At Stoneywood we are delighted to be the home for many beautiful miniature farm breeds, our gorgeous cattle being our main focus. All our animals are brought up with lots of Love and care. Even if you just want one for a pet we have one for you! We direct you to this information to protect you from disappointment. 2. One that still gives lots of Comments and suggestion are welcome. Cattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Ranger Stacey from Totally Wild while filming for the var addy3b3b40ad50ef6c441bc83de126d2634c = 'contact' + '@'; It was love at first sight when we saw these Mini Highlands with their long fluffy hair and we had to find some! alert(message); Miniature cattle for paddock patrol (quiet lawn mowers for the small acreage owner). When we settle on a leaving date and a price, we send emails to all of those people letting them know we have decided to sell and give them the price.

Fourthly, minis' due to their shorter frame and stout body produce more meat than large cows which means you are getting more meat per pound of food eaten by the Miniature Hereford.


1. Rates are very reasonable, the advert will be in position for 3 months. Thank you for looking around. I also have some bread cows for sale… Sadly, for the buyers, there are always more buyers than there are Miniature White Galloway cattle for sale. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Borrowing or hiring a horse float or small livestock trailer will save you a lot of money. We pride ourselves on raising docile, friendly, miniature cattle. // --> Miniature Cattle In fact, if you take one of our little mates home, you will find our ongoing support is second to none. Check out our maps

donkeys on Totally Wild? var addy_texta7fb02789c429be97235caa2d8964ce3 = 'Suzanne';document.getElementById('cloaka7fb02789c429be97235caa2d8964ce3').innerHTML += ''+addy_texta7fb02789c429be97235caa2d8964ce3+'<\/a>'; The mini Welcome to Hollys Highlands Miniature Highlands and More Welcome to Hollys Highlands Miniature Highlands and More Welcome to Hollys Highlands Miniature Highlands and More Welcome to Hollys Highlands Miniature Highlands and More Payment in full is made on or before pick up or delivery takes place during that three-week period. We do not sell our miniature cattle unless we are 100% confident they are going to a place where they will be well looked after. Borrowing or hiring a horse float or small livestock trailer will save you a lot of money*. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Well looked after and given a 'fair go'. We sometimes have very small mature working bulls ready for sale. Our extra small, seriously quiet miniature cattle sometimes cost a little more but more often than not they don't! Most are halter trained (will walk with you on a lead) and will come when called. We do it for the sheer pleasure of it.

Stoneywood Miniatures, Victoria, Australia. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Well check out our Miniature cattle for sale page. After that, it is up to the buyers. alert(message);

Pictured if (document.all) { var message="Content on this website is protected by copyright (c) Please email us for permission to use our photographs and information" Go to FAQ page for general information on prices (there are ballpark figures to give you an idea). No exceptions. 2. Miniature cows do not require expensive handling equipment. We started out 15 years ago with Angus cattle, but always admired the Scottish Highlands.

The extremely harsh conditions created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. Cattle For Sale and Wanted. They are not easily found in the US so we have made very long road trips to bring them home from various states!

When purchasing our cattle we suggest that you organise your own transportation. var addy_text3b3b40ad50ef6c441bc83de126d2634c = 'Suzanne';document.getElementById('cloak3b3b40ad50ef6c441bc83de126d2634c').innerHTML += '
'+addy_text3b3b40ad50ef6c441bc83de126d2634c+'<\/a>'; Follow the herd on   to see new calf photos. We happily subsidise the cost of our highly trained therapy cattle to ensure that these little wonders can go where they are needed most. document.getElementById('cloak3b3b40ad50ef6c441bc83de126d2634c').innerHTML = ''; Our cattle are Miniature White Galloways, an extremely docile breed. DOB 16.7.2002, Palmdale Jack in the Box born 6.6.2003 We will have pairs of pet steers for sale in October 2021. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. If buyers cannot organise transport for the pickup date we reserve the right to return the deposit. Eleanor is asking GOLD CREEK Hush if she can cuddle her baby. These two little fellows will be going to Quorrobolong, in the Hunter Valley, in February 2021. miniature cattle for sale. and directions page. A rare chance to buy a bull whose Dam and Sire were COPYRIGHT: © 2020 Suzanne Baker.

Although we can give you plenty of time and attention during the sales process, it would be very unusual for us to be talking to only one buyer at any one time. Frequently Asked questions. Dam Betty's Belle Downloading any of the content on the pages of this website for the purposes of distribution is not permitted. One that will produce beef for the family if you want? When purchasing our cattle we suggest that you organise your own transportation. Their docility is one of the many reasons our cattle have become highly sought after by first-time livestock owners. Registered 4 years old Miniature Hereford Bull. We sell well bred, extremely docile, miniature cattle that are looking to live out their lives as paddock pets. if (document.layers) { We also enjoy promoting these beautiful little cattle and training them as pets. The highland breed is gentle and lovable! There is a great selection of highland cattle for sale throughout United Kingdom. Red Brindle heifer return false; The Highland breed has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. } are being born right now. The holding deposit is 20% of the price. If you want more information about our sales process, go to Cattle Buyer Information (in the side menu). Wow what a life! Miniature cattle breeding is a hobby for us, not a big money-making venture. Our miniature cattle can be hand-fed, haltered, brushed, petted, kissed and loved to bits - all in the paddock. Coolangatta Airport but we are a world away! Read more.

1. 3. Miniature cattle can easily pay for themselves through the sale of calves and potential tax write-offs. Crystal Creek Rd Specializing in miniature Scottish Highland cows.

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