This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I need a new fur baby to love. We focus on quality kittens rather than quantity. How or where did you find your Ragdoll cat in need? Hello, I’m looking to adopt a rag doll cat but I’m in Hawai’i.

This will be a good way for it to ease into its new identity. Hi, a few months back I rescued a mail ragdoll that was being seriously neglected. This map shows how many Ragdoll Rescue Groups are in each state. This allows them to be well socialized with people and other pets, litter trained, eating solid food, vet checked, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and, of course, have received lots of love and kisses from our family. We have both Seal and Blue ready for a breeder sale. I lost my dear old “Cooney (the Ragdoll) Cat” a couple of years ago and am now ready to start a 2nd family. I had originally wanted to rescue a kitty from our local humane society so it wouldn’t be destroyed, so I hadn’t planned to budget a couple hundred dollars.

Anabel was about 10 pounds overweight and has now lost 3. Diane, how have you tried to introduce her to the new cats? I love kittens and cats and just lost 2 of them. I look after the cats, the cosmos looks after me, and I’m sure there is a Ragdoll in my future.

Enter your details below to get it. I have kept the older lines of Ragdolls as I have found that they have the size and personality that I think the Ragdoll cat should have. The site gets about 10,000 visitors a month and Ragdoll Rescue is one of the biggest pages hit. We like ragdoll kittens that will grow to be large ragdolls with wonderful coats and temperments. Jenny, Yes I still have her. or. Ragdolls are very nice cats, but as with all purebreds of any type, personalities vary by individual. Grab the Floppycats FREE Guide: "Top 10 Pawesome Cat Products" that I know your cat will love. ~We are a closed cattery, and do not offer stud services. He is 12 weeks old, flamepoint, blue eyes, strong phenotype ragdoll. Thank you…. More info can be found here. My yellow lab is 12 and misses having a kittycat around the house. Thanks, Jaime. For the most part this breed is healthy. If you know of additional resources, please do add them to the comments on this page.

Sorry about your Kasper – you know you can submit him as Ragdoll of the Week if you want to memorialize him in that way. We miss them horribly. He never woke up. Maggie is fostered just northwest of Mpls. I would be very interested in finding one of either sex to rescue.

Please e-mail me if you are interested. Unfortunately, as with most pets, Ragdoll cats need to be rescued or rehomed. No  What's This?How They Describe Themselves: Our breeding cats are raised in our house and are loved and cuddled on a daily basis.Our Mom cats have their own birthing room where they enjoy their privacy and tend to their babies. If you go to or one of the free classified ad sites, like or, you will need to do a search for a Ragdoll cat. I have two boys who are beside themselves and want another one to love. Our kittens are very well socialized and given lots of love! When you have to pay for something, you tend to be more responsible with it it keeps your kitty from becoming food for a snake it keeps your kitty from becoming bait for another kind of animal if someone can afford $200 for your kitty, then they can afford all the other things that come with owning a cat – vet bills, litter costs, food costs, etc. A great deal of this excitement comes from the notion that these cats are hypoallergenic and/or that they do not shed. I am exploring all options for the best new home. The ragdolls in our home exhibit the wonderful temperament that you should expect in your kitten. If you or someone else would know of someone looking for a home for an older kitty I would love to know, thanks. If anyone hears of a rescue that I might could help..please feel free to contact me anytime. Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links which generate commission if you purchase anything starting with those links. Forgot account? We are a small Cattery located in Northern Virginia. It might take the cat a bit to get used to the new name, but, in a few weeks, it will answer to it. How cool – I love leaving it up to the Cosmos! I hope you are rewarded soon!

Also nearby states, Oregon and Nevada have some too! 717-235-6966, Bette I am in MD and have a healthy 7 year old male seal point that needs a new home. Does she do well with children? I knew he couldn’t be replaced but I wanted another one.

I would be forever grateful to you. Desperately seeking young ragdoll. Caring for a Ragdoll cat means spending time with it, giving it affection, and giving it the right diet, but it also means grooming it.

3,262 Ragdoll Cats adopted on Rescue Me! *If you see any updates needed on this page, please report them here. I had gone to a breeder, looking for a kitten, but Milo approached me and immediately I knew he was the one. Best wishes to all and you must be a dear friend to help these have the quality of life for the rest of their lives.

We focus on quality kittens rather than quantity. He is now 1.5 yrs. This is not a “one type fits all” breed. Anabel should have been put in a “Safe room” for at least two weeks before any introductions were made.

If you need references of how I have cared for my pets, you can contact Moore Lane Veterinary Clinic as that is where they received their care. Rescued cats can be more difficult to socialize. A rescued cat is most likely not a kitten anymore. Mitted,bicolors,colorpoints, tortie,torbie, and lynx.

Got him from a breeder I’m Oregon. Some of them might need a bit more time to adjust to their new surroundings, but when they do, you are sure to feel their gratitude. I would reach out to Merlin’s Hope on Facebook and see if they have suggestions. Is it possible to send here? We have a rescue ragdoll. Would love to have the kitten. No  What's This?How They Describe Themselves: We have years of experience as ragdoll breeders and now create our own ragdolls for breeding.

Be sure to check out Ragdoll cat names for your new kitty. Did you rescue a Ragdoll cat?

Traditional, mink, sepia, and solid ragdoll kittens for sale in blue, seal, lilac, and chocolate. We have seen a few with dental issues and cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart) is starting to become a problem every now and then. When you adopt an adult cat, you should get a clear idea about its health. While there is no one Rescue Group for Ragdolls in the United States, there are several Ragdoll Cat Rescue groups (please see the links to them below), but you can always check with breeders to see if they have any retired breeder Ragdolls that need to find a permanent forever home and sometimes breeders know of cats needing to be rehomed for a variety of reasons.

Is this the best I’m going to get? Due to the immense popularity of the breed, there are centers dedicated to rescuing Ragdolls alone. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. I simply can not afford to care for them any longer! I’m in the San Francisco Bay area (Fremont). If not my Mom lives in east TN and is looking to re-home their Ragdoll “Hogan” he is about 7 or 8 and is registered. She’s afraid of people at this point, but is litter box trained, so apparently not feral. She is not getting along with the other rescues we have in our home and it’s not fair to her or the others. Where do you live? - ♥ RESCUE ME! This means that when you purchase certain products through our recommendations, at no additional cost to you, we receive a monetary reward for referring you.

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