It can also be important for long-term usage. My zd-18 had very stiff sticks. This can give quite a good indication of what zero turn mower might be best for you, at the same time being a lead in to where to look for more detailed  information. If your system is purged and you still have a problem, it’s time to do a little basic troubleshooting. Linking to this external site does not constitute an endorsement of the site or the information it contains by CPSC or any of its employees. with my zd28 which is a real treat after some other mowers I have owned. I am running the 48" gas commercial mower. One was a broken steel hydraulic line at just past the warranty period. One was a broken steel hydraulic line at just past the warranty period. Start with a complete visual check of the hydraulic system. The Kubota Z100 zero-turn mower has a similar transmission system with a few variations in design and operation. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I think that the bigger diesel ones run up in the mid teen $$$$. A Kubota 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower is pretty much at the top end of the size for a cutting deck, and is likely to be a type of mother used either for commercial purposes, or someone has a significant area of land they need to maintain, that can for a number of reasons present  a wide range of problems. Add some weight to the tires (chains can do an When it needs to be fixed fast and done right, call an expert! Kubota L175 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews, Kubota MX5100 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews, Kubota L2350 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews, Kubota L3800 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews, Kubota RTV500 parts – New and Aftermarket, Kubota L245dt Parts – New and Aftermarket, Kubota RTV1100 Parts – New and Aftermarket, Kubota BX2200 Parts – New and Aftermarket, Kubota RTV900 PARTS – New and Aftermarket, Kubota B2601: Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews. Online reviews and discussion forums allow people to flag up individual problems they have with a mower, and whether or not these problems have been built with. It’s also a good first step if … Check that the tire air pressure is at the Problems that people have with their Kubota Zero Turn Mowers tends to fall into a number of categories. Every Kubota Zero Turn Mower will have a manufacturer’s recommended list price, and every dealer will be willing, or should be willing, to offer a significant discount on this list price. EBay – whilst many people think of eBay is purely an online auction house, it is also a place where people will effectively post reviews of all types of machinery. Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment is a leading Authorized Kubota Dealer in the Greater Houston Area that is fully committed to providing all customers with the very best solutions. The Kubota has been excellent with two exceptions. If your Kubota mower has no oil, engine parts can seize up and melt onto each other from excessive heat. ZD28 , new this spring, Zero faults. NOTE: If your mower or tractor has a transmission that must be removed for service, be sure to purge after it is serviced and before you use it. Recalled units are orange and black. Petroleum-based oil also has … The throttle cable can make contact with internal electric wiring, posing a fire hazard. When the pump is full of air instead of oil, it can’t generate the pressure needed to provide power. Most of the guys in our area run the bigger diesel ones. Zero turn hydrostatic transmission problems can start with air in the system, a condition known as cavitation. that lower smog. It has the stamped steel deck. There is no magic wand around second-hand or used mowers. If not, there are a number of online tractor and Kubota discussion groups, advice and help can easily be sought. This unit, despite having commercial features, is more affordable, making it more profitable for lawn care professionals to own. The Kubota has been excellent with two exceptions. Prices for these mowers can vary considerably, and prices listed below should be taken as an indicative range, based on the manufacturer’s recommended prices as of summer 2019 in the USA. I have had no switch of electrical type problems. There are many different types of equipment with hydrostatic transmissions, and we can only offer general advice. Always check oil levels before operating your Kubota mower. Like Redmax … Understanding what the problems are can allow someone to either fix them themselves, or be specific with a dealership as to how to correct them. Do any of you guys on this forum run Kubota Zero Turn mowers. I don't, and I don't see many lawn care businesses in our area running them. With the engine running, move throttle control to slow position. When the pump is full of air instead of oil, it can’t generate the pressure needed to provide power. Many diesel-based machines are taxed very heavily as a way of discouraging them. The first step is to read your Operator’s Manual. This is pretty common in zero-turn mower transmissions. Different brands are more popular in different parts of the country. This purges any air from the hydraulic transmission system. Sit in the operators seat and start the engine. The best advice is to treat the idea of a Used Kubota Zero turn Mowers same way that you would a second-hand or used auto. I'm just curious but did you buy your Kubota new and how much did you pay for it if I cab ask?

The air is purged from your system and your zero-turn mower is ready for action. Contact Us: 800-638-2772 (TTY 800-638-8270), Toll Free Consumer Hotline | Time: 8 a.m. - 5.30. p.m. This means that the usage of the mower may be conditional in relation to both these areas. You must log in or register to reply here. One is a price comparison with other manufacturers of zero turn mowers, and more importantly,  comparison between different types of Kubota Zero Turn Mowers which can be obtained through different Kubota dealerships. They are very popular in our area. Other problems that people may have can relate to things such as the terms and conditions of a warranty, maintenance issues in terms of how to fix or service the engine or conservation parts of a Kubota Zero Turn Mower. Note that, while temperature affects viscosity, the right oil has enough range to operate in any reasonable weather. The above zero turn mower problems explain why some yard owners still sit on the fence when it comes to this special type of lawn mower. The popular brand in our area is Exmark. Watch out for troublesome spots like an old tree The model is printed on the side of the mowers. Disengage the transmission (check your operators manual to see how this is done).

This recall involves model years 2018 and 2019 Kubota ZD100 series gasoline-powered zero turn mowers. The model is printed on the side of the mowers. Do any of you guys on this forum run Kubota Zero Turn mowers. Please use the below phone number for all media requests. Every time I noticed that the control sticks were getting harder and harder to push If yours is still under warranty have this checked out. This presents a different problem, in that some manufacturers of certain products effectively commission people to write favourable reviews, and this has to an extent coloured the legitimacy of all reviews of all products on Amazon and other sites. A  Zero Turn Mower normally operates by using two levers to manoeuvre  the mower, rather than a steering wheel. ET, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Enterprise, Regulations, Mandatory Standards and Bans, Kubota Recalls Zero Turn Mowers Due To Fire Hazard Recall Alert, Report an Incident Involving this Product, Search Product Safety Reports on, Report a dangerous product or a product-related injury on.

Call CPSC’s Hotline at 800-638-2772 (TTY 301-595-7054). It is also worth remembering that you do not necessarily have to do servicing and maintenance and long-term repair work with the Kubota dealership that you buy the mower from. is an official website of the United States government. If your control levers are stiff you probably need new hydro pumps my zd28 w/pro72" deck has had 3 new hydro pumps installed. People tend to be slightly sceptical of reviews online, often for good reason,  so finding valid impartial reviews can sometimes be quite difficult. Their service department should be able to ask the right questions, give suggestions, and you can make an appointment for service if necessary. Inspect for any leaks around the drain and fill ports as well.

In addition, a dealership  is likely to have a number of incentives relating both to finance, price, delivery and servicing and maintenance plans. Never ride directly down or up steep inclines. This video tells of my experience and frustration with the Kubota Z421. Any Kubota Zero Turn Mower  can be used for anything, commercial or residential, it is just important to note that its usage and intended for commercial purposes will have an implication for any manufacturer’s warranty, or any extended warranty may have been purchased. Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems. These manuals should include diagrams as to how and where parts can be fitted, and in the majority of cases will be enough for someone to replace an existing part on a mower if they are relatively sure about what they are doing. CPSC does not control this external site or its privacy policy and cannot attest to the accuracy of the information it contains. Position the motion control levers in neutral (N) and disengage clutch/brake pedal. Recalled units are orange and black. Different attachments will work with different models, and different models will have different engine sizes, by dimensions, wheelbase treads, tire sizes and deck sizes. I know of guys that have been running them for three or four years though with NO problems.

It is always much better to obtain manufacturers parts, which with the wide selection available online can often be bought at a significant discount. What is important is to make sure that the pot is specific to the year and model of the particular Kubota Zero Turn mower that you are looking for. Phone: (301) 504-7908 Consumers should check with recalling firms for further details. There’s no need for gears, and changing speed is smooth and efficient. Ensure that your mower is in tiptop condition. Selecting the latest models- these have features Everything was peachy and doing well for the next 60+ hours. I have only about 80 hours on it right now. All Kubota Zero Turn Mowers have a manufacturers recommended price, which is the first price shown in the range, and then there are additional influence and attachments which can be added, which are reflected in the second price shown. This can seem a bit odd to someone who has not used one before, but it easy to get used to. The other problem came within the first month of use and was a transmission breather that blew off for no apparent reason. The data plate is located on the lower frame of the unit and contains the serial number and model number. Because the transmission of a Kubota Zero Turn Mower  is hydrostatic, quite often problems can occur if there is at in the system, and it effectively needs bleeding. And for push mowers a lot of lawn care businesses have Honda mowers.

After your mower has been stored for the winter, it’s a good idea to purge the transmission before use. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. Despite all, ZTRs mow faster than other riding mowers and will importantly cut closer to obstacles like trees and fences because of the upgraded maneuverability.

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