Clearly, these two women developed a very strong bond with one another that is unbreakable. Maria, Quique and their sons at the movie premiere in Spain, Maria with Naomi Watts, who plays her in The Impossible, Paper Subscription to the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Paper Subscription to the Paisley Daily Express, © 2020 Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd, Heartbroken family pay tribute to Scots schoolboy who took own life after struggling with lockdown. She admitted to being tired of struggling to stay alive, but it was the appearance of her husband which kept her going.

MB: When I saw her in “21 Grams” I thought (gasp) what is this woman about?

We stayed in touch with the man my husband was with while he looked for us but it is hard because the man lost his two babies. Lucas was crying out, ‘Mama, Mama.’ Then they all disappeared under water. The Impossible is now showing in cinemas nationwide. I embrace life.

Covid breaching crowd who aimed fireworks at police were paying tribute to dead pal.

I shared this thought with Belon who said of course as this was part of the movie’s overall design. When I was up the tree, bleeding very heavily with very deep wounds, I could feel the dying process. I don’t want to meet her; I don’t want to disturb her. She studied to be a physician and also previously worked as a professor of management with the ESADE Business School, and as a business consultant for companies like Pepsi. Belon said they talked a lot about life, being moms, being lucky, death, loss and just about everything else as well. Naomi Watts plays Maria and Ewan McGregor is her husband. The dad wept, convinced the others were dead. Maria says: “About 15 metres away, I could see a little head, and I thought, ‘My goodness, I think it’s Lucas.’ I heard him screaming for me so I went to get him. Simon!”.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives, and “The Impossible” never ever loses sight of this. I thought it was the end for all of us. MB: This is one of the gifts the wave gave me: I don’t care about myself anymore. She adds: “We also went to the hospital. Mum dying of cancer after asbestos exposure 'while working in Boots', Mum-of-two Lynne Mitchell was a make-up consultant and supervisor at the store, Mum pens heartbreaking open letter to son after his tragic suicide.

She says: “Not for one second did I believe Quique and my other boys would be alive.”. María was in too much pain to climb up the tree alone so Lucas, who had already climbed up, jumped down and helped her climb up the tree.

Ylenia Angeli, from Lerwick in Shetland, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car after wheeling her 97-year-old mum from a care home after not seeing her for nine months. I only have now. Maria wasn’t out of the woods.

WRITER’S NOTE: This interview was conducted back in 2012. Her right leg was the most damaged, having been completely ripped open, but she was able to dress her leg wound with palm tree leaves. I swam across the current and grabbed him. “We couldn’t see the wave,” says Maria, who is a doctor. In 2013 she was a guest lecturer at the Instituto de Cervantes in Gibraltar.[10]. She was severely injured in the tsunami and nearly died. Cops gave Scots firearms suspect lift home but he had hidden stun gun in his pocket. I remember being pushed against walls. “I was dying, I could feel it happening to me.

Maria Belon may not be a hero, but considering what she has been through, you cannot help but see her as a tremendously inspiring person.

We watch as Watts struggles to make her way to safety in the aftermath of the tsunami which decimated the coastal zone of Thailand, and it’s unnerving to see the injuries her character received which include a nasty gaping wound on one of her legs. The Parkhead gaffer feels his club were not given the same treatment after their own issue. I didn’t think it was the sea.

She has been outspoken regarding the fact that her story of survival is not the only one, and that she is only one of many who suffered and survived. The tsunami killed 230,000 people in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and 11 other countries. One of the most powerful moments from the interview was when Belon talked about what she called the gifts the tsunami gave her.

People who didn’t know me spent hours looking for my family. During his mother's recovery, Lucas was able to reunite with his father and two brothers, who happened to be in the hospital as well.

MARIA Belon Alvarez was badly wounded as she was dragged under water by the vast Indian Ocean tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. Naomi Watts recreates the dramatic scene after the tsunami hit, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. There is no difference between me—a Spanish woman named María who is alive—and thousands of moms who are under the sea. It was so hard to work out what things were because nothing looked normal.”.

Then, many agonising minutes later, he heard Tomas’s voice shouting: “Papa!

Lucas, now 18 and studying medicine at University College London, is played by rising British actor Tom Holland, 16. Su historia es tan grande que un día J. Bayona decidió convertirla en película, una de las más taquilleras del cine español. This movie is not about nationalities, not about races, not about colors.

? One of the conditions we put is that there should be no nationality for the family.

A family's 'Impossible' journey of healing.

She has also come out of this horrific situation with a no-nonsense attitude. Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan. Amazingly, Maria says the trip “wasn’t difficult at all”. MB: I only do what I enjoy.

Still convinced his wife and Lucas were dead, Quique nevertheless teamed up with another grieving man to search. Joe Biden on brink of becoming US President as counting in knife-edge states continues. She replied there is still a lot of work which needs to be done especially with the orphanages and the widows.

( Log Out /  On María Belón’s birthday. As for her three boys, Belon did give us an enthusiastic update on where they are in their lives.

The pair were reunited and perched in another tree.

Watching “The Impossible,” you come out of it feeling like you survived the tsunami along with these characters. But seconds later, she and her terrified husband and three sons were swept away by a ferocious 30ft wall of water that devoured everything in its path.

Maria had deep gashes to her chest and a terrible wound on her thigh – but amid the agony and confusion, she saw something that gladdened her heart. I feel pain and compassion for so many others who didn't come back up or lost the ones they love. “I was facing the sea and saw a huge black wall. [11] Belón chose Naomi Watts to play her in the film, stating that Watts was her favorite actress after seeing the film 21 Grams. Lucas! “I went through a lot of very difficult moments under the water – shock and fear about the boys. By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—Maria Belon is more than just a tsunami survivor. The doctors said I was under water for over three minutes because my lungs were full of water. Once she was stable enough to be moved, Belón and her family were transferred to a hospital in Singapore, where she received more treatment and was finally able to return home.

He was so nice when he said, I didn’t come here for that!

You forget about yourself – you just think about saving them. Lo que ha superado esta mujer no nos cabría ni en 100 programas. Belón was then taken to a hospital, accompanied by her son.

During the making of the movie, Maria and Naomi, 44, became close.

“I learnt what generosity was through the tsunami.

It was good to close the whole process. Why in a story full of pain and full of loss pick up our story in which nothing happened? Belón is credited in the cast of the 2012 film The Impossible for providing her story and working on the set in Thailand in the same locations as the original tsunami.

Overall, they have all come out of this experience wanting to help others. The movie dramatisation of the disaster is tipped for Oscar success. And after hours traipsing through hospitals full of the wounded, the dying and the bereaved, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he found his wife and Lucas. Thomas, now 16, is at a school where he studies half the time and does community service for the other half, and he is also working as a lifeguard in Wales. Corey Liversedge, from Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, sadly passed away on October 24. My whole life is extra time. ( Log Out /  She is a woman who has experienced a horrific tragedy and lived to tell the tale. I can’t begin to tell you what an honor and a privilege it was to be sitting across from Maria Belon, a Spanish doctor who, along with her husband and three sons, miraculously survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

“The Impossible” is one of biggest box office hits in Spain’s history, and Belon is thrilled with the response it has received as she is with the film itself. “We were terribly lucky in a good and a bad way,” Maria says. I told Bayona that it’s a bit difficult, but you have to make people go under the wave, and they said, “WHAT?

“Carrying this luck for life is difficult. We held on to a tree. Belon made this clear when asked if it bothered her how her family was being portrayed by English actors instead of those of Spanish descent. Our. ( Log Out /  I only appreciate the moment. Posted on May 25, 2019 by The Ultimate Rabbit. For Bayona, the story of Belon’s family’s survival helped shed a light on the devastation left in the tsunami’s wake.

MB: I am fed up with this question all the time.

I wouldn’t care about anything. After being submerged for more than three minutes, she finally surfaced and clung on to a tree. I do not deserve to be alive, but life is not fair. Belon said she was involved in the making of “The Impossible” for several years and did have a say in the film’s casting. Belón and Lucas continued walking and looking for safety, but she was losing too much blood and her son had to help her walk. But the family’s survival was a rare example of good luck.

[14][15][16][17], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Tsunami Survivor Maria Belon Reflects on 'The Impossible, "INTERVIEW: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, J.A.

In “The Impossible,” Belon is portrayed by Naomi Watts in a performance full of strength and raw emotion. Police raced to Kirkton Avenue, in the Kirkton area of Dundee, when the alarm was raised at around 9.05pm on Saturday, October 31. Nicola Sturgeon says she is considering putting travel restrictions into law, She said a "final decision" would be made next week, Scots nurse, 73, arrested by cops after trying to free dementia-stricken mother from locked down care home.

I can't begin to tell you what an honor and a privilege it was to be sitting across from Maria Belon, a Spanish doctor who, along with her husband and three sons, miraculously survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer.

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