", TRENDING: Woman behind Trump breaks out anti-Democrat stunt, totally steals the show, In a video timed for the announcement, he said America and much of Western civilization "was founded on a biblical foundation stone, but it has turned away from that foundation.". ", "You who are parents," he urged, "begin by leading your families in revival; ministers, lead your groups in revival; pastors, lead your churches in revival; leaders of ministries, movements, denominations, lead your people into revival. ", Cahn is the New York Times best-selling author of "The Harbinger," "The Paradigm," "The Book of Mysteries" and his newest book, "The Oracle. Let the believers, pastors and churches in your area know. Cahn noted that his book "The Harbinger" showed how the signs of judgment in the last days of ancient Israel are remarkably similar to signs of warning in America today. So into this tumultuous time of judgment two men arose this past weekend to call for prayer and repentance at our nation’s capital. A year in which the world and specifically America has been shaken,"  Jonathan Cahn co-chair of the event said in his opening address. Stay informed by signing up to receive CRN’s need to read articles. Surrounding "The Day of Return" at the Washington Mall were 10 days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, set as a special time of prayer and repentance from September 18-28. Scroll down to WARNING. Forty days before a crucial election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, Americans will gather on the National Mall and at sites across the country for a day of repentance and prayer for the nation. What was left out?

Jonathan Cahn. NO POPUPS! 6-9 p.m.—The Return: Prophetic Worship Celebration Truth is scarce, and the courage of godly men to speak out the Truth of the Gospel is even more rare. Violence and chaos erupts in the streets, pestilence swarms from coast to coast, fires are raging in the West, and bullying threats are ruining lives on mainstream media and social media…. "If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

We’re available 24/7. Our nation is in a hard place and it's time to look up and see the Lord," Lotz said. Research. CBN News carried The Return across all of its platforms, including the CBN News Channel, CBNNews.com, CBN News' Facebook, and CBN News' YouTube Channel. God is everywhere—even in the news. That’s why we view every news story through the lens of faith. AD FREE! The conservative voice and Christian content is being silenced more and more. Submitted by escamp on August 31, 2015 - 3:04pm. Cahn emphasized what is at stake in 2020, warning that while the outcome of the election is extremely important, it's no panacea. 'Time to Return or Head for Judgment and Calamity': What's at Stake with The Return & DC Prayer March, Vice-President Pence Joins Franklin Graham for DC Prayer March, Franklin Graham Talks to CBN News About Saturday's Prayer March, the Election and the Supreme Court Battle, Jonathan Cahn's 'The Harbinger II': A Biblical Mystery of Judgment Could Culminate This Year, Biden Reportedly Wins Michigan as Trump Camp Files Legal Challenges - Other Battleground States Still Counting Votes, 'America's Firewall Against Socialism': Why Evangelical and Latino Voters Went Heavily for Trump, GOP Takes Away 7 Seats in the House, but Democrats Expected to Keep Control of Majority, Hillsong East Coast Pastor Carl Lentz Fired for 'Moral Failure,' Church Announces. (2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV). "The Return" took place 40 days before the presidential election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. James Dobson, Pat Roberson, Ann Graham Lotz, Alveda King and Kevin Jessip are among the other leaders who believe the nation is at a "juncture" that can "permanently seal" its course "for bad or good, for calamity or redemption. ", But Cahn has seen in his lifetime "the hand of God change the course of American and world history. The Return was a solemn assembly based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 found in the Bible. BELOW: Watch the Friday evening session of The Return. Click Here Get the App with Special Alerts on Breaking News and Live Events! Freedom hangs by a thread. The Day of Return on Sept. 26 will take place during the 10 days that are known from ancient times as the Days of Awe. Use social media, use everything you can to spread the word, so they can have a part. WND news editors compile reports for our readers. "Even if the election goes in the direction of biblical values and righteousness, if America doesn't see a spiritual turning, an awakening, repentance and revival, then all political, legal, judicial and cultural efforts will ultimately fail or be undone," he said in the video. Also available on most smart TVs and streaming services. CBN Partners provide hope to those who are suffering!

", "Without that return, America will be lost," he said. ‘THE RETURN’ – JONATHAN CAHN’S UPCOMING PRAYER EVENT PRODUCED BY WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING. The event kicked off Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern and resumed Saturday morning where it was also streamed LIVE until 9:00 pm Eastern. The assembly on the National Mall on Sept. 26 will be accompanied by events in cities, towns, houses of worship and homes across the nation and around the world, Cahn said. Call (800) 700-7000 or request prayer. Need prayer? "We are now in that window of time, but if America continues on its present course, that window will come to an end and there will come a flood that will begin the end of religious freedom, even usher in persecution and seal America's fall," said Cahn. But it never came because there was no repentance. And what the D.C. establishment needs to learn. Learn more about "The Day of Return" on the event's new website. "But if we don’t respond now at this most critical moment, we may never have the chance to do so again. The church that is located in America is bogged down by its flagrant sins, especially by indulging in heresies and sexual immoralities. His next four books were all New York Times best sellers, The Mystery of the Shemitah, The Book of Mysteries, The Paradigm, and his highest-debuting book, The Oracle. A National 'Mercy Moment': Join Prayer Event on Oct. 6 for 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims' Covenant with God. What is faith and what does the Bible say about faith? "The biblical template concerning judgment is that the nation so warned is given a space of time — to return or to head for judgment and calamity," he said. Jonathan Cahn prepares to smash this clay vessel during his message at "The Return," Washington, D.C., Sept. 26, 2020. (Courtesy Marcos Perez) Editor's Note: Although "The Return" has ended, the spirit of the event has not. '", "It can happen again," he said. STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE FREE CBN NEWS APP! The Return is for all believers from all denominations and backgrounds. “Cahn typically includes the addition of Old Testament prophecies about Israel, potent occult mysticism derived from visions, fictional narratives, occult lore, numerology, and other unbiblical sources. "The world is being shaken for the purpose of getting us to look up. We believe that repentance and revival cannot be achieved without a return to God’s Word as our sole and final authority over our lives. "The Day of Return — National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance", Woman behind Trump breaks out anti-Democrat stunt, totally steals the show, Newt Gingrich urges Trump to file lawsuits 'in every single state', Twitter censors Trump declaring victory in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Dozens of Democrats talking about booting Speaker Pelosi, Watch now! ", Cahn said the movement for "The Return" begins now "as we commit this time and this year for return, prayer, repentance and revival — to commit first to our own repentance and to begin actually living in revival, and then to pray for others, the return and revival of our nation, and the world. The conservative voice and Christian content is being silenced more and more. Other leaders scheduled to participate in the Sept. 26 event include former Rep. Michele Bachmann; Gordon Robertson, the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network; Marcus Lamb, the CEO of the Daystar Television Network; and Harry Jackson, the presiding bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches. JONATHAN CAHN caused a worldwide stir with the release of his explosive first book, The Harbinger, which became an instant New York Times best seller and brought him to national and international prominence. It … "And America's fall from God is not only progressing, it's accelerating, to the point that it is no longer just a falling away but a war against the purposes of God.".

Watch the replay of the livestream at this link. As "The Return" organizer Jonathan Cahn put it, "We drove God out of our hearts, out of our government, out of our ways, out of laws, out of the education of our children, out of the public squares. ", READ  A National 'Mercy Moment': Join Prayer Event on Oct. 6 for 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims' Covenant with God, Dozens of prominent Christian leaders and influencers spoke at the event, including Anne Graham Lotz who kicked things off Saturday morning by telling the crowd it's time for America to turn its eyes toward God.

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