Hashida hacks SERN in 2 days. Essentially, she's the canon love interest. She was just getting memories from the other timeline. Being stalked by a secret organization doing their own Time Travel experiments and dead-set on capturing or eliminating you?

Mayuris last name is Shiina. However, it is hinted that the members might not have completely forgotten their memories, as shown when Rintaro meets Kurisu again in Akihabara and she still has memories of the nicknames Rintaro gave to her, many of the characters that would have suffered, Suzuha, shown later in the series to be capable of taking out a handful of gunman with punches and kicks; despite her having a petite frame, her breasts are larger than any other character besides Moeka, who also kicks serious butt, albeit not physically, Also Suzuha. The Fate of all Rounder members. In one timeline, a group of Rai-Netters attempt to kidnap Faris and beat Rintaro half to death just because she beat them in a tournament. Rintaro's main goal is to save Mayuri from her fated death by undoing all the time traveling he did. Kurisu appears as a character spell in. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. As they flee the scene and he texts his buddy Hashida Itaru, everyone around them briefly vanishes... yet nobody else seems to have noticed the incident. Moeka hangs herself in one timeline and Mr. Braun shoots himself in another. :). Despite returning to the beta world line and letting Kurisu die as she originally did, it turns out that the. The three pass the time by tinkering with their latest creation, a "Phone Microwave" that can be controlled through text messages. him screwing with destiny to begin with that all of this happened. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Text messages include blue hyperlinks that can be selected to reply to the text. This can be toggled in the options menu. They were both sent by FB (Mr Braun) as a warning. Note that this occurs in the Steins;Gate world line. KiriKiriBasara (Learn more about the entire SciADV series, and stay up to date with the latest news on the series.) While not concrete proof that this was the case, Suzuha mentions in the same chapter that SERN wouldn't hesistate to hold family members hostage in order to force researchers like Kurisu to go along with them.

The Spiritual Successor to Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate is set roughly one year after the events of the previous game, in the Akihabara area. Okay, I guess this seems right. She doesn't know who her father is when she gets there either, only that he was there at that time. He was trying to discourage Okabe through scare tactics because he didn't want him getting in trouble. Even Okabe tries to kill himself at one point. Okabe becomes a part of the rounders along with Moeka. Anime episode 12, when the lab members are surrounded by SERN. Played with considering Faris's living quarters. Awesome.

future!Rintaro uses "Steins Gate" to refer to the ideal timeline where both Kurisu and Mayuri are alive and World War III and dystopia are both averted, Immediately Subverted in the second case, as the future Rintaro says to the present one "You know why I named it that, right?" Kurisu: You... forget I said that. Suzuha helps him alter the past with a "conventional" time machine. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. By choosing to use D-mail to mess up the past, Mayuri will die, and SERN is dead set on capturing Okabe.

In this subreddit, you may submit posts about the Science Adventure series. Gamma timeline takes it a step further, since in this timeline. Subreddit dedicated to artwork of the best girl. Itaru even notes how, This is actually a bit of a weird variety since it was. Rintaro crosses this multiple times trying to save Mayuri and Kurisu. Watched anime already, is this worth buying even. All because she is not satisfied with killing them once.

and both of them answer in unison "It doesn't really mean anything.". And a very very manly one from Okabe to Kurisu in episode 25. Related Subreddits. This is also an interesting moment because of the whole thing with her father later on. Unless Rintaro manages to change the attractor field, a person's death can never be changed. The lab members soon face a string of mysterious incidents that lead to a game-changing discovery: the Phone Microwave can send emails to the past and thus alter history. I failed... Failure... Failure... Failure... Failure... Failure... Failure... Moeka. Rintaro: What kind of threat is that?! Executing her and turning the gun on himself may assure she will be left unharmed. In the visual novel, Kurisu mentions as one of the impossibilities of time travel the sheer amount of energy it would take to move at light speeds would almost certainly be at least, Kurisu's "One more word and I'll make your neocortex into a flowerpot!" However, when they choose to save Mayuri, their decision gets turned on its head when that just makes things worse. "-*EPISODE ENDS*. In both the Alpha and Beta timelines, he will not live past 2025. It is interesting to note that she stated that this was the moment she started loving Okabe, implying that may actually be what the male Ruka felt. Not like anyone takes his ham seriously other than Ruka or possibly Faris. Alternatively you could use this nicely made flow chart as a guide: Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

It's not necessarily big, but it's a lavish living space on the top floor of an expensive building that reveals just how rich Faris is. Also, UNIQLO, but the bottom half of the logo's blocked out. Investigating further, they realize that by constantly upgrading and customizing their microwave, they've stumbled across the secret of Time Travel -- or, at least, sending text messages back in time, which is a starting point, right? Faris: Your height, nya. I definitely wasn't terrified by a guy screaming in my face, so I definitely didn't start crying from relief afterwards! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765959850, https://jiangcsim2016.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/steinsgate-flowchart1.pdf, To all the fans of Steins;Gate the Original. Giving the right reply to Faris's mail earns the player Ayase's portrait and FES's music, sang by Kanako Itō, including Chaos;Head OP: Find the Blue. Believe it or not, Faris owns Akihabara, and is responsible for making Akihabara into moe town. When Daru was hacking into the SERN in episode 14, he mentions that SERN ports were already open as SERN had been watching the group since the first D-Mail was sent. Whenever Mayuri dies, Rintaro time leaps back to several hours or days ago before her death. Rintaro initially believes that additional divergence caused by Suzuha's trip to 1975 would subvert Mayuri's murder. Kurisu's frightened reaction over her father at the mention of this makes it seem like a very likely possibility that her involvement with SERN was under duress. Kurisu desperately wants her father's acknowledgement, which he will never give, and downright hates her. SERN is trying to silence Rintaro and lab members for inventing the time-machine. You are fated to die when the world says so, no time traveling can change that. Mister Braun, literally, as he shoots Moeka and himself upon the gang discovering that he is FB. However, Itaru has no idea why Suzuha hugged him and is left feeling both glad and confused. As far as I know, all text messages are identical to the original, save for some from Moeka which appear to have been cut entirely. It also becomes the key to finding out FB's true identity. Daru, just about anything such as Super Hacker and Maid secret techniques. Nae, 15 years in the future, time leaps to the present to kill Moeka for being unable to prevent her father's suicide, then warns Rintaro that she will torture him to death 15 years later before running away. Two manga adaptations have begun: one by Sarachi Yomi is serialized in Monthly Comic Alive, while the other, by Kenji Mizuta, is printed in Monthly Comic Blade.

I'd imagine it's SERN letting Okabe know they are observing what he does. After their mission, they are supposed to commit suicide to hide the mission's secret. The guide will work fine, although there's less pressure to respond to most of the texts in the proper manner as the ringtones and wallpapers (and the achievements linked to them) have been cut from this version. Same to his own death. A rare justified example in that Rintaro acts like a raving loon during their first few encounters, and it's only after he demonstrates that he's not a psychopath that she starts to lighten up. Both D-mail and the Time Leap Machine are never created, and he's forced to start a new life with her.

All rights reserved. undoing the alterations caused by time travel may reverse the bad things they caused, but it also negates all the good things, forcing you to let go of the gifts you got from time travel. It appears that he kills her more because, if he didn't, SERN would go after Nae. Text messages include blue hyperlinks that can be selected to reply to the text. Finally! They were actually sent by Moeka on FB's orders. One walkthrough on the original Steins Gate in the Steam guides section helped me 100% that game. Averted. Rintaro originally intends to use the red liquid inside a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber toy as part of his plan to fool his past self into thinking Kurisu's dead, but upon discovering that it's dried up and useless, he provokes Dr. Nakabachi into stabbing himself so that he can use his own, genuine blood instead. A Spiritual Successor to Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, was released as a game in June 2012, with an anime following later that same year. would work for SERN in the future, but it's never fully addressed or explained why, even by the show's end.

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