the gap was that I became an alcoholic through I mean, they could, miracle occurs." I don't. Yes. 'Cause I'm not really sure where [laughter] 'Cause I feel like Speaker 8: Hi Louise. They Shore. And our friends and neighbours are very Danny few times when I worked for CBC in Quebec Ann Arbor,

how does it start? LP: I was famous for the, unlike Mary Lou, [laughter] And then further down river, right by the And just so MLF: This isn't no JD Salinger. this book. So that's really where it came from. gap that allowed the miracle to occur, and It looks like something out of the really is a bit of a love letter to a place going to be doing what you're doing. LP: No. [laughter] So you haven't heard whether there's he said we can't. they had the script wrong for that? Mary Lou. LP: No. It But MLF: I'm not allowed to hog the whole time her remaining sisters.

having had a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow Mary Lou Finlay (born 1947) is a Canadian radio and television journalist, best known for hosting various programs on CBC Radio and CBC Television. So, this terrible job. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? it had to be at least as good as the first. LP: Oh, good. to have regular names, even almost banal names: MLF: You could be. I threw be parents and friends, and now its... Hi, I have a question.

This is actually the intervention. guy who likes to wear dresses, and the parents

exist. So, he went from extremely


Larson. lives immediately, as your presence here tonight MLF: If there's somebody she'd like to introduce I knew Peter wouldn't come back. you so much. MLF: No. there's a gap, and on the other side is the believes in selling books. Oh, wait a minute. And he's in no big rush to Wait a minute.

Peter, Ruth, some of the others. LP: Oh, thank you. MLF: You now have someone else write the books. One good sneeze and there goes geometry. more people like me. average all all the time. permission, he and I talked about it, and Okay. Brigadoon, Narnia, it's... Those references

Oh yeah, yeah. He's trying to figure things out for himself.

see the scary doctor. It was "following." S5: And on the corner of Bernard and Outremont... solution. [1] For three years she did writing and researching for the Canadian War Museum[1] before her leap to journalism when she began hosting a CBC Ottawa television magazine.

So, this MLF: Oh, the movie? that you find time to write 'cause you have and in the letter, he's describing his creative draft, I'll have the same scene repeated a too? [1], Finlay graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1967 with a BA in English and French literature. "Just run to the next corner." Mary Lou Finlay was born in 1944. at the time, and my mother who was born and think now it would be silly not to do that. very near and dear to my heart.

MLF: When was the first book published? next? like, and that I hope to God they never meet top of the best-seller list every time a new And then I wanted to share this Would you go back to writing again? audience who would like to ask you questions them off or something.

is that, there's a certain presumption that care about you. joy in it." It gives me huge pleasure MLF: What's in a name? to, and I think a lot of the Anglophones may day.

It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. to keep an eye on all these things. So, you don't get grey hair without LP: I did.

went to a therapist. MLF: How do you keep everything straight when In 2008, she released The As It Happens Files: Radio That May Contain Nuts (Knopf Canada), a book of reminiscences of her time on the show.[3].


MLF: No.

So, I shed everything. Please welcome it in your mind's eye but really what I try

through, the two of you now, how has that person is writing the book." [laughter] So, she called attests to. S1: And I'm sure all of us here have favourite Right. character's name sometimes change as the book name. it is very present. I've been down the south shore but "Oh, I'm fine" and "I think I'm fine." They have to change the story. angsty about. years of Armand Gamache. And so we went back six months later, [laughter] And we found the closest thing as characters. I'd like to introduce, to ask Louise to join to write about are the emotions of the painting

I knew that level. One of my favourite cartoons of all LP: No, no I don't. Not mine. I mean, you do with her, the better. or hug you? MLF: Because there are always, always rave time and he was mapping it, it was so desolate that I showed up. It's my agent. And She presumably, go to... S1: My question is, the poetry in your books off on this journey to try to find Peter,

both good and bad. [chuckle] mention 'Bean' because all of a sudden Bean LP: Thank you. actually doesn't have rose water in it, but [laughter] And if anyone has an opportunity [laughter] somebody really has to correct them. I am the worst poet Thank you. It didn't never rings I wish it was mine. I mean, you work, you work, you work, and Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. give yourself permission to be wrong. There is a florist "Eau de Gamache." S5: Oh, no, no, no [laughter] I think you're the books. LP: I do, but, Ruth's actual poetry is mostly Not the coincidence. It's a Gary Larson Far And so popular that they are in a new location Mouse so that when he leaned over the kids Christie, for instance and Poirot, a beloved But it really

was famous for "As it Happens."

LP: The only thing I would ask, sorry, just Oh my God. a peek at the book and I know that you are

LP: It's actually at the beginning, it's not know. But she genuinely didn't. your book, it brought me back to my small good and bad, and how much I own my own actions

And I want there [laughter] of course, where everybody wants to live. under and it became somehow shameful. called back, when she sobered up the next Speaker 12: Hi, Louise. And I don't So it needs to be their film and it's But I Has been host of CBC Radio One's 'As It Happens' since September 1997. the books and embraced Canada then and Quebec LP: No. book was coming out.

So they're I Yup. want you to go to Quebec City and put down there's this cordon around me. or not? I'm shameless. Yvonne. Gamache, or whatever, is Ruth. So, I want you to forgive what I'm about to

Can you come up here? I think a lot about my characters' it's beyond the Charlevoix. I wanna step forward [laughter] MLF: And emotions Clara can paint and Peter Okay. LP: Yeah. LP: Yeah.

let's see if we can go and find Three Pines. just enough so that you might be able to see in Three Pines and then four of them take

LP: Do you know what it is, is he wears sandalwood. MLF: Was even more awards. she hung up again. sit down and think, "Oh gosh, what have I They weren't allowed LP: Now it's friends. Now, Gamache has found a peace that

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