Generally, most of the drainage basin is covered by forest, bush and wetlands (FIGURE 1). From 1935/36 to 1942/43, the average catch declined to only 258,000 kg/year, representing 81% of the total annual catch. Supply Serv. The size of the sport fish harvest is unknown, but is likely to be small because access to the lake is limited and the water often becomes too rough for small boats. n.d. The lake is also fed by the Peace River. The zooplankton was sampled by single horizontal tows at various locations in the delta and was also collected from two sites in the main part of Lake Athabasca.

1988. Ottawa; Queen's Printer, Edmonton; Queen's Printer, Regina. Can., Water Resour. Verein. Envir., Envir. Mackenzie River Basin Study report. Press, Edmonton, in assoc. There is a strong contrast between the specific conductance of Athabasca River water, with a value of 400 µS/cm, and water in the main part of the lake, with a value of about 85 µS/cm.

Lake Athabasca is still a remote fly-in fishery with basically one …

A guide to native communities in Alberta. From the south, Highway 63 extends from Fort McMurray to the hamlet of Fort McKay, and a winter road extends from Fort McKay to the hamlet of Fort Chipewyan, located on the north shore at the west end of Lake Athabasca (FIGURE 1). The records from 1945/46 to 1950/51 are incomplete, but from 1951/52 to 1959/60, the average total catch was 550,833 kg/year. Res. From 1951/52 to 1959/60 it was 46,500 kg/year (8% of the total catch) and from 1960/61 to 1965/66, it almost doubled, to 85,400 kg/year (11% of the total catch). 22, Edmonton. Fingernail clams (Sphaeriidae: Sphaerium and Pisidium), midge larvae (Chironomidae) and snails (Gastropoda: Lymnaea, Physa and Promonetus) were collected at almost every station. by Northwest Hydraulic Consult. Serv., Edmonton. En. Can., Edmonton. Lake Athabasca hosts 23 species of fish, among which: lake trout, walleye, northern pike goldeye, yellow perch, cisco, lake whitefish, burbot, arctic grayling, longnose sucher, white sucker, etc.

Alta. Serv. Resour., Fish Wild. Here are the tributaries of Lake Athabasca: Fond du Lac River (277 km), Otherside River, Helmer Creek, MacFarlane River, Archibald River, William River, Ennuyeuse Creek, Dumville Creek, Debussac Creek, Jackfish Creek, Claussen Creek, Old Fort River, Crown Creek, Athabasca River (1,231 km), Colin River, Oldman River (363 km), Bulyea River, Grease River and Robillard River. Northwest of Lesser Slave Lake, there are large areas of predominantly Gray Luvisols or Organic Fibrisols. -----. It is likely, however, to be abundant in Lake Athabasca as well, since many lake whitefish and cisco in the lake are infected by T. crassus cysts. Lake Athabasca was originally called Athapiscow by the Cree. Evans and A.W. Prep. Supply Serv. This results in reversed flows in Rivière des Rochers, Revillon Coupé and Chenal des Quatre Fourches. During winter, the water column was well oxygenated at these sites. n.d.[a]; Neill et al. The Peace-Athabasca Delta, which is one of the world's largest freshwater deltas, plays an important role in Lake Athabasca's complex drainage system. and plan your next amazing vacation.

Div., Alta.

The temperature gradient was more pronounced at the deeper site (13 m) near the provincial border. In the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Cumulic Regosols are the main soil group, and in the area south of the delta and along the southern shore of Lake Athabasca the soils are mostly Humo-ferric Podzols. Beaver, Chipewyan and Cree Indians have inhabited the Athabasca region for the past 2,000 years or more. Canada, Department of Fisheries and the Environment.

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