and when the bumpers for the Bumper Sticker Race goes missing, Doug works together with Patti to unmask the perpetrator.

Patti Mayonnaise Age Feature films Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Latest episode However, Doug, feeling guilty, opens up to her and says that she is all he thinks about. Despite these events, she continues to hold a positive attitude on life and does her best to enjoy life with her friends and family. Jim Jinkins, however, mentioned in 2016 that he had developed a potential sequel storyline featuring Doug and Patti as college-aged young adults, where it was possible they would end up with different people. She wears purple and white sneakers in the Nickelodeon series, with one sock shorter than the other. Occupation They get along well, and when Doug's not around, Patti hangs with Skeeter. Her haircut was one of the many things criticized by fans of show. Changes made during the Disney run of the show: Her hair is trimmed shorter, revealing she wears silver earrings - this change was met with criticism from fans. Doug Bags a Neematoad Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Relatives Enemies Chad Mayonnaise (father)Mrs. Madeline Mayonnaise (mother; deceased)Emily Kristal-Mayonnaise (stepmother as of "Doug's Marriage Madness")Doug Funnie Jr. (son) In Doug's 1st Movie, she didn't believe Doug that Lucky Duck Lake was polluted, and this caused her to end up going with Guy to the Valentine's Dance. He is wheelchair-bound, caused by the same accident that killed Patti's mother. Constance Shulman

The first time her affections for Doug were explicitly shown was in season one's "Doug to the Rescue" after he psyched Roger for getting her detention. Hanging out with her friends, playing softball, Roger asking her to help him with his homework. She retains her design from the original series in "Doug's Last Birthday" before switching to her new design at the end. She also mentions in "Doug's Magic Act", from the third season of the Nickelodeon series, that Doug is her favorite person to be with. Doug Live She met Doug when he first moved to Bluffington, and he instantly fell in love with her. The first time her affections were explicitly shown was in "Doug to the Rescue" from the first season of the Nickelodeon series. In the final episode of Disney's Doug, "Doug's Marriage Madness", Patti asks Doug out on a date-date. They almost kissed, but Patti felt somewhat scared as if she seems to have feelings for Doug. Patti was one of the characters of the stage show, Doug Live!

which ran in Disney's Hollywood Studios from 1999 to 2001.

In Cartoon Network series, she dressed as Guinevere and wears a blue-gray dress and long-sleeved shirt and grey shoes. He realizes his mistake and blames himself.

The two won't hesitate when it comes to working together; in "Doug and Patti P.I."

Dislikes Her mom died in a car accident, which her dad was also in, but despite surviving, became wheelchair-bound as a result. first appearance and interaction with Doug.

This can lead to some to conclude that by the time the series ended, Doug and Patti were a couple. Hanging out with her friends, playing softball, Doug Apartment building in Bluffington She was mentioned by Skeeter throughout the Nickelodeon series until was seen in "Patti's Dad Dilemma".

However, they stay friends, and in the movie work together to organize the dance, until the whole Herman Melville debacle (which Guy brought on himself) and the revelation of Guy's pact with Bill Bluff in the latter's attempt to pollute Lucky Duck Lake ended this relationship, with Guy's winning streak (in advances towards Patti, anyway) being nullified. If she's not with Doug nor Skeeter, she can be seen with either or both. They are best friends, and they usually get along well, but they have had conflicts before; however, they always sort it out by the end of the day. Gender Sweet, kind, friendly, athletic, smart, cute Roger asking her to help him with his homework She is the deceased wife of Chad and the deceased mother of Patti. Character information Occupation She is a very well-preforming student, in both academics and athletics. Based on two girls that the creator had crushes on as a child, Sweet, kind, friendly, athletic, smart, cute, Slender, light orange skin (dark in Nickelodeon series), short yellow-blonde hair (long in Nickelodeon series), small dot eyes, blue shirt with pink polka-dots on it, dark blue pants (skirt in Nickelodeon series), pink loafers (sneakers in Nickelodeon series).

Doug Funnie (best friend; boyfriend after "Doug's 1st Movie")Skeeter Valentine (best friend)PorkchopConnie BengeBeebe BluffJudy FunnieRoger Klotz (sometimes) (Exceptions exist.). Background information It's unknown whether Patti was present during the accident. One was named Patti, and the other was named Mayo. Patti is a native of Bluffington and lives with her wheelchair-bound father Chad. Alignment She also won't stop at bragging when it comes to finally winning a game. (Doug remarks that he and Patti danced "for quite a while".) Main Characters: Doug Funnie • Porkchop • Skeeter Valentine • Patti Mayonnaise • Roger Klotz, Funnie family: Phil Funnie • Theda Funnie • Judy Funnie • Cleopatra Funnie (Disney), Bluffington School: Al and Moo Sleech • Beebe Bluff • Bobby Bodingo • Boomer Bledsoe • Chalky Studebaker • Connie Benge • Elmo • Larry • Nancy Panko • Ned Cauphee • Squeaky • Vanessa Van Holton • Willie White, Bluffington School faculty: Cecelia Newberry • Coach Spitz • Flo • Lamar Bone • Mr. Shellacky • Mrs. Wingo, Around Bluffington: Bud Dink • Tippi Dink • Bill Bluff • Betty Bluff • Robert "Bob" White •. Television programs

Disney Background information Patti is a native of Bluffington and lives with her wheelchair-bound father Chad.

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