Shaq is back and on a mission to determine what shark has the perfect predatory attack.

In the Caribbean, a deepsea camera captured footage of a 14-foot tiger shark suffering an assault by a large, unseen beast. Each year, Discovery Channel brings SHARK WEEK to your home and we can't wait to celebrate the best underwater week of the year with you again in 2021. All content is for entertainment purposes only. Join Guy Fieri aboard the Bimini Blue for some lionfish ceviche. Australia is in the midst of a rising wave of shark attacks, with great whites leading the way. Active Connections Group Ltd. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect. In SharkBite either become the shark or join your friends in a battle of survival against the boat eating shark. Since 2010, it has been the longest-running cable televisionprogramming event in history. In the waters off New Zealand, the largest female great whites are measuring over 20ft long, earning the nickname “the 747s.” With no human interaction during COVID-19, researchers built a self-propelled cage to see how hunting patterns have changed. There's also quite a few weapon options you can get that will increase your ability to take out the shark. Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988. 1.8M likes. Challenge starts on the 1st of February 2021, evidence can be submitted early. PHOTO GALLERYPlease check out our photo gallery. Three teams of researchers return to one of the last hunting grounds for AIR JAWS. Medal Mad | All rights reserved | Powered by

I’m pretty sure all the codes expired or it could just be me, I’m not sure. Shark expert Chris Fallows joins Jeff Kurr and Dickie Chivell to search for the largest male great white shark in the world.

Researchers want to know who rules the waters. Shaq is deploying YouTube stars Dude Perfect and Mark Rober to put various species to the test and uncover the most mind-blowing hunting techniques of this ultimate predator. On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, five Naked and Afraid veterans -- Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Maynard – attempt to survive on a remote strip of islands whose waters are so teeming with predators, locals call it “Shark Alley.” With limited resources and punishing conditions on land, they’ll have no choice but to take to the waters and compete with hungry sharks for the same food.

SHARK WEEK returns August 9 with special appearances by stars like Mike Tyson, Will Smith, and Shaquille O'Neil!

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