Oneshot Another extended version of the body swap scene from the Scooby Doo movie.

She ran on two legs but they were both too fast for her; being in Scooby's body she was not as fast or coordinated on two legs. ", Velma looked at her and turned to the others while she said, "If my calculations are correct, once again we will keep randomly changing bodies until our protoplasms realign with our correct bodies. He looked back at her as he chewed the pizza and swallowed and smiled lovingly at her. They all stared at the Damonritous, waiting to switch again, but nothing happened; they started to get worried. This is my favorite scene from the movie and I always love to do extended versions of it. Replaying the last few hours in her head, she recalled that she had been ambushed by creatures she’d never seen before. I'm a dog now!

", Velma was now in Scooby's body and she sat down and looked at herself and back at the others as she said, "Great, I'm a dog! Hope to hear and read some more. You saved my life.

Velma, who was in Fred's body again, showed a mildly annoyed expression as she said, "Well, here we go again. The creature had its hands on its hips as it talked to Velma in its language while the protoplasm flew through the hallway and into the room and cut it off as it entered Daphne's mouth. Fred complied as he turned over and lied on his front with his arms folded in front of his face while Daphne reached into the beach bag and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. ", Scooby smiled forgivingly as he said, "Rat's okay.". ", Fred walked around her from her right side and smiled admiringly as he examined his body and said, "Hey good looking.". Shaggy smiled with a smitten expression as he said, "Like wow.". Fred smiled as he joked and pretended to flirt with her as he said, "Hey handsome, wanna come with me for a little swim? Fred tilted his head to look at Daphne as he smiled and said, "This is great.

I could get used to this. He's like my best pal. Velma ran into him from behind and they both rolled together on the ground before hitting a palm tree while the cat got away. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. While Velma continued talking Daphne got up from the chair, paying her no attention, and took a few steps forward as she put her arms up and looked at her hands. ", She showed an urgent expression as she bobbed up and down in his hand with her hair hanging down and looked around while she said, "Now let me go so I can return to my body. I hope it helps. Especially like this.". ", Shaggy was in Fred's body again and he smiled as he put his arms and said, "I'm strong again! So are you still enjoying being me?

Scooby stood up as they were about to fight and Scooby backed up over a round platform in the ground. ", Scooby smiled and nodded as he said, "Reah! Daphne walked back to the beach with the two drinks and walked back to Fred who was still lying on the towel. She took a pepper and ate it and soon her eyes widened and she screamed from how hot it was, she quickly took a drink of water and swallowed it down. Daphne and Velma in Fred and Shaggy's bodies worked together to fight the guards and help defeat Scrappy. Velma immediately turned around and got out of her seat as she exclaimed, "Jinkies!". Please read and review. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around curiously but saw nothing there, then he turned back to his plate to see his pizza was gone. ", Fred was now in Velma's body and he tilted her glasses up as he squinted his eyes and said, "At least you don't have to wear these stupid glasses.

Daphne showed a cautious expression as she said, "Velma, are you sure this will work? I'm in Raggy's rody!

A few minutes later Velma was flying toward her body, which was currently possessed by a demon walking at the back of a line with others into a hotel.

Everyone was now celebrating while Fred, in Daphne's body, slid down a cable from the ceiling.

", Daphne was in Shaggy's body and showed a sick expression as she put her hands over his stomach and said, "And you complain about my body?!

Fred showed a slightly awkward expression as he realized he just technically kissed himself. ", Scooby looked down at the ground and then back at Shaggy as he said, "Oh reah.". Suddenly Velma farted and she stared forward with an embarrassed expression while Scooby let out his signature laugh. They turned to their right to see three guys staring in their direction; they all wore bathing suits and flip-flops and were all attractive. ", Shaggy then curiously asked, "So like what do we do now?". ", He pointed his finger at Shaggy, thinking he was Velma, and said, "Velma what the heck's going on?! Rush-It must what the heck is that bright light coming from over there. They stared at her with their eyes widened in shock and discomfort as she turned around and walked away and the three of them nervously walked back to the pool. He looked around and noticed he was now in a dark spooky cave underground and Scooby was nowhere in sight. ", Velma stared at it intently as she said, "The Damonritous.". ", Shaggy spoke a bit shyly as he said, "No problem.

As Daphne passed the pool they watched her and climbed out of the pool and followed her. Daphne pointed at him in her body as she angrily said, "Get your hands off me! Daphne just woken up to see the man who kidnapped her controlling a strange machine "you snuck up on me you jerk let me out" but the man did not speak and started to move the claw like machine "this can't be good" as the claw began to move closer to her chest Daphne felt the cold metal pentrait … Your stomach feels like a landfill! Before Bayonetta could examine her surroundings and look for an escape, she heard footsteps enter the room, and she was soon met with one of the creatures that had ambushed her before. He fought the masked wrestler, being in Daphne's body he now possessed her fighting skills and learned that she was right about being a black belt. Cool to see Daphne fighting for her own body like that. Daphne was now in Velma's body once again and she looked at Velma and said, "You know Velma with a nice makeover you would look great in a blue skirt and tank top like this.

", Shaggy happily replied, "Well like totally groovy!

I almost don't want to switch back.".

Velma sat there and stared in shock while she reached into her pocket and put her glasses on. Shaggy then hit him from under with his left fist like a volley ball and Fred screamed as he spiraled through the tunnel. No left! ", Shaggy showed a concerned expression as he said, "You mean we're stuck like this? ", After a half hour Velma was still chasing Scooby, but she was becoming tired as she panted and said, "Would you stop for a Scooby Snack?". While they were talking Shaggy was running through the forest with the Damonritous; he stopped and noticed them and became shocked and confused.

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