|��g��Rڷ`8��^�:� ��r�:tiY�O{Oܭv׺'�~rG���[ Welcome to our fish house! Other Notes En attendant de récupérer... (function() { South Pacific Commission Fisheries Technical Meeting (Noumea, 5 - 13 February 1962).

Achat en ligne de poissons et d'invertébrés d'eau douce ou d'eau de mer pour aquarium • Melanotaenia boesemani ORANGE TAIL - LAKE AYTINJO Aquaterra-Diffusion. The Ajamaru Lakes region is located about 120 km east-southeast of Sorong, at the headwaters of the Ajamaru River in a mountainous region of the Vogelkop Peninsula, West Papua. }

Melanotaenia boesemani - photo© Gunther Schmida. & M. Boeseman (1982) A collection of freshwater fishes from western New Guinea with descriptions of two new species (Gobiidae and Eleotridae). More distant are the Tamrau Mountains, 65 km to the north, and the Arfak Mountains, more than 100 km to the northeast, both with substantial areas above 2000 metres.

endobj Later it was recollected by Gilbert Maebe. Allen G.R. endobj The lake is 4 km long and up to 350 m wide. His task was to provide a thorough knowledge of the fish fauna by intensively surveying as many rivers and lakes as possible in western New Guinea.

Le Melanotaenia boesemani, plus communément appelé arc-en-ciel de Boeseman, est un poisson tropical d'eau douce originaire d'Océanie. They may reach a maximum size of 12 cm, but are usually less than 10 cm. Other common names they are known …

The water is clear, almost stagnant, except near the entrance and the exit of the Ajamaru River, pH is 6.4. Some live specimens were also sent to Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 8(3): 377-96. AMAZONAS 3(5): 42-51 [English edition]. of Ajamaru. Découvrez nos dernières actualités et nos offres spéciales exclusives ! (1961) Report of a Preliminary Survey of the Ajamaroe Lakes, Netherlands New Guinea. Water condition reported were: Temperature 24.8°C; pH 7.24 and conductivity 252 µS/cm.

of Ajamaru and Aitinjo Lake, 25 km S.E. South Pacific Commission Quarterly Bulletin 6(1): 23-25. x��ZIo�J��h�2��bz��l���-y��C0Z�,�鈔�2�~��I�-�)Il������j��׿�7o^߾�����kv���qy!��q�#��a�D�1��00l���x�y�>d��������;�z���/i��&�l��ôe{s�> ATTENTION : Restriction en cours pour la Sélection Hollande : Dépt. Both the aquatic and terrestrial vegetation are dense, at least where the stony substratum allows growth (Boeseman, 1956; 1963). 4 0 obj forms: { It lies at a slightly lower altitude than Ajamaru Lake. <>/Font<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 1 0 obj Allen G.R. de Vries J. The head and front portion of the body are a brilliant bluish-grey, sometimes almost blackish, with the fins and posterior half of the body largely bright orange-red. Science 123: 222-223. Reeskamp G.A. Melanotaenia boesemani [Lake Aitinjo female] - photo© Joël Felix. The lakes are characterised by hard, alkaline water (pH 8.0-9.0), although the fish are also found in some surrounding tributaries with wildly diff… The three lakes average approximately 2.13 metres in depth and drain in an easterly direction. The depth is said to be about 15 or 20 m, but large shallow parts occur; the water is clear, pH about 6.5, flowing rather strongly only at the narrower parts of the lake, including the upper reaches; the bottom is rocky, at most places covered with sand, stones, or large rocks, but muddy at some places. Records of the Western Australian Museum 10(2): 67-103. Along the shores the vegetation consists mostly of grasses and low shrubs. Literature Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer l'intégration sur Aquaterra-Diffusion de la Sélection Allemagne N°2. endobj

L’aquariophilie : écologie, préservation…. Lake Uter is a very small lake situated at the headwaters of Lake Aitinjo. <> 10 Mei - 14 Juni.

Lake Ayamaru has an area of approximately 22 km² and variable depths. Optimisez leur croissance et leur maintenance. { The largest lake, Lake Ajamaru drains east via Lake Hain (comprising two smaller lakes) into the Ajamaru River, an upper tributary of the Kais River that eventually flows into the Ceram Sea to the south. He reported that the lakes were shallow and interconnected by channels that might perhaps be better termed as "broads". In 1998, Heiko Bleher collected more live specimens of M. boesemani from Lake Aitinjo and they too, have been distributed in the aquarium hobby. Boeseman M. (1956) The Lake Resources of Netherlands New Guinea. Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council - Occasional Paper 61/12. Specimens are maintained in the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Melanotaenia boesemani [Lake Aitinjo] - photo© Dirk Godlinski. The pH of the water determined by Bromothymol-blue was recorded as 7.8. Prochaine livraison :Jeudi 5 Novembre (Sauf Sélection Allemagne 17/11 et Discus Stendker 25/11) pour plus de précisions, nous consulter. The water was clear and slow-flowing over gravel and boulders with patchy vegetation. The colour pattern of male Melanotaenia boesemani is completely different from most other rainbowfishes and show a half-and-half colouration when fully matured. In the wetter months (April-June) the lake can rise by up to 5 metres from its dry season level; it never dries out completely, but the shoreline recedes several hundred metres.

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