They show us an alternative, more joyful mode of being. This is a really thoughtful and beautifully articulated piece – thank you. They experience emotions to the maximum. People Associated With The Jester Archetype. Similarly, the jester itself has a darker, shadow form, making him prone to constant inebriation, drug abuse, or perversion – essentially, any negative attribute that is caused by a loss of impulse control. A non-biased information site aimed at encouraging safe usage and community amongst users and seekers. I’m really more interested in the possibility of us having unknown, innate and unused, doorways into other dimensions and the ability to visit or view different planes of existence along with the ability to communicate between them – or even the possibility to travel from one to the other! The Trickster can be found in mushrooms and DMT. The collective unconscious is distinct from the personal unconscious, which is each individual’s own collection of experiences which they are unaware of. The last time I freebased DMT I had an experience of Jesters kind of bounding and tumbling out of one another in unison as if they were playing cards being shuffled by an expert card handler (i’m sure there’s a better term for that). The question that was asked right before I did it, which was PERFECT, was about how to escape the imprisonment of our language. Now this is where it gets really crazy. Here again, we see how the trickster is the embodiment of paradoxicality. So I inhaled 5 to 7 big tokes and again held that in. So, I sat myself on the floor with my back leaning against the couch. He is both subhuman and superhuman, a bestial and divine being, whose chief and most alarming characteristic is his unconsciousness. What matters is the message the entities are trying to convey.

Eventually, they all paired off and faced each other. Dmt was the best experience in my life, I think it’s a place we all been before and it stuck within our brain, Why do so many people see jesters & clowns while on dmt. With this in mind, we offer a place for users to share and discuss their experiences in the DMT realm. On the other hand, modern society does also continually honour the role of the trickster. They are carefree and different but can be cruel and irresponsible. Nevertheless, many critics of Jungian psychology still take issue with Jung’s prioritisation of inner experience over empirical data, which makes it hard for archetypes to leave their quasi-mystical status and become something a bit more clear, grounded, and verifiable. Below is my first experience with Bufo Alvarius/5MeO-DMT. He wore a pied outfit, (black one side and white the other side, and no checkered diamond pattern). The trickster, in contrast, is a mythological figure who is impish and playful; they perform tricks and are responsible for teaching others through guile. Why do so many people come to meet them?

These court jesters thrived in the Medieval and Renaissance eras. What’s even more interesting is that when DMT is ingested in the form of ayahuasca, which usually includes the addition of the caapi vine, the jesters lose their predominance. The jester is a hyperdimensional teacher to me, but can also fool around. Don’t forget chullachaqui, the trickster of Amazonia that sometimes appears in the ayahuasca domain. But there was a point that I got to where I felt I had been consumed by the landscape and become a cog in its machinery.

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If you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to register as ‘anon’. This time I loaded the pipe with 4 to 5 knife points of pure freebase DMT, followed by a layer of joint mix in order to include some MAOI effect from the hash. Here you’ll find a collection of useful resources to help you better understand your personality archetypes. And if archetypes cannot be adequately generalised or specified, then they elude rigorous study and systematic analysis.

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