high quality puppies for show, work and family. The Dobermann - online magazine about dobermann full of doberman puppies males females kennel presentations articles interviews and many more. We show all over Europe & have Champions in 7 different countries. As always, it’s important to exclusively consider Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale from reputable breeders you can trust. We started breeding dobermanns in 1982. Come and visit us.Herve and Petra BLOSCH. ManrioRon Peacham Small breeder in england with very god bloodlines, came and see for you self.

4 15 We are based in Norfolk and have a small kennel with a herd of Dobermanns who keep us very active.

–  Obedience Training Unsere Welpen werden liebevoll aufgezogen und werden frühestens mit 8 Wochen abgegeben.Sie sind von unserem Tierarzt geimpft und vom DV - Zuchtwart abgenommen. In the first place we aim to provide our dogs a good life, a good family, and that they are loved and cared for in the way worthy of a Dobermann. Our goal is to breed quality dogs of excellent health and character. Our focus is on French Bulldogs, Pugs and Dobermans because of our great love and lifelong passion for the breeds.We aim to breed high quality, healthy puppies, sound in body and of good temperament, that will be a blessing to their new loving families. We strive for beautiful, balanced and healthy Dobermanns. << Prev

Fci, scc & kc registered dobermann & pinscher kennel of "wot a thriller" is based in normandy france, we are originally from the uk having bred dobermanns for over 25 years & in more recent years pinschers having great success with them including bob at crufts 2016 with multi.Int.Ch calvaxar athena .... DobshangrilaYuliya Dmytriyeva

Phones: + 34 655 89 39 90 The origin of the breed, This dog was known as Thuringer Pinscher or Polizeilicher Soldatenhund (Police dog soldier), but around 1900 beat of Doberman Pinscher named after its creator: Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Spalding Lincolnshire Current Health Tests. Dobermann breeder van Olympiastaete for work and show. Simply put a Presa Canario’s weight should fall within the breed standard to keep them true to their origin and maintain their value as a Working Dog. Our European Doberman puppies are of exceptional quality.Both parents are health tested and their pedigrees are full of champions, international champions and even world champions! Kennel of dobermanns and pinschers mini from Russia.

That said we prefer to stay a small kennel that produces amazing dogs. “We will strive to improve the overall health & consistency of any animal we work with. Brechin Angus Current Health Tests, RozenyasAnn Moore perfect dog but the perfect pet. Breeding quality Doberman of European lines, raised and handled daily by children from birth.

Sorry too cold for camera. Our dogs are living in a farm with other animals, children. The kennel Russkaja Mechta was founded in 1990 in Russia and is since 1995 also active in the Netherlands.

It is equally important for us to continually monitor the flow of that training as it progresses. To get the birth of this new race, used other canine breeds like the Rottweiler cross, the Beauceron, the Weimaraner, Manchester Terrier, or the Pinscher. International kennel with world wide show results, and since recently a working school for Dobermanns. Weight alone does not define the dog, although we believe Presa’s should be within the standard or very close. Our Presa is very smart. Living with Doberman is a privilege. OtagoJenny Hopkinson There is no other canine like RKennels canine and I would highly recommend RKennels to anyone looking for a breed that can do it all. Smart Wood Hills - one of the oldest and known Russian Dobermann kennel.

Our Dobermanns are devoted, friendly, passionate and stylish with a considerable dose of self-confidence and a stable character.

ps I need to phone you once to really describe what a champ she is! His work was seen in dozens of  publications, including MAGAZINES, TRAINING VIDEOS, TV COMMERCIALS, MOVIES AND NEWPAPERS. Presentation of Dobermannkennel Van Royaert. –  Basic Obedience RKENNELS is happy to be able to provide a plethora of choices for the Presa enthusiast! Following is the list of training services RKENNELS offers: We are a kennel located in West Germany, close to the border of the Netherlands, where we strive for excellence in all facets of the Dobermann breed and sport. They are fast learners, well socialized, obedient, not to mention patient when our kids jump on them and pull there lips and ears. Mit VDH / FCI - Ahnentafeln. From the very beginning we have put the most in effort to create an excellent outcome of our hard work. RKENNELS has been a passion based business for decades. However, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel moved away from the Asian influence to replicate the original style of Spaniel under King Charles I and II. They are family dogs to the backbone.With our combinations we found the perfect balance between beauty and character. We have several Belgian, International and World Champions, both in show and work. Dobermann and Manchester Terriers - We hope you will enjoy your stay and find the information you need otherwise feel free to contact us. in a healthy body. Living for Dobermans is something altogether more than that.

Dobermanns for shows, work and family pet! Professional kennel, puppies, breeding males for mating.

5 Top European lines.You can find here all informations about our dobermanns, our progeny, our success, show results, titles, work, health tests and about our puppies.

Too many breeders today talk the talk but the dogs literally cannot walk the walk. Rich initiated & was recognized with numerous dog clubs, books and spoke around the world. We have bred several litters successfully producing beautiful healthy pups which have gone on to some been shown successfully & some .... HaaressJoanna Swist-Mekaeil Dereham Norfolk Current Health Tests. Presa Canarios make exceptional family members . CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered - AKC eligible for USA residents.

My Wife and I were introduced to the Doberman breed several years ago we would now never live without one in our lives. For show work or pet. Then, as big fans of the breed, we visited the exhibitions, we followed the growth and development of the breed from the beginnings. Our interest for the Dobermans began back in 1990. We have Dobermann's and Alaskan Malamutes. Bolton Greater Manchester Current Health Tests, DawbertonsSamantha Dawber We work with a number of European. The simbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as Doberman. If you tell us you want a high drive, large, IPO type or show quality Doberman to a low drive pet quality pup on the smaller side that is what we will try to match you up with. He went onto help breeds such as the Cane Corso, Mastino Neapolitan, Dogue De Bordeaux and Presa Canario to gain popularity in the states as well. We are international kennel from Bulgaria. Never before have I ever seen or had this type of dog. We stay focused on the dogs and our clientele. Our dogs are intelligent and good in character, we are proud of every dog we have ever bred. workhour Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 22:00 We have partnered with a true PRESA specialty store to be able to provide tons of options for the hardcore Presa fans!

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