Ever-growing altars, composed of printed photos and wilting flowers and dozens of flickering candles, honor Floyd and other black people, including Breonna Taylor of Kentucky, who were killed by police. A weekslong municipal headache? The mother of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson files a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, claiming they failed to protect and medically assist her son. | Twenty-three days after protestors first occupied several city blocks in the heart of Capitol Hill, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order to clear the space, mobilizing the police department to remove demonstrators, arresting more than 30 in the process. It’s a place battling gentrification, where residents and small business owners feel caught in a stranglehold. FOX News digitally altered photos to create the image of a rifle-toting man standing in front of a broken store window, an event that never happened in CHOP. Many of them said they are not leaving the occupation until their demands for reform are met by city leaders. Thank you! “One of our real challenges there is trying to determine who is a leader or an influencer,” Best said. #UPDATE: Security from #CHAZ / #CHOP protest zone tells me they’re working with Seattle Fire, SDOT, and Public Utilities to change up some of the protest areas/ barricades and where emergency vehicles are allowed. A CHAZ website that livestreams area events lists 30 demands. You can hear his impersonations of Bernie Sanders and Jeff Sessions on Blabbermouth, and you can read his poems at www.richsmithpoetry.com, Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC Here’s a look at what life is like inside the #CHOP: The seething confrontations were permeated with tear gas and punctuated by blast balls, tactics police deployed against protestors gathered in grief and rage over the death of George Floyd. “And that seems to change daily.”, Jason Beverly, 23, says that relying upon one figurehead is counterproductive to the movement. Since then, the area has been reimagined. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has asked the City Council to investigate socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant, calling for her to be punished and possibly even expelled from her position over a series of actions surrounding police protests. The recent reduction of its original six-block footprint means some streets, previously blocked to emergency vehicles and locals, are now open with reduced traffic flow. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Others still call it CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, its early moniker. Terms of Use

CHAZ is going through some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, As you can tell from her note, Shannon thinks this plan would create a "kill zone.". Learn about fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and memoir from the former editor of The Stranger. Acolytes of Fox News detect a raging cauldron of antifa-led insurrection. Protesters say the message of 'CHOP' will continue after demonstrators were forced out of the protest zone by Seattle Police early Wednesday morning, with several being arrested by officers. To mark the new boundaries, the city’s transportation department, with the consent of CHOP activists, installed concrete barriers topped with plywood, the covers ready-made for artists to style at will. But step inside the Jersey barriers that block off numerous streets, and you’ll soon realize something else: It’s a peaceful realm where people build nearly everything on the fly, as they strive to create a world where the notion that black lives matter shifts from being a slogan to an ever-present reality. Cove said CHOP's current borders present fire concerns, and added that working with the city to manage "thousands of dollars of infrastructure" will "look very good" for the movement. Just about anything you want to find in Seattle, you can find on Capitol Hill – and lately, that includes what some call the city’s only “cop-free zone.”. He was joined by Seattle Public Utility CEO Mami Hara and Seattle Department of Transportation director Sam Zimbabwe. Street art adorns the pavement. Indeed, those identified as leaders by some community members tend to shuck off the label, claiming they speak only for themselves, not for CHOP as an entity. She believes change is possible. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an emergency order Wednesday morning directing protesters to leave the area of the CHOP, Capitol Hill Organized Protest, and Cal Anderson Park area.

After months of negotiations, indigenous leaders signed a 99-year lease on 20 acres of the fort, an area now home to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Riot-gear clad military police pushed out protestors, who camped outside the fort. For about a 10-day period, it was very tense,” says Frank, Tensions have all but disappeared, he says, and those who do seek medical care often return with gifts.

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