What Do Real Estate Exam Prep Courses Include? Ultimately, the only thing really holding back this course from a higher ranking is their bog-standard content. It’s great to use for extra practice questions, but it’s not enough for a full guide. We’ve got codes for products and courses from, Surgent EA Ultimate Pass Review Coupon Code – Save, Surgent EA Premier Pass Review Coupon Code – Save, Save $300 & Get 1-Year FREE Continuing Education of, Get 1-Year FREE Continuing Education of Enrolled Agent Review, Fast Forward Academy EA Discount – $65 OFF. Even after earning your certification or license, you need to “sharpen the saw” by continuing to educate yourself and stay informed about new developments. Each of their courses come with physical copies of accredited real estate textbooks at no extra charge. OnCourse Learning comes with a personalized study plan with practice tests, flashcards, an entire section devoted to math problems, and information on real estate law and contracts. Without any strict time constraints or tightly scheduled lectures, students are free to consult these reasonably-priced resources whenever it’s the most convenient for them. They offer a robust pre-licensing package, accessible on desktop or mobile, that goes through all the relevant coursework. You’ve hit the books and done your due diligence but you still have concerns about exam day. For example, a recent redesign helmed by their subject matter expert Eva Rosenberg includes a robust study routine similar to the kind of adaptive learning technology you’d find with Surgent. "How Hard Is It to Pass the Real Estate Exam?" Leasing agents, property managers, real estate agents, sales managers, and brokers typically need to be licensed, but rules vary by state. Accessed June 16, 2020. Accessed June 16, 2020. Yes, it is that in-depth. After you receive your real estate salesperson or broker license, most states require that you take continuing education classes to stay current on local industry news, learn about new topics, and review your ethics commitment. Real Estate Express is an online-only school that offers exam prep courses as well as post-licensing classes and continuing education classes. Furthermore, the mobile-first material is designed to be not only comprehensive but FUN! You can check out a free demo of Kaplan’s online CE Education and OnDemand Video Courses to make sure that Kaplan is a fit for you. Furthermore, they are widely recognized as one of the best courses and most comprehensive study materials because of their thorough approach to presenting the information. Speaking of passing grades, all of VanEd’s real estate courses come with a pass guarantee; you won’t have to worry about wasting money on an ineffectual prep course. With these two additions, you can now receive hands-on instruction equivalent to your own private tutor. To be an enrolled agent, there are testing fees, enrollment fees, and maintenance fees. Basically, their real estate programs are no joke! Best of all is that you’re guaranteed to pass the exam after taking this cram course or they’ll give you a full refund! Some are live online and others can be accessed at your own pace, which are called on-demand classes. However, it’s one of the most affordable on the market and includes a wealth of practice materials that will make passing your state exam a breeze! In this case, the best cure for pre-exam anxiety is a last-minute cram course from CompuCram! A one-time payment of $29 will grant you six months of access to the program, including over 1,000 practice questions and over 25 practice exams to get you into test-taking shape in no time! ), and an exclusive online exam review available for top tier members. These classes are typically required every year or two in order to keep your license active. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of your experience. Course packages vary from approximately $300- 650 depending on location. Trustpilot. The first is their free practice exam, which will demonstrate how intuitive and effective their study tools can be. No matter what kind of learning style you embrace, Prep Agent offers study materials that will meet your educational needs. Although some students know The CE Shop for its continuing education classes, it also offers helpful study tools, is easy to use, and has in-depth exam prep materials and positive reviews, which is why we named the company our runner-up. Gleim has been providing extremely comprehensive enrolled agent study guides and review courses for decades. The CE Shop has excellent reviews, with students saying the courses are easy to understand and are ideal for multi-state real estate agents.. Mbition also offers ample support materials to help you ace your exams and achieve your goals. Overall, FFA produces great EA study material.

Accessed June 16, 2020. Top 5 Best EA Review Courses of 2020  – Comparison Guide! If you’re still on the fence about Prep Agent, they offer some additional incentives to help you decide. With any of these resources, you’ll have the knowledge, materials, and habits you need to CRUSH your real estate exam! We reviewed over a dozen real estate exam prep courses and chose the best based on cost, courses offered, materials and subjects included, student reviews, and accessibility. Likewise, if you learn best by watching videos, you will be much better off with a study materials that includes a heavy amount of video lectures. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of your experience, you’ll receive a refund from Real Estate Express for the material cost!

360 Training is one of the more affordable online real estate schools. The. Just check out this sample: Alternatively, Prep Agent also offers study materials that can be easily accessed on the go. "OnCourse Learning - Certifications, Cost, and Reviews." Exam PrepMaster is extremely affordable too, with most state exam preps costing $99. Exam Prep Master is Real Estate Express’ exam prep course and it has a pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee. Most candidates find that studying for 2-3 hours a night for about a month is sufficient for passing the EA exam. Some courses are offered online and in classrooms and others are strictly online. 360 Training offers courses for all levels of your real estate career journey, including: Students who take courses from 360 Training receive plenty of practice and application skill opportunities before taking the exam, including simulation-based quizzes and activities. In fact, that’s what AYPO stands for: At Your Own Pace! ), and an exclusive online exam review available for top tier members. The strongest benefit provided to students who enroll is one of AYPO’s courses is the stress-free environment. These include the 2018 Online Learning Library Top 20 Companies list by Training Industry, Inc. and being a five-time member of the Inc 5000 list. Just check out this sample: Alternatively, Prep Agent also offers study materials that can be easily accessed on the go. Maintenance fees include licensing and continuing education costs, and generally aren’t more than $200-300 a year. This company has been around since 1996 and has created world-class real estate education for over 20 years! Their focus is solely on the exam, not what you need to know in your career as a real estate agent. PrepAgent (1,004) 5.0. rating out of 1004 reviews. Learn more here. These prep courses are offered online, with some presented in a live classroom setting and others offered as self-study programs. ⏰How long should I study for the enrolled agent exam? From websites alone, it can be difficult to understand which courses are worth the cost and time, let alone if they help prepare you for your state exam in the first place! Surgent even boasts an EA pass rate of over 80%. Accessed June 15, 2020. Salary.com. You can take the courses on any device at any time, and the prices typically range from $199 to $497 with different states having different prices. Check out our large list of promo codes and discounts for our top-rated EA prep courses to help you make the most out of your education budget. Additionally, it boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and study effectively! 20% OFF Real Estate Express. If you don’t pass the first time, OnCourse Learning will reimburse you for the cost of taking the exam a second time. Real estate exam prep courses vary in price from $29 all the way up to $497 if combined with pre-licensure classes. It’s great for someone who may want to take multiple real estate-related classes on the same platform or who has an interest in one of the other industry education choices the company offers. Additionally, their pre-recorded video lectures and live webinar replays can also be accessed on smart devices. Best of all, this course also guarantees that you’ll pass your test or, 10% OFF 360training Real Estate Pre-License and Exam Prep. Ken has gained a wealth of business experience through his previous employment as a CPA, Auditor, Tax Preparer and College Professor. Additionally, their a la carte style course catalog means you only have to pay for the subjects you really need to study, saving you money as well as time. Each includes your state’s real estate course, a recorded review, test-taking tips, and flashcards. Additionally, this online real estate school will even satisfy the requirements for pre-licensing in a handful of American states. Similarly, if you recently took the pre-licensure classes and are adept at taking exams or have an exceptional memory, the exam prep course might not be for you, either. The last thing you want are EA study materials that will get in your way, because you learn less efficiently, and add study hours to your schedule. Exam Scholar claims its students have a 95% exam pass rate and the company gets positive reviews from students who like the low one-time fee, the high pass rate, and the pass guarantee. Are you looking to earn your real estate agent’s license for the first time? Real Estate Express is a pioneer in online real estate and one of the most trusted course providers out there. And on the subject of adaptive learning, their newly added digital flashcards are fully customizable. Trustpilot. I found PrepAgent videos on YouTube and supplemented my classes and they helped immensely! Some popular Designation programs include Staging Specialist, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, eNetworking Specialist, Green Specialist, FHA Specialist, and more! Accessed June 16, 2020. However, Surgent’s brand-new Ultimate Pass fixed this issue by including several appealing new benefits for EA candidates. Check out our large list of, to help you make the most out of your education budget. This is in contrast to a real estate agent, who must work under another broker’s supervision. You’re in luck! The courses are self-paced, online-only, and include more than 25 practice exams, flashcards, exam hints and secrets, and easily downloadable content.

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