Any character of Byzantine culture and Christian or Hellenic religion who wholly controls the de jure Kingdom of Thrace can Restore Byzantine Empire should it cease to exist. Cultures determine generated dynasty names and (along with religion) given names. "event 55001 " - Brings in settlers. I have another question: Why every time(which is happening more frecuently)appears the event of "Et, tu Brute" and my character die!!!! The Praetorian Guard, and several formable legions as mercenary units. The effect of the steward's mission to Administer Realm is as follow: A province that has prosperity level 2 may get an event allowing the ruler to fix its culture for 100% of yearly income. Changing culture of the land itself in not an easy process and the penalty of not matching the culture of the lands you hold (less levies, less taxes, no access to cultural buildings) often outweighs the advantages of a different culture. Only Norse can raid if religion and government type do not allow raiding.

You can cheat to get the Roman Empire, simply press "~" or alt + 21 and type : To find your char id you need to type "charinfo 1" and then hover your mouse over your ruler's portrait.Window will popup containing debug information,including char id. In Ck2 you had to reform the empire and were then given the option to restore Roman culture. Then head south and capture Apulia province. Dutch culture is formed by event from Frankish, Frisian, or Saxon provinces in the duchies of Holland, Gelre, Brabent, and Flanders. (3) Finally, there's a third type of culture impact that can improve combat performance: there are specific tactics that can be triggered based on the composition of the flank AND the culture of flank commander.

The guardian must be a ruler or in a court with the same culture. Same religion gives additional +1), Blind prisoners to reduce their health and whomp them in. Okay, I've reformed the WRE. A mismatch between holder culture and province culture increases revolt risk. Can also use "Restore Byzantium" decision. Like the event above, its MTTH is decreased with high stewardship, province depopulation, and steward mission to administer the realm. All rights reserved. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PUT SOME INSTALATIONS INSTRUCTIONS? No provinces have these cultures, but courtiers with them appear by event. There's a lot more to retinues than unit's base strength and numbers, and most retinues that look strong at first glance reveal themselves to be shamefully inefficient once troop composition and flank tactics are taken into account. Claim wars and invasions can set a hidden conquest culture on a conquered title of county rank or higher. You'll get less severe penalties that way.

Am I unaware of some easy way to to become a King while also a republic? Next,move into Italy and capture Venice. Cultural differences do not affect … Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. don't know might actually be what the byzantines should be instead mockingly the greek Kings. Thus, it is near impossible to spread any culture to islands with this event, as they cannot possibly border a county of your culture unless it was present at game start. The syntax for the culture command is as follows: culture [character id] [culture id] This command has the following arguments: Character ID: The ID of the character you wish to change the culture of. A province with no holdings (i.e., a nomadic province) always has the culture of its owner. Not too sure which culture group it is because the only time I made Rome was with a lucky ass save I inherited the Byz Empire as Scotland/Ireland/Wales and I just steamrolled my way west til I had almost all of Italy, which luckily was taken over by Mussies at this point, and then snowballed across the Iberian Peninusla til I had so much money and power. Culture is an abstract representation of the ethnicity, language, and traditions of a province or character. There are special events allowing some cultures to give rise to new ones, and allowing these new cultures to spread quickly within the old ones.

Seafaring - receives 90% discount to raised ship levies. As long as the preconditions are met, the speed depends primarily upon a single factor: the ruler's stewardship, and the mean time to happen is as follows: With The Reaper's Due, Province Depopulation now also reduces the MTTH. I wish you could convert to it and spread it everywhere. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). For example, Border Dispute wars and Pagan County Conquest do not set it. I tried having it with ruler designer myself, and when it automatically changed my culture to Greek when I started the game I changed it back to Roman with console, but that didn't work out too well because Roman culture has no unique military buildings or retinues, so I coulden't get a good proffessional army going. For example, a Norman conquest of England might set England's conquest culture to Norman, reducing native vassals' opinion of Norman lieges (-30 Foreign Conquerer). You should be able to grab parts of Croatia and entire Wallachia (just ignore the penalty since they are pagans so anyway it doesnt matter much if they dislike you). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The cultural bonuses for (1) retinues can stack with the bonuses for (2) cultural buildings, and can be further augmented by the (3) commander specific tactics, also driven by culture. CK2 Province IDs CK2 Event IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes . You will also need lots of prestige in order to create the Roman Empire. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.

Independent dukes are called petty kings. All Altaic cultures can raid. As a Catholic you will be able to go on Crusade, which may provide with required territory and Piety to safely convert to Orthodoxy. once you have that, you can move your capital there and, after a while, will get an event to change to Roman Culture.

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