Make sure you either left-click or right-click and select jump on the side CLOSEST to you to jump across or you will fall into a rather high-damage pit (example: 150 LP). He'll give you a pendant. The 'pressure' indicator on the left should go up. [b] Regicide questline, As title states.

(#59) Upon reaching the Elf Camp, talk to Lord Iorwerth and tell him that King Lathas sent you. Items Suggested: Food, Antipoison, Charged glory amulet/teleport runes After receiving the message, go and talk to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle in East Ardougne. ), Additional Items for Underground Pass Method: a Rope, Bow, Arrow, Spade, Hatchet, and a Plank. You must venture through the pass at the request of King Lathas, in order to help him destroy his corrupted brother Tyras. Coins (for buying food in the Underground Pass), Equipment to defeat a level 110 Tyras guard. Regicide is the fourth quest in the Elf quest series, where King Lathas sends the player to Tirannwn to kill his brother, King Tyras, and end his tyranny. Go back and climb through the dense forest. You do not need to bring all the items listed at the beginning of this guide at the start of the quest. If you do this incorrectly, you will need to repeat the previous step with a new limestone. After you pass through the dense forest, a level 58 Tyras guard will attack you, equipped with a steel halberd. Fill one of your. Members only? Items Required: Barrel bomb with cloth inserted (Bring 4 Balls of wool if you did not weave your cloth. You may be hit by the arrows, which will inflict 50 damage twice (so 100 LP total) and poison you! It'll tell you to go to a chemist, but don't go yet!

Pass the sticks and head north. Noting the book Iorwerth gave you, he tells you to use his still to create the required mixture; use your barrel of coal-tar on the fractionation still outside his house. Squire (Player name) You are needed to serve the kingdom of Kandarin. Go back to Lord Iorwerth, who gives you a sealed message to take to King Lathas and grants you access to the overpass of Arandar.

If you don't have a rabbit already, kill one and cook the meat, but don't eat it, you'll need it! Collecting Ingredients Limestone can safely be mined back in civilisation, east of Varrock on the road to the temple. Rotate the tar regulator clockwise twice to make the tar flowing at maximum. 21. Turn the valve on the right all the way to the third tick (all the way to the right). Teleport to the Tirannwn lodestone if activated or head south-east of the camp until you reach it. Completion of Regicide is required for the following: Tyras guard • Chemist • General Hining • King's messenger, Idris • Morvran • Essyllt • Lord Iorwerth • Elf Tracker • Arianwyn • Elf warrior, Crystal pendant •  Big book of bangs •  Strip of cloth, Barrel •  Coal tar •  Barrel of naphtha •  Barrel bomb, Underground Pass • Well of Voyage • Iban's Temple • Isafdar • Poison Waste • Elf Camp • Port Tyras • Tyras Camp • Rimmington, Breeze • Crystal Castle • Elven Mist • Everywhere • Forest • Lost Soul • Meridian • Overpass • Riverside • Well of Voyage • Woodland. Now head in the direction of the tracker. Mine these rocks for limestone, one should do if you read the instructions carefully before continuing in a later part of this guide. To avoid arousing any suspicions, Arianwyn tells you to claim your reward from Lathas. Arianwyn further reveals the "path" is connected to Zamorak's realm and convinces you to join his side instead. At this point, you may be able to use a Charter Ship to return to the Elven region, or you may choose to travel through the Underground Pass. They will tell you to go to a camp north-west. You'll see some sticks on the ground in a formation similar to a hurdle.

Rag and Bone Man (Rag and Bone Man (Part Two)). Fixed an issue where the quest overview for Regicide was displaying it as complete a step too soon. NOTE: Unlike the Underground Pass quest, you will have opportunities to bank throughout the quest.

Now head to the tracker. He should be an easy defeat for experienced players; however, you may use prayer and food if the need arises. Now continue past some bears.

Continuing the Plague City series, the Regicide Quest takes you beyond the 'Well of Voyage' to a new realm. Turn the valve on the left to the second tick (in the middle) to halt the pressure in the green zone. Recommended: Method of teleportation to Rimmington. Remember to try and step over the trip-wire, maybe use cure poison when failing.

Take your 4 balls of wool to the loom at Falador's southern farm and weave your cloth; this will save pack space and an extra walk through the Tirannwyn forest. Wait for the pressure gauge to land in the green zone.


You can also bring a spit roast made from an iron bar to make rabbits heal even more. Jump them (there aren't any rabbits here so take plenty of food for your trip back). Talk with him and he will refuse to help unless you can prove you were sent by Lord Iorwerth. Once you have these items, head to Rimmington.

It is highly recommended that players complete the quests … Items Required: Pot of quicklime, ground sulphur, strip of cloth, 1-2 barrels of coal-tar, "Big book of bangs", 15-20 coal, ~100 coins if planning to bring noted coal. Now use your teleport runes or glory amulet to get back to the civilised world. Use your pestle and mortar on the sulphur. Get 2 pieces of sulphur from right next to where you got the tar (you only need 2 if you plan on doing Mourning's End Part I). After you have completed the Underground Pass quest, a squire will randomly appear and give you the King's message.The message will say that you should visit King Lathas, on the second floor of the castle in East Ardougne.Head to the castle and King Lathas will tell you that the wizards have finally finished the work on the Well of Voyage. The trip will also provide a convenient opportunity to complete the Iban You from Hurting Me! Updated the opening sounds for some of the doors/gates in Regicide.

If you haven't brought your own cooked rabbit, you can kill one northwest of the elf tracker and cook it. Items Suggested: Food, armour, weapon, Antipoisons, Charged glory amulet or teleport runes (your Underground Pass tools are not needed, use the pack space for more Cooked rabbit meat if you wish). Items Required: Agility potions (if boosting), Bow and several arrows, at least one rope, tinderbox, spade, antipoison(s), plank (optional), cooked rabbit (or logs/axe to cook your own), and the completed barrel bomb . Dense forests cannot be failed and it acts as a shortcut inside the forest. After this head to King Lathas. He informs you that he has managed to track down his brother, King Tyras, with the aid of the elves; Tyras and his men are hiding in the elven lands. Note: You may need to bank again prior to leaving if you are using the Underground Pass to return to the Elven land, in which case you will want to bring the supplies necessary for navigating the large dungeon. ","length":"Long","members":true,"requirements":"
[[File:Quest.png|21px|link=]] Quests:
  • [[Regicide|Regicide]]
    • [[Underground Pass|Underground Pass]]
      • [[Biohazard|Biohazard]]
        • [[Plague City|Plague City]]
\n\n*56 [[File:Agility-icon.png|21x21px|link=Agility|alt=Agility]] [[Agility]]'''[B]'''\n\n*10 [[File:Crafting-icon.png|21x21px|link=Crafting|alt=Crafting]] [[Crafting]]\n'''Recommended:'''\n\n*60 [[File:Agility-icon.png|21x21px|link=Agility|alt=Agility]] [[Agility]] or higher (to decrease the chance of failing obstacles in the Underground Pass)"}. Yes This is an alphabetical list of quest series, which includes all quests that are recognised to share a common and continuing plotline. Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.

This page was last modified on 26 October 2020, at 06:53. Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears. However, you can mine it in the Elven region if you wish. While moving around, you may encounter four different obstacles: If you do accidentally click on the farther side of the trap, it will result in you walking into the trap and falling into a pit of spikes. Converted a quest item from Regicide into a members’ item, as it should have been. He breaks the magic seal on the letter and asks you to read it. Iban's temple is in the middle from the Underground pass. Go back to Lord Iorwerth and read the Big Book of Bangs he hands you. He'll tell you about a route past the mountains, but just teleport out instead. Now use this on the barrel to end up with a barrel bomb.

After completing Underground Pass, a King's messenger will appear and give you a message from King Lathas. Written by: Empror1 Fixed the models for the well in the Regicide quest. Master Once you have travelled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race.

Go back to the footprints and walk through the dense forest. The Well of Voyage is in the centre of the temple. If it landed in the red zone, you could turn the valve right to relieve some pressure, then back to the middle.

You'll slowly have to get the heat higher to keep it going, so use more coal when you need to. It is recommended to bring some food for healing in case you fall down in the Pass. If you don't yet have limestone but did bring a pickaxe, head east from the elf camp now to mine some.

Dylan C. King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of disposing of his brother. In the south are a few rabbits, kill some and cook their meat, which heals 200 LP each.

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