Baretta, Chasun, Mantura, Amir, Veromos. (There were a few exceptions to what I could auto, bosses obviously and maybe 1-2 tough normal stages. Baretta's leader skill was useless cause of Leo so I just went with a tanky leader skill. On top of this, water homunculus has three aoe skills to allow you to despair proc on each of the skills. rest would be the same! some say he is toa king. Been playing since March 2015 (Global server). @shreddedpuzzle i got an account sitting that just recently is now able to do everything except toah. Any other offset such as nemesis/energy/guard etc is entirely up to your rune pool and the resources remaining. Due to the nature of 3 AOE skills, she is likely to despair proc the Toa hard enemies. The best strategy here is Auto play with a team composed by strong AoE nukers, AoE defense breakers and CC AoE is welcome too. Stats such as attack/CD/CR can help add more damage but CR can be dangerous for Jultan rooms and is not suggested. A stronger version of Baretta but Rica can slow and has 2 AOE stuns with multiple effects on each. Fuck me.

SOI CẦU MINH PHONG 04/01/2020 – SOI CẦU – CHỐT SỐ – DÀN ĐỀ NGÀY – XIÊN 2 – SOI CẦU CHUẨN. This guide is intended for players ranging from early to late game. It being a slow clear actually worked for me cause it meant I didn’t have to constantly press replay every 1-3 minutes. Alike from Rica, she also can gain an additional turn(s) from her first skill when sleep is applied. Poseidon provides two AOE sets. 20k+ total HP is suggested but 17-18k total HP is fine.

The enabler and protector of the ToA team. Despair is a go-to for TOA, and Briand has an AOE attack break that can help you out. Additionally, his third skill reduces cooldown by one turn and grants an attack speed boost for the whole team. Additionally, his second skill can apply glancing which is a huge plus for incoming damage. Not focusing on N10 or R5 yet, but slowly working my way towards them. However, CR damage builds can be counterproductive vs Jultan and Artamiel rooms. Bella as your defense debuff unit and healer. Press J to jump to the feed. This same team can auto 1-99 (100 too, but it's not 100% so I manual) in ToA Normal (had to manual 71,85&86 this time). However, Chasun provides very low cooldown and consistent healing. Lapis brings two aoe attack bar reduction skills and can apply armor break with her 2nd skill. Baretta basalt Briand aria zaiross/Mav works till 90s with rng on the normal stages like not leodolls for example.

180+ SPD is suggested but may be difficult with her low spd base. How do i enter for an account review! I prefer him over chasun (mainly cause my chasun is shit), but his kit is ideal for toah, whether it be auto or manual. I managed to auto the rest of Lyrith after manually killing the clones :D, edit: team100 team was actually Baretta(L), Bernard, Verad, Hwa and Basalt, totally forgot at the time of posting.

Similar to what Verdehile does but less consistently increasing attack speed bar as Bernard’s 3rd skill has a 3 turn cool down.

Belladeon will enable Sigmarus’ damage and provide heals for the critical situation. DRAWING ZOROJURO (ONE PIECE), TUTORIAL STEP BY STEP || Học vẽ Zoro arc Wano (Đảo hải tặc)!! ... your team runs on auto without your control, so this is the ultimate expression of how well you understand monster abilities, team synergy, buffs, debuffs and overall strategy. Beretta Aria Teon Mav Basalt, usually up into the 90s for regular floors, have to manual some bosses. ideally though, you'd want him to be last on your team, but don't make him too slow.

Same stats as Toa normal. Additionally, on despair, Baretta can stun multiple units. Additionally, Sigmarus’ second skill can contribute to freezing multiple enemies under condition of critical hitting the units. Do you think im able to substitute Verad instead of Vero? To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. How would you do this? In higher Toa Hard rooms, Sigmarus can do massive damage due to the high hp of Toa hard units.

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All runes/stats can be found above. ToA Hard is a huge pain in the ass to do manually, which turns off a lot of people who can actually do ToA Hard. Hello folks. Also he gets so many turns sometimes (like 8-10 turns) makes me feel like "oh not again". Will this work on toan with bella replacing chasun? Therefore, an immunity buff may be suggested instead. Runes/Stats: Therefore, it is not suggested but Hathor is still a strong candidate for Toa hard. 20k+ total HP is suggested but 17-18k total HP is fine.

A strong damage dealer for Toa hard with an utility skill on its third. Baretta, Briand, Poseidon, Chasun, Mav. They reduce turn cooldown to allow more dot damage or cc skills. It seems like I need Mons that the damage scales by Enemy Max HP. I will list best DoT damage dealers to lowest: The absolute Best Dot unit is water homunculus as it provides attack bar reduction on its second, 25% chance of freeze on first and the third skill (Ice Mist) can potentially land maximum amount of dot damage. can't auto some specific stages. Veromos does not provide much for your team compositions. Please visit my DB10 Early Game section to oversee the stats needed for Spectra, click here. The iconic Swedish car of the Sixties will get Volvo's 2. Any healer with an attack buff is suggested to fill this slot. Do not focus the Jultan until the end. the poor man's verad; users with verad can do without woochi in most cases, Malaka - Fatal Focus | 12k HP | 122 spd | 793 Def | 46% resist | 48% acc - the missing piece to me beating Lyrith last rotation [not max skilled], haven't used him to auto many stages, used him for manual on certain stages, Chasun - Vio Nemesis | 29.1k HP | 125 spd | 710 Def | 46% resist | 14% acc [no skillups], Shitty stats, but enabled me to beat Stage 61. can't really comment since my runes and stats are far from ideal, maybe i'd use her more if they were, Verdehile - Vio Revenge | 14.4k HP | 173 spd | 1650 Atk | 695 Def | 34% resist | 100% CR [max skilled (except for last skillup on 2nd)], Mav is better in most cases, but I used Verde for ToaH 80 (Seara), Fire Panda Warrior - Revenge Revenge Guard | 22.7k HP | 131 spd | 2240 Def | 54% resist | 8% Acc [no skill-ups].

I will be discussing possible options to defeating him. However, if your Toa normal consists of the stats and monsters I will be mentioning in my early game ToaH Guide then you should be able to reach further in Toa hard. The convenient but not reliable unit – Veromos.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. In the scenario of monkey not freezing and your monsters are frozen then Mav can cleanse those inability debuffs. Mantura can slow and is considered a budget Rica. ty !

One of my concerns is that players tend to rush ToaH unprepared, and waste valuable resources and time trying to complete it without realizing they have a month to complete ToaH. baretta vero chasun mantura and betta up to 70s. You may find his build here under the DB10 Section. Spectra brings utility and heavy damage to the table. The composition brings stuns/attack bar boost for more turn cycles/healing/protection under Jeanne’s 3rd skill that provokes.

54 is Julianne & 4 Miho (dark martial cat). thanks for this guide cause I myself can finish ToaN but am so bored doing ToaH, maybe this could motivate me a bit to progress in ToaH.

+12k+ HP – The more the better but you do not need prioritize this because SPD is more important. On Violent/Energy.Belladeon: 24,151 HP, 917 Def, 182 Def, 65% accuracy.

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