of my pro Leopard, but it is way too flippy for me to control. This would be a perfect upgrade and eventual replacement once the star wears out completely. Innova sent us the Leopard3 to check out and we threw it along side an older Champion Leopard and GStar Leopard which as seen a decent amount of wear. The limited release can currently be found as part of Innova’s new Player Sponsorship Package. Cheers eh!! I would also show this disc off to my friends because it’s one of the sexiest discs I’ve ever seen. The Leopard3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. I can’t wait to sling a Leopard3! I love throwing fairway drivers, they fit perfectly in my hand. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! Would make a great addition to my bag! @disc_dye_guy. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. I love throwing my gstar leopard but it is starting to turn over a bit easier. Recently bought a Champion Leopard and would love to try the new Leopard3. You see the turn rating of -2 and fade rating of 1 and hope for a disc that has a natural turn to it to produce some easy anhyzer shots and turnovers. im just now getting my drive figured out and it would be great to grab this disc and start to learn it too. 4 months ago. I would like to try a leopard.

It’s another great review from ATDG!

Could use something that turns a bit in a fairway driver. Note: Features custom "Victory or Death" hotstamp from Ace Run Disc Golf! Straight is great and these swirly Leopard3’s won’t … It has a decent turn and a slight fade. Have had a Seer in my bag as a possible leopard replacement, but it doesn’t seem to handle power as well as my leopards did… so back to the leopard? The Leopard3 is another in the line of the “3 top” discs. Would love to have a chance to throw this disc.

I own 2 DX Leopards and they’re great. Over the last few months you might have seen the new Innova Leopard3 pop up on social media or at a big tournament. As im switching from an all discraft bag to a all innova bag this would come in handy. I’d really love to try this! Always looking for consistent, trustworthy discs to add to my bag. In our minds, the Innova Leopard3 is closer to the “pre-Barry” Champion Leopards of the past than what you’ll find in the current offerings. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Have DX and star plastsic. Maybe the Leopard3 will be my saving grace for the 200-300 ft anhyzer shots. Luster discs are only available for special tournaments.

I have a older version of the leopard which I have been throwing for a while and getting an upgrade to it would be a huge deal and mean a lot! If you want a disc that has a really comfortable rim feel, that is controllable in the woods, but handles power well then the Halo TL3 … Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. A Leopard 3 could prowl around in my bag! Overall, we’d rate the Innova Leopard3 at 7, 5, -2, 1. My friend was just talking about his Leopard today at disc golf. I would like to put it in our physical education collection so my classes can all test the leopard3 out. This joins the other fairway drivers of the Teebird3 and TL3 with the lower profile top which helps it fly with a little more speed and drops the somewhat domey top that can be found on the fairway driver’s mold without the “3 top” on it. February 22, 2016 Innova Discs 5120 0. this disc has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. The Leopard3 looks like a lot of fun to throw.

My bag is full of Innova plastic! Dying to get my hands on one of these to see how it compares to my star leo! Would love to try out this new version and see how it compares!! The turn wasn’t huge when taking the power into account, which was a welcome sight. The Leopard was one of the first discs I ever bought when I originally learned about disc golf. Would love to get the chance to throw one of these Leo3s! Barry Schultz Gets 20th Win of the Season . Love innova, would be amazing to try this disc out. The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. Would love to try one. Would feel honored to actually sully one in person! I started out with a DX Leopard in the Innova starter set I first bought. You can still produce the desired turnover shot, but it might require a little help from you in terms of release angle. Love my champion leopard would love to get my hands on this! Can’t wait to throw this new plastic. This disc would definitely enhance my learning curve! In search of a disc with great control, Lisa selected the Leopard3 this year. Leading disc golf website bringing you the latest news, reviews, interviews, PDGA tournament coverage, videos, and more. I want to try the Leopard 3 because I used to throw a red pre-Barry Champ Leopard which I lost about 2 years ago. Free shipping .

L-E-O-P-A-R-D3!!!!!!! I’d love to try a Leopard 3, see if it can knock one of my other Leopards right out of my bag! I would love to see how this one works for my game! Can’t wait to try it on the good ole leopard!

Have hit few aces with my star plastsic. I had a DX that went astray…. hide. Hopefully these will see full production soon!!

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