A foreign woman was elevated to a very high status as one of the important family members of the house of Israel, just like we too are elevated to a high status when God adopts us as His children. : Throughout the passage we see that Boaz is an honorable man. We will see that Ruth was not wanted by her closest kinsmen redeemer, but Boaz valued her. Used by permission. This would be a financial expense. Let’s look at the text and see how God used Boaz to begin to meet the need for food and family. He is not embarrassed or shy. If Ruth did not want him, then it would not have happened. This takes a lot of time and hard work as well as the growing expense of running the website. Do not guess what is in the other person’s mind. Don’t get away from the church when dating so that you can feel free with fewer eyes watching you. Is the girl a believer? Also, don’t be wishy washy toward girls. In the New Testament a place called Gehenna is translated as hell 12 times. Singles, your relationship should be open and transparent, completely in the light. We see in the closing genealogy that Boaz was the great-grandfater of David. Of course the text does not mention a lot about him, but the absence of any compassion or outreach on his part combined with what we see in this passage shows us that he is primarily concerned with himself. Redemption is an act of grace – Boaz was not required to redeem Ruth. If you set your dream on riches, you will be disappointed. As we see in this passage, this was optional. Turn to your neighbor and say, “You are blessed!” God has filled your life with good gifts. Clear communication will help your relationship get started off on the right foot. They may never achieve the riches they long for. This is not only a psychological truth, it is a spiritual one as well. Ruth 1:1-19a Naomi, Ruth, Boaz, and You (Hoffacker), All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan. Welcome to Keep Believing Ministries’ audio/podcast library.

She has a will of her own, and is bold enough to step into a story that is new to her. I am bitter.” This time she doesn’t correct them because her bitterness is gone. Some more wishy washy men might drag their heels. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Slide 9 Application: Although I am not teaching a marriage seminar, the more I studied this passage the more I realized that many points are very applicable to singles looking to get married. His actions are open and public for all to see because he has nothing to hide. Even food is like this. Do not make assumptions. The short story we call the Book of Ruth ends with a startling bit of genealogy. Boaz was willing to pay this price. He loved you so much that He left all the comforts of heaven and came down to this world to become your kinsman redeemer. But you must still be willing to say, “yes.” Have you already said “yes” to Jesus? Each day may be a struggle with feelings of bitterness or resentment. When God Comes Through for You Ruth 2:19-23.

Imagine if each one of us resolved to this week tell at least one person about what Jesus has done for them. A man could decide he didn’t want to to do this. When we dare to demonstrate initiative. Proverbs 11:14, “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but with many counselors there is victory.”. A long time ago, fathers used to ask guys interested in their daughters, “What is your intention toward my daughter?” Guys, do you even know what your intention is? There he saw a delicate girl about to be sold as a slave. Once He brings us into His family, He will not toss us out again. What should you do with good news? Men, you need to learn from Boaz here. It seemed that the chances of her knowing the true God were very small. These notes can be helpful for individual study of the Word or for small group Bible studies. Any of them can lead us to discover that, just as the text we call the Book of Ruth has its place among the pages of the Bible, so our short stories, the lives we live, are firmly enshrined in that greater sanctuary, which is the heart of the eternal God, the One whose story never ends. Confess your sins to Him. At His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Notice that throughout the passage Boaz is taking initiative. He selflessly gave what he had. So although Boaz does all the work and pays the price himself, it is still a two-way road. I call him the forgotten one. It reminds us that our own lives, our own short stories, find their true home in the great story which is the epic of God and his people. Copyright 2006, Charles Hoffacker. Works on phones, tablets, PCs, or kindles.

The Book of Ruth is a short story and something more. He wanted the best for her. Jesus is the only one who is qualified to redeem us. He is a figure in the Old Testament which clearly portrays some aspect of Christ and His relationship to us. If you do, you will have a much healthier relationship and since it is on a strong foundation, it will last. . He ignores them. He wanted the best for her. What parallels can we find in the story? Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. The two daughters-in-law resist leaving Naomi. Very simple. He has a task. He does not go to ask about their welfare. Sermons

The below sermon on Ruth 4 focuses on redemption. In a time when many are concerned only to satisfy themselves, Boaz recognizes that he is connected with others and has obligations towards them. Notice how quickly he agrees to buy the field in verse 4. In the same way, there are times when each of us need to voice our complaints, to gripe, grouse, whine, bitch, and moreover, be heard and taken seriously, not only by God, but by at least one human listener. Character Trait #1 – Proactive. Boaz is what we often call a type of Christ. And the concept of redemption is mentioned several more times. When she and her daughters-in-law reach a fork in the road, he urges them to go back to Moab and find new husbands. The deal had been made. She was a peasant. God accepted her and this is symbolized in the fact that Boaz accepted her. He chose to. Boaz was the second in line. In verse 6 he says, “I cannot redeem it for myself, because I would jeopardize mine own inheritance.” What does he mean? Talk. When the first said, “I cannot redeem it,” then Boaz happily agreed to. And Boaz immediately started the ball rolling. About everything. Here is a girl who grew up in a culture of idol worshipers, so depraved that they sacrificed children to their gods. .

From the very beginning he treated Ruth and Naomi with compassion.

Are you interested in a girl? A fire burned there continually to burn up all the trash the city produced. Redemption is public – Boaz redeemed Ruth publicly in the sight of all. And if you are not ready for marriage, then stop playing around and pretending. They might want to wait a little while first. The relative was not willing to redeem Ruth because he was not willing to give up his rights. Naomi packs up and heads back home to Judah; she’s heard that the famine there is over.

Redemption must be accepted – Ruth had to be willing to accept Boaz.

Every minute of waiting would be agonizing for them, not knowing what the future would hold.

And that means that all the kings of Judah were descended from Boaz and Jesus himself was too. Look at verses 11-12. We have already seen that Boaz is a type of Christ. He is the one who makes it all possible.

Some may want to wait in case a better offer comes up.

After this he clearly lays out the case. Boaz did not do this out of selfish motivations. Next he got a group of the elders together. Once again, it seems that the application fits singles!

Fast forward a few years. Her hap was.Yes, it seemed nothing but an accident, but how divinely was it overruled! Maybe you don’t feel content. In Darius’ sermon we learned that Naomi would be blessed for returning to her source in the Lord. 98.]

As the city leaders, they were spiritual authorities. It becomes a blueprint for us on how to establish a healthy marriage. Singles, your relationship should be open and transparent, completely in the light. It’s better that they go home to Moab. Then go forward!

But to him the dollars and cents don’t add up. Ask more questions.

Slide 14 What parallels can we find in the story? The picture in these verses is quite different from back in chapter 1. Naomi pictures Ruth in a relatively passive role on this occasion, but what Ruth actually does amounts to telling Boaz, “I want you to marry me.” [Peterson, p. Spend time with each other together with other believers. These Bible activities for children will help kids learn about this story of love and commitment. The other possibility is that they will get the riches they hope for. The willingness of Boaz to be the kinsman redeemer for Ruth illustrates Jesus’ redemptive love. We too can never pay Christ back for His redemption of us. So they will be miserable and unhappy in always striving for, but never getting their dream of prosperity. Jesus’ sacrifice for us a willing choice. Be open with each other and open with the believers around you. Ruth and Boaz have a baby named Obed, and Obed becomes grandfather to the great king David and an ancestor to our Lord Jesus Christ. And don’t ever say that somebody’s short story–even your own–is necessarily disconnected from the grand epic of divine grace. There is only one redeemer. Ruth 4 – Redemption: Five People (Character studies) of Ruth 4. Next She received one amazing blessing and one amazing compliment. We want to help you study the Bible, obey the Bible, and teach the Bible to others. Now she is a follower of Yahweh. Children’s Sermons Jesus too loved us while we were still sinners. Naomi not only complains to her daughters-in-law, she also complains when she returns to her home town and announces, “Don’t call me Sweetie”–the name Naomi means “pleasant” or “delightful”–“call me bitter, for that’s what I am.”. But here they can be expensive! Even Moabites, for crying out loud! The decision was final.

She was no longer an outsider. He also invites ten of the city elders to join him. Let’s share the good news. Now we come to Boaz’s most significant character trait. Probably you never fight together. If you have children, you know what I am talking about. A simple story on the surface, the Book of Ruth reveals itself as a deep and delightful work of literature and an effective channel of God’s message. In that short amount of time I saw more than five different people walk by collecting used water bottles which had been tossed aside. Thereby each character reminds us of a way that our own short story may possibly be linked with the grand drama of redemption. Psalm 16:11 – You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. If not, I hope that today will be the day that you say “yes” to Him. Ruth 2:3. They may never achieve the riches they long for. If your intention is to have a good time, girls what are you gonna say “get lost!” You should be able to write down or express in clear words what your intention is an what the expectations are. These free inductive notes are intended as supplement to your own study, not a replacement. Take the next step! Be humble enough to ask for help and listen to counsel. He knows what needs to be done and he does it without wasting time. In closing today, I would like to share three ways we should respond to Jesus’ offer of redemption. (Reveal each point one at a time through PPT). . Check out these helpful resources Any of these actions, and many more, can open a space where God will act in our own place and time. Clear communication is something you will need to work at throughout your life in every area, but especially with your spouse.Here are just a few simple tips for a husband and wife: This one is really complicated so get out your notepad and pen to take note.

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