USRA Scholarship Awards

Join the Team Getting Started The Study Breaks team is composed of creative undergraduate students from across the country, all of who work hand-in-hand with staff supervisors to help them grow their portfolios and improve their craft.

Is it your camera? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center managed by Caltech and a leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system.

Graduate Opportunities

I suffered an injury in 2016 whilst playing that fractured my skull and brought me a serious concussion, changing the way I thought about how I wanted to live my life. This project was based upon research that my co-mentor, Maria-Jose, worked on in 2011, and throughout the summer of 2018, we worked on finding funding for this project.

My experience at NASA has truly been unique, shaping me into who I am and teaching me a variety of different things on a daily basis. Before lunch, I had a carpool set in place and several new friends who offered to go out of their way to make sure I would be able to make it to work every day. #NASAinterns.

The urge of wanting to know how things worked led me to become an engineer, which is something that I did not see myself as doing throughout the majority of my life while I was focused on athletic aspirations, but I find no regret whatsoever in what I have chosen to do, and am incredibly enthusiastic to see what the future holds for myself with NASA. I discovered that the NASA community is kind and has a diverse work environment. At NASA we have a commitment to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists. I first came to NASA ARC as a NASA Community College Aerospace Scholar.

In order to help pay for my schooling, at the start of my sophomore year I began working on the weekends as a handyman around the city of Ann Arbor to help offset rent costs, groceries, and other school supplies. This center has so many things to offer and this is the opportunity of a lifetime, make the best of it! If you are a college or university student interested in becoming a Lucy Ambassador, apply to the L’SPACE Virtual Academy.

I now understand the value of work-life balance and being part of a broader community. By Vanessa Rincon Description: By bringing mementos such as a vintage NASA astronaut toy, an Apollo 11 button pin, and various Artemis/SLS/Orion trinkets, I sought to balance historical appreciation with enthusiasm for new journeys.

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