Or at the very least, indicative of a larger, ongoing shortcoming. Celebrate Father’s Day With Fudgie The Whale (And Fudgie The Beer’s Re-Release)! Nah. We did go down a massive pronunciation rabbit hole. Sean McBride: Is It OK to Be Funny Right Now? We also know. Sean McBride: Motaur is the motorcycle version of a centaur. I really want to know. Sean McBride: Yes! 617-587-8000, © 2020 Arnold WorldwideTerms of Use (USA and Canada)Privacy Policy (USA and Canada). Sweet! Motaur represents a departure from the ubiquitous, ongoing Progressive campaigns with pop-culture-famous Flo (both in and out of the superstore; most recently as an unwitting sitcom player), now more than 10 years strong for the brand. Or, will he be the lone Motaur on the road? His backstory is that he has no backstory. Regarding a gang, at the moment we like the idea of Motaur being a solitary figure. What bothers me is not that we’re asking it now, but that times like these are the only time we ever bother to ask it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You have entered an incorrect email address! Casting is spot on for all Motaur commericals. It is not “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. Sean McBride: I think Motaur reflects two fundamental things we know about riders. Copyright © 2020 Advertising Week. We flip-flopped between “Mo-Tar” or “Mo-Tour” before finally consulting the dictionary pronunciation. It’s not clear to understand. He sees the campaign, breaking today, as “disruptive in all the right ways—in its quietness, its stark cinematography, its subtle and unexpected humor and its universally relatable truth,” he says. Thanks…. Yep, that’s the baby.

What did motaur say on the treadmill it isnt clear. AW: We’ve seen commercials for “Wishes” and “Do you mind?” where the Motaur expresses pride in being a Motaur. He appears to secretly long for a Motaur lifestyle of his own. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Plus, gangs are scary. How the whole enterprise remains upright, much less travels at high speeds, is a mystery. If we ever see the Motaur in motion, he must,….he just MUST,…pop a wheelie! What, exactly, is a Motaur? CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Sean McBride: It was snowing in the LA desert that week, so that wasn’t optimal. To me, we haven’t cared if our audience has wanted humor or not for the last decade—why do we suddenly care now? Motaur is no exception. This was something we talked about way, way too much. Do they offer that solo seat on anything off the shop floor? Progressive is launching a new brand campaign that’s disruptive in all the right ways. One, is that riders are a different breed and proud of that fact. Motaur has paused at a gas station in the middle of the desert. Imagine the mystical imagery that surrounds the half-human, half-horse creatures in Greek mythology.

Brands have never taken themselves more seriously—a trend we all know began long before Covid-19. As a creator of funny—or, on bad days, funny adjacent—advertising, this is the big question people are asking me right now. How did this process go about, especially since the ads take place on the road? Charney thinks the immediately eye-catching Motaur, who he likens in an unreleased behind-the-scenes video to rugged, tough guys like Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Ray Donovan, shows that Progressive and Arnold “continue to out-create the category by introducing unique characters and story arcs.” Tagline: “For those who were born to ride.”, Arnold Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride Creative Directors: Michael Sullivan, Gregg Nelson Art Director: Michael Sullivan Copywriter: Gregg Nelson Producer: Sean Vernaglia Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic Planner: Lanna Tokuhiro Project Manager: Brya Capell Marketing: Val Bettini, Gail Felcher and Crissy Cavallaro, Production Company: Dummy Films Production Company Line Producer: Michael Kanter Director: Harold Einstein Cinematographer: Jonathan Freeman, Editorial Company: Arcade Editor: Dave Anderson Sound Design/Music: Singing Serpent VFX: The Mill, How to Stop Data Crunching and Start Storytelling, Social Advertising’s Role in Accelerating the Shopper’s Journey, What Marketers Need to Do Now That 5G Is Here, Values-Driven Leadership Matters Now More Than Ever, {"taxonomy":"","sortby":"","label":"","shouldShow":""}, © 2020 Adweek - All Rights Reserved, The Criticality of Communications in Health, 5 Things to Know to Win Over the Luxury Gen Z Consumer, Deutsch Splits New York and Los Angeles Offices Into Separate Agencies, Cleveland Reporter Returns to Toledo—Now as a Full-Time Anchor, NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt: Kids Edition Will Air Oct. 31 and Nov. 14 on NBC, Volvo Teams Up With Pinterest to Get Shoppers Into the Perfect Car, Using Data to Actually Improve Brand Strategy and Get Results, 3 Keys to Insights-Driven, AI-Powered Segmentation, Using Transaction Data for Real-Time Research. I love all your commercials of the motaur but this is my favorite.

He also revealed the “Centocycle” the Motaur could have been, and what it takes to film a Progressive commercial so far from home.

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