Myka Stauffer added that she felt she had failed Huxley because he needed care that she didn’t feel equipped to provide: There’s not an ounce of our body that doesn’t love Huxley with all of our being. After facing a barrage of criticism on social media, Myka allegedly responded in the comments, saying Huxley 'wanted this decision 100 per cent.' In December 2016, Stauffer shared with her YouTube followers that after making the decision to adopt, she looked at profiles on more than 400 children online before finding baby Huxley.

Myka Stauffer is the YouTube star from Dublin, Ohio, facing widespread criticism after she and her husband, James, decided to “rehome” their adopted … Boorish. Myka also wrote about Huxley's adoption and his special needs. It's the nightmare scenario - a stubborn Trump... STEPHEN GLOVER: The polls missed a silent army again… so when will they learn? There wasn’t a minute that I didn’t try our hardest and I think what Jim is trying to say is that after multiple assessments, after multiple evaluations, numerous medical professionals have felt that he needed a different fit and that his medical needs, he needed more. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. The tone of the caption indicated that Huxley may have been removed from their home by that point: “Last month was the hardest month I have ever had as a mama. Subscribe to our Family Vlog Channel, The Stauffer Life to see a lot of Huxley in China and when he's home! In another video, Stauffer explained they made the decision early on to adopt a child with special needs. –, CHINA ADOPTION JOURNEY PART 3 || HUXLEY'S DIAGNOSIS…. Reactive attachment disorder may develop if the child’s basic needs for comfort, affection and nurturing aren’t met and loving, caring, stable attachments with others are not established.

Myka adopted son Huxley from China three years ago, but has now decided to 'rehome' him citing medical issues she and her husband weren't prepared for. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. #adoptiontrauma #adoptee #adopteevoice #reactiveattachmentdisorder.”, The final hashtag she used, about reactive attachment disorder, suggests a lack of bonding. The last couple months have been, like, the hardest thing I could have ever imagined going to choosing to do because ultimately, after pouring our guts and our heart into this little boy. In the video, which has gone viral and has been viewed 4.2million times in the last week, Myka said she has been told by 'numerous medical professionals' that Huxley needed 'a different fit. According to our sources Her place of residence is Dublin, OH, United States with American citizenship. 'Our primary concern is for the well-being of this child, as well as the other children in the household. Myka Stauffer admitted that the decision to give up Huxley had made her feel like a “failure” as a mother. Stauffer’s nursing license expired in 2013 and she does not appear to have renewed it.

However, Stauffer’s own YouTube channel casts a shadow on that claim.

Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of and that we were not told. Myka and James cited medical privacy concerns for not explaining in detail why they decided to give Huxley up. According to her Facebook page, Stauffer attended college at the University of Toledo. The parents did not say where Huxley had gone, nor did they explain the process by which the child was matched with, and handed over to his new family. This is devastating news for any parent,' the lawyers stated. Who helped the Stauffers transfer him to the new family? The bombshell admission that he had been rehomed has sparked furious backlash online and has already cost Myka her partnership with Kate Hudson's sportswear company Fabletics and other lifestyle brands. She said in the video, “My child is not returnable” and that she would love him no matter what medical state he was in. The lawyers said the decision was made in consultation with multiple healthcare and education experts. As BuzzFeed News first reported on Tuesday, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office in Ohio has launched an investigation seeking to track down Huxley to make sure the child is safe. Over the past few years, Huxley has been in numerous therapies to try and help him with all of his needs. She called the social worker and sent in paperwork expressing interest in the child. But Stauffer said she already felt like Huxley was hers and that backing out was not an option. She gave birth to three children – Kova, Jaka, and Radley from James Stauffer. And the agony of missing the beauty... 25 things I WON'T be doing this lockdown: No showing off sourdough, no virtual drinks parties and definitely... Cold-blooded revenge of a woman scorned: SIMON WALTERS watches Theresa May tear into 'dodgy data' PM used to... People who think they've already had Covid-19 are three times more likely to break lockdown rules because... Britain records 492 Covid-19 deaths in highest daily toll since May - but cases are up just 1.9% on last... Archbishops say public should NOT panic buy and urge 'calm, courage and compassion' as England goes back... Travel bosses urge Dominic Raab to lift the travel ban on 'low-risk' foreign holidays when the second... Priti Patel says police WILL NOT break up family gatherings on Christmas Day despite vow to crack down on... Susannah Constantine reveals her alcoholism hell: TV style guru says her husband bore the brunt of her... Vienna terror gunman 'was happy and smiling' as he helped pensioner neighbour carry her shopping just HOURS... Austria's chancellor warns 'political Islam is dangerous for the European way of life' and calls for 'an end... 'Do you think we are fools?' After facing a barrage of criticism on social media, Myka allegedly responded in the comments, saying Huxley 'wanted this decision 100 per cent.' 'It took a lot of time to process and to readjust to his new diagnosis.'. Stauffer said her doctor actually discouraged her from adopting Huxley, indicating that his diagnosis was severe. Frantic fights to find a hairdresser in time. She said she and her husband met with different physicians to learn about different conditions and diseases in order to figure out what they felt they could handle. In a piece she had penned for Parade in September, she said that they were surprised when they came home with their adopted son and realized his file was 'inaccurate. Where is Huxley? Authorities in Ohio say they do not consider YouTube star Myka Stauffer's adopted son Huxley 'missing' after it was revealed that the autistic boy …

Do I feel like a failure as a mom?

While Myka Stauffer posts videos about parenting, James Stauffer’s YouTube channel and Instagram page is devoted to cars. Many questions remain unanswered at this time, including: where is Huxley? 'It took a lot of time to process and to readjust to his new diagnosis.'. The message appears to have been deleted but is now circulating online.


'Over time, the team of medical professionals advised our clients it might be best for Huxley to be placed with another family. The message appears to have been deleted but is now circulating online, 'Huxley wanted this descion [sic] 100% we saw that in family time with other poeple [sic], he constantly chose them and signed with and showed tons of emotion to show us and let us know he wanted this,' she explained. 'Boom!' Myka Stauffers nationality is American. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. But Stauffer said that even though she felt “fear” about Huxley’s diagnosis, she decided to proceed with the adoption because she felt “drawn” to him.

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