Not only is it frustrating, but it can be dangerous, since you’re drone can come crashing down if one or more propellers stop spinning mid-air. This quick guide will teach you how to troubleshoot this flight problem step-by-step. This was causing my drone to vibrate in-flight and a couple of times to come crashing down or lose control.

Ive had several different dresses n these r the only ones that does this. How much range in feet does it go under the pilots control..?.. Check out my blog on batteries if you have questions about what batteries you can use. You might think be 100% sure you plugged them in, but for whatever reason, they didn’t charge. This is common in tiny whoops, especially if you fly inside the house and have a carpet, dog hair, or just haven’t swept the floor recently, but really, even if you fly outside in the grass, this can happen with grass blades and plants. The drone should be placed on a flat place and the binding process should be quick and please avoid doing any other operation. This lets the gyro initialize and set to the level surface. 3. Simple problem, simple fix.

If you gave your batteries a full charge and they are not performing, time to get new ones. So here’s a few things that can destroy your on-board computer and keep your propellers from spinning.

In many cases, it is best to just get another one. Then restart the drone and remote control; If it still has problems, just change a spare blade. Here’s a few reasons and symptoms of motors gone bad. Because of the nature of the use of drones (you know, them being up hundreds of feet up in the air and all), they are designed to be very tough and to be able to take quite a beating when they come crashing down. Even when the drone is switched off the propellers are still spinning. When I was wrapping up I realized part of my propeller had a crack which didn’t seem like much, but spinning at a high RPM could definitely affect flight. So don’t take it for a swim. For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Website Acquisitions Inc. All rights reserved. the props will spin but wint lift off. Straight from the box it fell twice on the first flight. After you find out the issue, make sure to do your homework on that particular issue, so you can know how to fix it, not make it worse. Then restart the drone and remote control; If it still has problems, just change a spare blade.

What happens when the drone goes out of range..?. Also be safe and make sure the batteries are off. r/drones /r/drones: for news, information and discussion of drones/UAVs and quadcopters. Tiny whoop drones can cause small cuts and as long as it’s not your face, they’ll hurt, but no big deal. If the previous steps did not work and your propeller is still not spinning or not spinning properly, it could mean one of your motors has been damaged and might need to be replaced. Crash - Well, this is an obvious one, if you crash too hard, not only can you break the frame, propellers and motors, but also your on-board computer. Ok my nerdy rant and awe of drones is over, but I do want to point out that although the on-board computers on a drone are incredibly tough, they are not indestructible. Does it just fall from space..? So I posted a video about the camera and new batteries. BROEKN PROPELLER. Check out my blog on what to do if hair gets stuck in your drone, but here’s a sneak peak, so, here’s what you do: If you crash your drone a lot or happen to crash it at high speeds, it is possible that one or more of your motors became disconnected. Some drones make it very easy to connect the motors right back, but others will require for you to take the drone completely apart. Five inch quads and other large drones can cause some pretty serious damage. Check between the propellers and the motor, Use a small hook or tweezers to untangle hair or debri out, If needed, use a small pair of scissors to cut the hair or debri before pulling it out, If there is too much hair or debri to gently pull out, you might have to take the propellers off (refer to manufacturer’s manual), Irregular vibration (especially noticed through camera feed or recording), Propeller will have a slow start and/or has to be spun to start. I don’t think people realize what an amazing piece of tech they have in their hands when flying a drone. Yes, you will crash a lot, and you might even get stuck in a tree or something. It flew ok. After a while, one of the rotors stopped spinning. If your batteries have a little bit of charge, they might light up your drone, but not have enough juice to cause your propellers to even start spinning. or track the phone..?. 13:45. I was all ready to fly my drone the other day, I unpacked everything, got the batteries on there, plugged up everything up and pushed my throttle up, only to realize one of my blades was not working.

Trimming can balance the motor output power and make the drone achieve a steady flight, so using the trim function can also solve this problem. I posted an unboxing on youtube and got a ton of hits.

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