Everyone should stay in school until the age of eighteen. Pronoun: 17.0 20.9802955665 81% => OK

School forms an important part of everyone’s life.

Hardly any of the classes prove to be useful in any way shape or form, Especially when you consider that once you become an adult you now need to suddenly understand alien concepts, Such as taxes or stocks or maintaining a stable job, Getting a house, Etc etc.

People who drop out earn an average of $8, 000 less than people who graduated. avg_syllables_per_word: 1.6 1.57093596059 102% => OK, A sentence (or a clause, phrase) starts by: Some people might not agree with my stand as they see many flaws in the education system. I'm currently in 8th grade doing an essay on this topic. Sentences with neutral sentiment: 7.0 2.91625615764 240% => Less facts, knowledge or examples wanted.What are sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment?

Some people assert keeping youngsters in school until they become adults is good for them in many ways.

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A lot of students graduate early, And a lot of students get HELD behind for 1) not paying attention. It is argue that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. For example: If a child learns a new instrument and then remain out of touch with that instrument for 10 years or so. While I agree that youngsters can reap many benefits from continuing studying at high schools, I believe that this should not apply to all young people.

! Everyone should stay at school until 18. To what extent do you agree or disagree, Tổng hợp các chương trình Management Trainee 2020, Kinh nghiệm thi Ufresh - Unilever | Hoàng Minh. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In my opinion, I agree with them beyond a shadow of doubt. u have to remember that university isnt easy u have to work hard before during and after it.

First and foremost, school leaving age at 18 ensure more education. School attendance is compulsory of all children up to a certain age in many societies. For the reasons stated above, I feel that students should be required to stay in school until the age of eighteen. Rhddhbszb n z zgsdssdgsddgdgg dsdg s snzzs dznsdsdg sd gg dsg dg vsngs gvs gvs vs vsgnsvg gsv s vngs vsg nsgv nvs gvs g svgsv s vgsv gnsv ngvsg vdg ndsgvvgsn dvdsgn dvngdv ndv ns dvgnsdvgn sd vgn sdgvnnsnn love. Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. Secondly, schools also provide social and moral education, which is of paramount importance to teenagers. In my opinion, I agree with them beyond a shadow of doubt. For example, in the selection of proper field, they will be now mature enough to make a decision and easily face the hardship of achieving their goals. Need help with writing? Conjunction : 8.0 8.36945812808 96% => OK Students should be required to stay in school until the age of eighteen.' School attendance is compulsory of all children up to a certain age in many societies. So it is important for students to start their education at proper education so that they learn well and become a good citizen. Then also he can play it much better than an adult beginner. It is also beneficial for them who dislike education or who wants to become an athlete or a player or a hairdresser or a dancer etc.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Get your writing samples corrected by me. Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising Simon.

What's the point of staying in school for like 11 years or more if they're just gonna give up like that.

Sentence length: 18.0 20.5024630542 88% => OK College is very beneficial and will have a huge impact on your future. Wa mo shinderuNANI? Schools play a significant role in defining one’s character. Answer Some people argue that students should stay in compulsory education until the age of 18. It's beneficial for not only them but the people around them.

Firstly, by studying at high schools, students could gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that help meet higher-level qualifications in the future.

Due to the highly competitive job market, it is impossible for students with no degree to compete with well-educated students in terms of skilled works. Education is essential to be able to live meaningfully. Here is a band 8 IELTS essay on this topic submitted by one of our students. There are many reasons why it can be argued that students should not leave schools early. Everyone should stay at school until 18. Not only school makes a child learn the basic skills of reading and writing but also makes him learn basic topics that will be required to absorb specialized skills further in his/her career. Secondly, when they will reach to the university or in other departments for their higher education they have the ability to take proper decisions about their future. And for there job they could go to vocational school to get at least a job as a chef or a cosmetic artist, Hjdyvibophi;on]0mv#nb-3'vq#]9ub np;[n#mjitrei5tiutut[oteng[[kk45mgv54jjfhhhg ghg hg hggh g hg hg hgh gh ghgh gh gh g hghghgh gh g hgh gh ghgh hg ghgh gh gh h g hg hg hghg h gh ggh g hgh gh gh gh ghg hgh hg hg hg gh gh gh gh ghgh gh gh gh gh ghgh gh ghgh gh gh, They shouldn’t be able to dropout because it can tamper with their future before they realize it, It will help them get more education, The longer they stay the more educated they get, And it’s a decision that they’ll most likely regret when it’s too late, And it’s always better than other systems to get a diploma, Because People are black and struggling to get koolaid.

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