Our C-17 cockpit mockup was fabricated using a real cockpit by making it more soundstage-friendly. Our real UH-60 is complete, minus engines and the main rotor and blade assembly. Dress it up with a vinyl wrap to include your logo &/or product line! In a need for more information?Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, SAAB 91B/C Safir landing gear handle& grip assembly. If you are looking for airplane or helicopter wreckage, we have a selection of crash wreckage and specialized pieces including jets engines to choose from.

Additional factors such as fuel prices and efficiency, evolving aviation regulation, operational costs, technical obsolescence, and depreciation enter into this end of life decision. Can this oldJumbo still attract non aerial fliers likeMicrosoft Flight Sim users? This is done according to strict environmental regulations and procedures. Our real B-52 forward fuselage includes pilot’s compartment, navigation, plus a bomber and gunner station. Instrument Panels For Sale. Seats For Sale. Parts for sale.Aircraft control yokes, vertical fins,flaps, rudders, stabilizers, trim/elevators, lower/upper engine cowling,tail cones, windshields, windows,wings, tanks, tails, cabin doors,seats, interior parts, the optionalrear cabin Cowboy hat/cargo racksection load max 100 lbs, engineexhaust parts.

Decals, Data Plates & Graphics. Our real AS-365 is complete with main rotor and blade assembly and is offered with a digital instrument panel. Recently traded in this beautifully built Vans RV8A on one of our aircraft. Other boneyards are located at the Pinal Air Park in Arizona at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport and the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville. As an airliner ages, maintaining airworthiness becomes more expensive, a point in time in which an airline will decide that the best business option is to sell the aircraft. For over 20 years, pilots, mechanics, aircraft owners, and operators all choose Dawson Aircraft to get hard-to-find, used serviceable aircraft parts!We have Cessna, Beechcraft, and Piper parts at affordable prices.

Air Salvage International Limited It is stripped of the engine, hydraulics and fuel tanks for soundstage-friendly use. It is equipped with a digital display cockpit,  troop seating and a functional rear ramp. View Images and Technical Data (Contact Us).

When an aircraft is ready to retire or if it is determined unflyable or not fly worthy, aircraft scrapping and recycling .. Kemble train station, with a direct line to London Paddington, is a 5 minute drive away.

It has color displays for video playback and is gimbal-ready.

It is offered with an analog instrument panel.

The Airbus 320 passenger airliner is widely used throughout the world. The EC-135 is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter often used in MedEvac, Military and corporate operations. In Kusadasi, Turkey we did the same thing as we did in Kayseri and assisted in assembling and restoring to prepare for an underwater diving school. Passenger seatconfiguration: rows of 2 or 3.Great for cars/vans, home theaters etc ..Passenger seats are from Aircrafts likeDC-9-21, DC-9-41, DC-9-51, C-9A Nightengaleand L-1011's Tri Stars.Price: P.O.R. It's based in the Netherlands, but even though it specialises in ex-military planes and parts, they might have some valuable contacts or even know something for sale. cockpits with or without interior. We list thousands of aircraft engines, avionics, propellers and airframe parts complete with details, photographs, pricing and online purchase options. © 2017 Air Salvage International Ltd - All Rights Reserved. The grip is worn,has thin paint in the usual areas,but all of the markings are clear andthe buttons and switches are intact andin good condition.

It is stripped of hydraulics and fuel tanks for soundstage-friendly use.

Nigel Spur, near Lincoln. Some racksand brackets are left. Prices fm $255 ~ $5.550.Various condition on items. Airliners being dismantled at the Roswell International Air Center in New Mexico. The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is an American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. 72715k@gmail.com.

Welcome to Skynet Aviation's Aircraft Parts Web site If you are interested in spare parts for your aircraft, we can assist you. Ultimately, they must be retired from service, stored in "airplane boneyards" or graveyards, and finally dismantled and scrapped. Air Salvage International (ASI) is a globally respected provider of professional asset management services to banks, lessors, insurance companies and commercial airlines.

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